Are you looking to make your barbershop business stand out from your competitors this year? As an industry that just keeps on growing, it’s a good idea to start making a name for yourself in the world of barbering.

Whether you are looking to get your start-up off with a buzz, or want to spice up your existing offering, there is plenty you can do to rise head and shoulders above the rest.

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Read on to see our expert tips on how you can make your barbershop stand out this year, and beyond…

Look At What Other Barbers Are Doing

Keeping an eye on your competition is a vital part of running any business. This doesn’t mean copying, but taking note of trends and ways to up your game.

The barbering industry is incredibly creative, with new styles and techniques cropping up all the time. We have featured some of the most exciting barbershops in our Salon Design of the Month series, where you can find some inspiration from those who are stealing the spotlight.

Take a look at how Barber Barber, Jack the Clipper and Ruffians have made themselves stand out from their competitors, and think of similar ways that you could make your shop unique to you and your clients. Remember, the most successful barbershops have formed their own identity that stands the test of time while putting the needs of their clients first.

“The most important thing is to make the person in the chair look and feel good regardless of what trends they are seeing on the streets. Trends become dated but style doesn’t.”

– Pankhurst London.

Make Sure Your Barber Furniture Is Up To Date

Nobody wants to get their hair cut in shabby surroundings. Making sure your barber furniture is comfortable and up to date is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of improving your shop. Your barber chairs need to be comfortable for your clients to be able to relax in, and easy enough to manoeuvre for your staff to do their best work.

Like it or not, many people will see your furniture as a reflection of your service. If your furniture is worn and outdated, there is little else that can help you stand out. Start with the basics and the rest will soon follow!

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Consider A Theme To Make You Stand Out

Image is important when it comes to creating a barbershop that really stands out. In a world of Instagrammable moments, creating a visually pleasing experience is becoming more and more important, especially in an industry that is based on appearances!

Consider styling up your salon with a theme to grab attention and hook clients in. You could create a traditional or vintage barbershop feel, like Joth Davies of Savills Barbers shows off here. We also love the quirky theme of Jack the Clippers featured here and the timelessly luxurious vibe of Pankhurst London. Whether it’s hyper minimal, a sports theme or based on your love of music, make sure it is authentic without alienating your client base.

Keep Up A Strong Social Media Presence

The power of social media is only continuing to grow. If you want your barbershop to stand out, being on the frontline of channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can really help. Things like your clients ‘checking in’ at your shop will help spread the word about your salon among groups of friends.

Make sure you keep your social media updated regularly and in line with what is going on inside your shop. Ensure all your opening times and prices are available. Keep an eye out for messages from clients and be sure to reply quickly and helpfully. A lot of potential customers will use social media to find information, so don’t miss out.

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Be Critical Of Your Own Shop

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and see your shop from a new perspective. Imagine you are a client and walk around your barbershop. Ask yourself what would make you want to come back… and what wouldn’t. Try and be critical and keep an open mind – this might help you think up new ways that will make you stand out from any competitors.

“Barbering has always been an essential part of a gentleman’s look and cutting is in our DNA. It is important to be a close knit family who trust each other and take care of every little detail.”

– Jack the Clipper

Keep Your Staff Happy

Giving a first class client experience is a sure fire way to get people talking about how great your barbershop is. Remember, it is your staff that are the ones delivering this on a daily basis, so it is important that they are properly trained and happy in their work.

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