Top Tips for Making Your Barber Shop Stand Out

Competition within the barbering industry is as fierce as ever… 

Whether you’ve just opened or have been in the game for years, it’s a great time to start thinking about what you can do to make your barbershop stand out from the crowd. 

Being good at what you do is essential – but it’s not everything. You need to make your barbershop the place to go to. A great experience is shaped by many different factors, not just the cut. 

Read on to find out our expert tips on how you can make your barbershop stand out…

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Look At What Other Barbers Are Doing

Keeping an eye on your competition is a vital part of running any business. This doesn’t mean copying, but taking note of where you need to up your game.

The barbering industry is incredibly creative, with new styles and techniques cropping up all the time. If you’re interested to see how other barbershops are killing it, check out our Salon Design of the Month section. 

Take a look at how some of the best in the game have made themselves stand out, such as Sid sottung. It’s important to remember that the most successful barbershops have formed their own identity while putting the needs of their clients first.

Stay informed

Professionals will know that trends can change, and fast. So staying informed on the latest trends will help to make your barbershop stand out. 

Set some time aside to research what’s trendy. There are so many creative ways to entice clients, for example – set a promotion for on-trend haircuts or make it a group deal. You could have a whole friendship group leaving your barbershop singing your praises. 

Never underestimate the power of a good reputation. If word gets out that you’re pulling off major on-trend cuts, chances are you’ll have new clients at your door to see what all the fuss is about. 

Check out our blog on the biggest men’s hair trends in 2021 here. 

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Make Sure Your Barber Furniture Is Up To Date 

Nobody wants to get their hair cut in shabby surroundings. Making sure your barber furniture is comfortable and up to date is one of the most effective ways of improving your shop. Your barber chairs need to be comfortable for your clients to be able to relax in, and easy enough to manoeuvre for your staff to do their best work.

Like it or not, many people will see your furniture as a reflection of your service. If your furniture is worn and outdated, this will reflect badly on the rest of your barbershop.. 

A great investment would be the REM Viscount Barber Chair. REM is a leader in the barbershop furniture industry, offering premium products. This professional barber chair has many stand out qualities, such as: 

  • Professional design.
  • Different fabric options and colour schemes to suit any shop. 
  • Retro style and casting. 
  • Adjustable headrest to ensure comfort. 
  • Fully reclinable to ensure comfort. 
  • Top-quality hydraulic pump. 

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REM Viscount Barber Chair – Shop now.  


Consider A Theme 

Image is important when it comes to creating a barbershop that stands out. In a world of Instagrammable moments, creating a visually pleasing experience is becoming more and more important, especially in an industry that is based on appearances.

Consider styling up your salon with a theme to grab attention and hook clients in. You could create a traditional or vintage barbershop feel, like Joth Davies of Savills Barbers shows off here. We also love the quirky theme of Jack the Clippers featured here and the timelessly luxurious vibe of Pankhurst London. Whether it’s hyper minimal, a sports theme, or based on your love of music, make sure it is authentic without alienating your client base. 

REM Emperor Barber Chair – Shop now. 


Keep Up A Strong Social Media Presence

Nowadays, if you’re not showcasing your barbershop on social media – you’re missing out on building an audience – an audience that can become a whole new group of customers…  If you want your barbershop to stand out, being active on channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will help. 

Clients ‘checking in’ at your shop will help spread the word about your barbershop among groups of friends. Clients sharing images of your work so their networks can see it – even better. 

Make sure you keep your social media updated regularly. Ensure all useful information such as your opening times and prices are available. Keep an eye out for messages from clients and be sure to reply quickly and helpfully. A lot of potential customers will use social media to find information, so don’t miss out.

Be Critical Of Your Shop

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and see your shop from a new perspective. Put yourself in the shoes of the client. Ask yourself, what would make you want to come back?

Of course, give credit where credit is due. But also try to be constructively critical. This can help with coming up with new ways to stand out from other competitors.  

Focus on the overall experience

Often, barbers only concentrate on the haircut or other services they are providing. After all, it’s the reason why the client is sitting in your chair. 

Even though this is important, try to focus on the overall experience of the client. Making the client feel welcome and listening to what they want will turn them into a repeat customer.

The overall experience a client has in your shop will ultimately determine client satisfaction. You could pull off the best haircut in the world, but if the client doesn’t feel comfortable or important in your shop – chances are they’ll go elsewhere. 

Encourage reviews

Encourage your clients to leave reviews both online and offline, because people tend to trust what’s recommended by others.  

When you actively encourage feedback, you’re leaving a footprint. Persistent positive reinforcement could quite literally be the difference between customers deciding to stay or go elsewhere. 

Nowadays, people trust reviews because it’s transparent. This isn’t coming from the business, it’s coming from the people who have visited and paid for your services. This will end up building trust in your brand, and help validate your barbershop as a contender in the industry. 

Keep Your Staff Happy 

Making sure your staff are happy at work should always be a priority. When your staff are thriving, the experience of the client will also thrive. 

Giving a first-class client experience is a sure-fire way to get people talking about how great your barbershop is. Remember, it is your staff that are the ones delivering this daily, so they must be properly trained and happy in their work.

When you have staff that are proud of what they do and where they work, you’ll see levels of productivity soar and your business will flourish. 

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