Becoming the first Italian company to produce hair dryers exclusively for professional use, ELCHIM, which stands for ‘Elettro-professionali Chiminello’ was founded in Milan by brother and sister duo Egle and Riccardo Chiminello.

For the last 72 years, the brand has remained a part of the founding family and has a presence in 48 countries. This month, we are focusing our brand spotlight on ELCHIM to find out more about the brand.


Tell us more about how Elchim became industry innovators in salon electricals?

It started back in 1945, when a brother and sister with a passion started a company with the desire to bring to the professional stylist the very best tools possible. This passion has continued through three generations of family members to where it is today.

How does the process work from idea inception to stylists using the products?

Actually this works in two ways. Because of our complete commitment to the professional beauty industry, we rely on our top premiere counselling salons across Italy and Europe to give us ideas on what they need.  And we also bring to them our ideas to see if they have a need. We then formulate a plan to bring these ideas to the salons worldwide.

Where do you see the future of salon electrical going? How stylists use them and how they’ll innovate?

Newness is the future of our business. The professional beauty industry relies on the manufacturers to bring tools to the stylist that best serve them in making their jobs easier.

Ergonomic designs, light weight, quite noise levels, long lasting quality and advanced technologies are all paramount to the future of our industry.


What has been the brand’s greatest success? Product? Campaign, perhaps?

Style and reliability are probably the two key factors that have led to The Elchim Brand being successful. Our 2001 classic dryer is still our best seller and has been in our line now for over forty years. This iconic dryer has won numerous awards and unbelievable as it sounds, is not ionic and does not have a ceramic heater as in the rest of our dryers. It is, however, extremely reliable and lasts as most stylist tell us “Forever”!

To sum it up, style, performance, innovation and reliability.

What are your best selling products, why do you think that is?

We have three: the 2001 classic dryer for its power, reliability and longevity.

The 3900 for its design, ergonomic style, performance, reliability and extremely low defective rate. 8th Sense for its technology: it is the very first dryer driven by an advanced electronics system for infinite heat and air speed settings to dry and style hair from the thickest to the most delicate.


How have you continued to help make your products more environmentally friendly?

We look at all components to select those that will not hurt the environment or the stylist like low EMF ratings (Electro Magnetic Field). We also have the first “Green Motor” in our 8th Sense dryer: a variable speed motor going from 300 watts to as much as 2,100 watts using less electricity at the lower watts.

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What does Elchim have in-store for 2017 and beyond?

We have several projects now being developed that will bring to the industry new technologies, concepts and designs that will bring our company to the next level.

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The Elchim 3900 is effortlessly stylish, compact, lightweight at just 570g and hotter than any other hairdryer on the market, cutting drying time by over 30%.

It also has a built in silencer making it quieter than other hairdryers, whilst its powerful Ionic technology conditions the hair leaving it shiny, healthy looking and seriously manageable.

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