New in from masters of colour, Pulp Riot, is a brand new permanent hair colour range designed with hair artists in mind.

If you love wowing your clients with vibrant creative colour techniques, Pulp Riot Faction8 Hair Colour is perfect for you!

So, what makes Faction8 so special?

This innovative Italian-made product is the only permanent hair colour you will find that offers the perfect consistency for today’s special techniques. This means a creamy consistency to ensure seamless blends, 100% grey coverage and precise application, so your colour comes out exactly as you intended.

Who can use Faction8? Is it safe for hair?

One of the best things about Faction8 is that it is suitable for almost any client. This is because it is:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free, and;
  • PPD free

What’s more, its quinoa based formula is packed with moisture and protein to protect and nourish the hair, so even clients with dried out strands can use it.

What are the results like?

Thanks to the professional formula, Faction8 gives gorgeous results. The 80 shades mean you can create highly personalised colours, while the hair is moisturised for an intense shine. They are also all cool-toned, so you won’t be battling with unwanted warmth or brassiness – just beautifully clear colours with long-lasting vibrancy.

If your client prefers, you can even use Faction8 as a demi-permanent colour. Find out how in the FAQ below.

Are you ready to use your Faction8 hair colour? Take a look at these how-to FAQs…

How do I use Faction8?

  • Mix 1 part Faction8 color to 1 part Pulp Riot developer in a non-metallic bowl
  • Apply to dry unwashed hair
  • Process for 35 minutes
  • Rise thoroughly and shampoo with Bangkok shampoo

Is there any further education available?

Visit the free online Faction8 University to find everything you need to get started, including conversion charts, formulation, how-to videos and advanced technique assistance.

How do I get the best grey coverage on 100% white hair?

You can achieve 100% grey coverage for hair when using Factio8.

For optimal results on 100% white hair, it is recommended that you mix ¼ to ½ of the Natural Series to your formulation. Use shades from the Double Natural series for intensified results.

Are the natural colours warm or cool based?

All Faction8 colours are cool toned to balance brassiness.

What’s the mixing ratio for the high lift colours?

Using a non-metallic bowl:

  • Mix 1-part High Lift colour to 2-parts Pulp Riot developer.
  • Process for 45-55 minutes

High Lift colors are best on levels 5 and higher. We don’t recommend mixing High Lift colors with other target shades.

How do I use the boosters in my formula?

When adding a booster to your formula, you don’t need to add extra developer unless it’s more than 10g of booster that’s being added.

For example, if you used 60g of 6-0 and added 2g of -22 Booster, the developer amount would be 60g, not 62g.

What developer do I use?

Faction8 is designed to be mixed with Pulp Riot Developers. This creates the unique creamy consistency for best application. It also maximises your salon space as the same Pulp Riot developer can be used for all Pulp Riot Products.

To decide which volume of developer to choose, refer to the peroxide chart.

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Can Faction8 also be used as a demi-permanent colour?


To create a demi-permanent colour, adjust the mixing ratio and processing time.

For example, instead of mixing 1:1 you can mix 1:2 (one part FACTION8 to two parts developer) and process for 15 minutes, instead of 35 min. This gives you, as the artist, an even larger palette to create with.

Can I mix Faction8 with Pulp Riot semi-permanent colours?

No. It’s best to apply your FACTION8 formula first, let it process, fully shampoo out with Bangkok Shampoo, dry the hair, and then apply your semi-permanent formula.

Can I use Blank Canvas to remove Faction8?

Blank Canvas is designed to remove semi-permanent hair colour. We don’t recommend using it to remove FACTION8 permanent color.

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