Becoming the first Italian company to produce hair dryers exclusively for professional use, ELCHIM, which stands for ‘Elettro-professionali Chiminello’ was founded in Milan by brother and sister duo Egle and Riccardo Chiminello.

For the last 72 years, the brand has remained a part of the founding family and has a presence in 48 countries. This month, we are focusing our brand spotlight on ELCHIM – for a detailed insight into what Elchim has to offer. 

So what does Elchim’s full range of salon electricals include? Read on to find out…


Elchim 8th Sense RUN

The Elchim 8th Sense RUN is the new generation in the 8th sense collection.

The Elchim 8th Sense weighs only 400 grams, and the range features innovative professional technology – making it easier than ever for practitioners to work their magic. 

The heat control panel makes it possible to adapt to any hair type, allowing a perfect blowdry result every time. The Elchim 8th Sense new and improved range is a reliable addition to any salon. 

Key features include: 

  • Suitable for any hair type.
  • Quicker drying time for thick or coarse hair. 
  • Over five thousand hours of use. 
  • Extremely lightweight. 
  • 240 V. 
  • Increases the natural shine of hair. 

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Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hairdryer

Up next we have the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hairdryer, the perfect range for professionals who want to add a stylish flair to their collection. 

This Elchim range offers a new perspective on hairdryers. The range is compact, lightweight, and hotter than any other on the market – cutting the time it takes to complete a full blowdry by over 30%. The range also features a built-in silencer, making it quieter than any other hairdryer. 

The Elchim 3900 range is a professional favourite, particularly because of its powerful ionic technology. This feature will allow you to condition the hair during a blow-dry, leaving your clients with effortlessly shiny and healthy-looking hair. 

Key features include: 

  • 2400w.
  • Colour variations available. 
  • Lightweight design (570g).
  • Low noise with a built-in silencer.
  • Two speed and two heat settings.
  • Cold shot button.
  • Salon length Cord.

Elchim 3900 hairdryer

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Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer

A new addition to the Elchim 3900 range, we have the Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer.

This new product is the lightest hairdryer by Elchim, weighing 35% less than any other. The dryer also features adjustable speed and temperature settings, as well as a new and improved ionic ceramic system. 

The Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer is available in a bright Fifties Blue or a classic black with a high shine finish. 

Key features include:

  • 2200w
  • Extremely light with 35% less weight than other Elchim dryers (430g)
  • Low noise with a built-in silencer
  • Suitable for any hair type. 
  • Two speed and two heat settings
  • Cold shot button
  • Low noise with a built-in silencer
  • Salon length cord for easy use. 

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Elchim Xlite Hairdryer

The Elchim Xlite Dryer is ultra-lightweight and features an ergonomic design – making it the perfect choice for professionals. The well-balanced design also helps to prevent professionals from developing carpal tunnel problems. 

The Elchim Xlite is powerful yet noiseless, coming fully equipped with a last-generation hybrid motor. Key features include: 

  • Lightweight design (465g)
  • Powerful with less electricity consumption.
  • 1.600W at 220V and 2.000W at 240V
  • 3 different coloured filters that work as a silencer.
  • Includes two nozzles for style preferences. 
  • Advanced ceramic technology
  •  Naturally moisturises and protects hair from heat damage.

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Elchim Milano Hairdryer

The Elchim Milano Hairdryer is a simple, yet stylish addition to any salon. The design compact yet highly powerful, with high-pressure options that can cut drying time by over 30%.

The dryer also includes a concentrator nozzle, which helps practitioners to create smooth and sleek finishes. Key features include: 

  • 2000w
  • Airflow of 75 cubic metres per hour.
  • Two-speed settings.
  • Four heat settings.
  • Cold shot button.
  • Compact and ergonomic design.
  • Salon length cord.
  • A concentrator nozzle.
  • A removable filter.
  • Stylish design. 


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Elchim Dress Code Dryer

Last but not least of the Elchim hairdryers, we have the Elchim Dress Code Dryer. This model is also available in a travel-size version, perfect for stylists who are on the move.

The Elchim Dress Code Dryer is versatile and easy to use. The ergonomic shape and ultra-lightweight materials make for a light dryer, which will come in handy if you find yourself on a day of back-to-backs.

Key features include: 

  • 1600W.
  • Ultra-lightweight design. 
  • Airflow 135 m3/h.
  • Ceramic and infrared heat system.
  • Long-lasting professional motor.
  • Two-speed settings.
  •  Five heat settings.
  • Cold shot button.
  • Diffuser included. 
  • Nozzle included.

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Elchim Dress Code Curling Iron 

The Elchim Dress Code Curling Iron is a professional hair styling tool, used in salons across the Uk. The curling iron offers a unique precision, allowing professionals to create a variety of styles, including bouncy curls or soft and subtle waves. 

The Elchim Dress code curling iron features electronic temperature control and floating ceramic-titanium oxide plates that produce negative ions and far-infrared heat. 

The professional tool is available in three different sizes, so catering to all client hair types has never been easier. The size ranges are 19mm, 25mm, and also 32mm

Key features include: 

  • Range of heat settings for optimum results: 80°C – 210°C.
  • Sophisticated electronics with LCD display.
  •  Quick and easy to use.
  • The desired temperature setting is achieved within seconds. 
  • Ceramic and titanium oxide coating to promote the maintenance of healthy hair. 
  • 360 swivel cord.

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Elchim Natures Touch Straightener

Up next, we are delighted to introduce you to the Elchim Natures Touch Straightener – the newest edition to the entire Elchim electricals range.

This professional hair straightener features expertly engineered ceramic floating plates, allowing you to work with eleven different heat settings. If you require salon standard straighteners that are hassle-free use, with efficiency at the forefront of the design – this is the product for you.

The desired temperature can be generated in as little as seventeen seconds, and the results will leave your clients with long-lasting smooth, and sleek hair. Key features include: 

  • Universal voltage 110V-240V for worldwide use.
  • 11 heat settings (from 95°C- 235°C).
  • Automatic shut-off after 50 minutes.
  • Ceramic & titanium oxide floating plates.
  • HIT (High & Instant Temperature) technology.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design. 

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Elchim 8th Sense Styler 

Last but not least, we have Elchim 8th Sense Styler – one of our best-sellers across the entire Elchim electronics range.  

The Elchim 8th Sense Styler is specifically designed to preserve hair, whilst also offering protection from further damage during styling. 

This professional tool is the perfect addition to any salon, as it can offer the practitioner versatility. Whether your client wants a super sleek finish, soft waves, or bouncy curls – the Elchim 8th Sense Styler can do it all. 

Key features include: 

  • A variety of heat settings (95°C to 235°C).
  • LED technology styling programs selection. 
  • Ceramic and titanium floating plates.
  • A well-rounded design developed for curls and waves.
  • Quickly reaches the desired temperature.
  • Stylish carry bag included. 

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