Any long standing hair stylist is sure to have seen their fair share of hair trends coming and going over the years! So, you might be wondering what hair trends are in store for 2020?

For this year, texture and personalisation are set to be the main focus. From shaggy lengths to multi tonal hair colour, take a look at the 2020 hair trends we think you should be preparing your salon for…

Textured Hair For 2020

Texture is key for nailing hair trends in 2020. In particular, the ‘modern shag’ is set to be taking over salon chairs!

The modern shag is the antidote to the blunt ends we saw dominate over the past couple of years. For 2020, layers can be introduced back into hair for a more ‘lived-in’ feel – the key is for them to be distinguishable and bold. Add in a 70s style curtain fringe for extra impact. Use some texturising spray to really work into the layers and define them.

Low maintenance clients will love this style as the natural hair texture can be worked with, so they don’t need to rely on their straighteners and hair tongs every morning. If they aren’t ready to fully embrace new layers, ease them in with some beachy waves for a 2020 hair update that doesn’t take them out of their comfort zone.

Get Your Salon Ready…

Stock up on salon styling products such as salt sprays, texturisers and hairspray to be able to bring layers to life for 2020.

Short Hair 2020

In 2019, we saw plenty of celebs chopping off their long locks in favour of short and sleek bobs. While not everyone is ready to say goodbye to their lengths or hair extensions, we predict a few of your clients coming in for a more easily maintainable length.

While bobs of the past have been smooth and sophisticated, texture has made its way into short hair for 2020, too. Cuts are aimed at jawbone level with tousled layers and piecey sections for a 2020 update. Some really bold clients might be ready to go for 2020’s pixie cut, which again is all about bringing in texture, so work with any curls, kinks and waves to keep the style up to date.

Get Your Salon Ready…

Make sure your salon scissors are in good condition and ready to create any sharp lines or jagged edges that your clients are looking for.

Embracing Natural Hair Curls in 2020

As we enter a new decade, the focus on individuality and diversity is bigger than ever – and this is also translating into 2020’s hair trends. For clients with naturally curly and kinky hair, their focus is switching to embracing their texture rather than aiming to relax or straighten it.

We spoke to Charlotte Mensah for our Most Hashtagged Hairstyles campaign who said this…

“The next trend? Natural beauty. Encouraging more and more women to embrace the wondrous texture of their hair and celebrating its versatility, whilst also helping the next generation to express themselves through their hair.” – Charlotte Mensah

You could even suggest adding highlights through curly hair for extra dimension.

Get Your Salon Ready…

Make sure you have shampoo and conditioner that will help keep curls moisturised – hair treatments and oils can also help keep curls healthy and defined.

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Updated Braids for 2020

Braids were one of the top trends in our Most Hashtagged Hair research, and looks like this hair trend will continue going strong into 2020. Again, this year’s braids are all about texture – think beachy, chunky and undone styles.

If you have clients looking for updos, consider braided chignons or layering braids together for a really bold look. Hair accessories are also continuing to dominate hair 2020 trends – experiment with weaving ribbons through client’s braids or adding glitzy clips and arty slides for a 2020 update.

Get Your Salon Ready…

Plenty of clips, grips and elastics will be needed to secure those braids, along with a suitable comb for styling, teasing and sectioning the hair.

Focus on Hair Condition for 2020

Our clients are more aware than ever before of what causes damage to their hair and want to avoid it. With trends changing with the tide thanks to Instagram, you might have the same client return every appointment with a different colour or style in mind.

So, you need to make sure you are one step ahead by thinking about the condition of your clients hair to ensure it stays healthy and shiny. For colour treatments, consider investing in OLAPLEX to minimise damage. OLAPLEX strengthens hair from within, making it stronger and able to withstand more chemical processes than it would otherwise.

Get Your Salon Ready…

Try introducing OLAPLEX into your colour treatments to keep hair healthy. Be sure you have enough heat protection products, too.

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Hair Colour Trends 2020…

A 90’s Hair Revival

The nineties have finally come back round in the fashion game, but will this translate to hair? While stripy, blocked highlights have been replaced by soft blends in the last decade, chunky pieces of colour are making a comeback.

Lexie Shay of the Pulp Riot Squad predicted the next hair trend while we were researching the most hashtagged hair trends

“Texture. Loads and loads of texture. I think 90s chunky highlighting inspired looks will be making a comeback. Mullets are already here, so 90’s and early 00’s punk styles will be next!” – Lexie Shay

Pieces of colour can be worked in with texture, used to frame the face or to create completely unique colour effects – you can be as individual as your client is.

Get Your Salon Ready…

Get your tint bowls and brushes ready! You will need them for placing new sections of colour in your clients’ hair.

Contrasting Colours

If 2019 was the year that vibrant hair colours went mainstream, hair colour for 2020 will continue to become more individualised. Now that clients are comfortable with bright tones, they might start requesting multiple contrasting colours – hidden colours, half-and-half hair colours, dip dyes… it’s all about creativity for these clients.

Take a look at what some Pulp Riot experts had to say…

“Honestly, I don’t see vivids and pastels going anywhere, but I think they will be a little softer, maybe less different colours and more tone on tone work.” – Heather Mackenzie

“I am noticing contrasting colours more and more on Instagram and I’m living for it! I also love the smokey and murky tones of vivid colours that are more unconventional. And once we head out of winter, spring will be back with the pastel shades to brighten us back up again!” – Laura May Stevens

Get Your Salon Ready…

Make sure your colour range is extensive enough for those creative clients you have. Pulp Riot offers one of the best ranges of semi-permanent vivid colours.

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Personalised Hair Colour 2020

Again keeping with the trend of individuality, hair colour for 2020 will be more personal than ever. Simple definitions of blonde, brunette and red have long been over, as we see shades such as ‘blonde’ and peach blonde become more and more popular.

For 2020, hair colours will be focussed on multi-tonal, richer and warmer shades. With hair colour products becoming more effective than ever, unique colours can be personalised, from pink-glazed brunettes to cinnamon-spiced auburns. Glossy finishes are most desired to show off the depth of colour, so OLAPLEX can help here, too. Toners are also essential for perfecting every shade.

Get Your Salon Ready…

Have diverse hair toners to add subtle differences to colours to give clients a shade that is personalised to them.

BUT, Keep on Your toes!

While we can predict what will be the most popular hair and colour trends for 2020, you never know what might suddenly take over! As we saw with our Most Hashtagged Hairstyles study, social media can make new trends rocket overnight.

Here is what colour expert Jaymz Marsters said when we asked him what the next trend will be…

“No one can predict this. Gone are the days of figuring this out ahead of time. What social media users like varies every day. What they like the most will be what’s next for a short period of time until the next viral hair trend comes around…whatever that will be!” – Jaymz Marsters

The best way to keep on top of 2020 hair trends is to keep your eyes on the industry and stay engaged through social media.

Pulp Riot Riot Squad member, Gemma Amura nailed it with her advice…

“Stylists HAVE to keep up on Instagram. Gone are the days when I used to snooze after my alarm went off – it’s now social media time! If a celebrity takes on a new trend overnight, we need to ensure we know how to do it by lunch time.” – Gemma Amura

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