Even if you are happy with your salon’s beauty treatment profits, it’s always a good idea to think of other ways of generating revenue. A great way to diversify your profits is to include a salon retail area; allowing you to sell professional salon products on to your customers. If you want answers to the most burning questions on salon retailing, read our top tips today.

1. Promote Your Products

Don’t be afraid to educate your clients on your products as you deal them. Offering a demonstration of a product while serving a client or suggesting they try out product will be a great way letting people know what your products do and how best to use them. In salon retailing this is half the battle. Finally, why not provide customers with a 10% off coupon for your products on their next visit. This will encourage the client to come back, let them know that products are for sale and could act as free advertising should the client pass the coupon on or mention it to their friends.

2. Location and Display

No matter how fast you work, sometimes, your clients will have to wait. That’s why the waiting area/reception is the best place to house your products as your clients will have time to browse. However, just putting your products there won’t mean they will fly off the shelves, you must promote them. Remember, you are asking people to pay three or four times more than the price of supermarket hair products. To do this you need to give people a reason to buy your products. Why not provide a few bullet points saying what the product does and who it is suitable for.

3. Keep Shelves Stocked

When running a salon retail area it is essential that you offer your customers a wide variety of well stocked products. A fully stocked salon retail area looks vibrant and active; it will scream OPEN FOR BUSINESS to your clients. People won’t buy from a poorly stocked shelf as they will either not be drawn to it or will assume it is simply a display area. The key message is, to make sales, stay stocked up.

4. Price Your Items

Some salons believe the high prices of professional products may put people off buying. In our opinion this is a terrible idea. That your client is already in your salon shows that they take their appearance seriously and don’t mind spending money where beauty is concerned. Also, research has shown that out of all the people who opt to not buy products from a salon, 70% do so as they didn’t know the prices. Nobody wants to ask the price only to decline the purchase so people simply don’t ask and your product remains unsold. Including the price allows your customer to make an informed decision and also reinforces the fact that your retail area is open for business.

If you are thinking of running a retail area but don’t know where to start, why not go to our Facebook page and ask other professionals what worked in their retail area?


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