When Hairdresser Daren Terry made the decision to refurbish his premises to give his salon a brand new look, his strong love of art inspired the makeover. He had ideas of how we wanted to install some iconic art to his salon to create a buzz amongst clients.

Mural Wallpaper made his dreams a reality! They fitted Daren’s salon with a mural of a stunning section of the Sistine Chapel for clients to admire, whilst having their hair washed!

Salon Design | Salons DirectA backwash view to admire

Salon Design | Salons DirectThe Last Judgement

This classic design is not the only mural within Lotus Hair Stylists Salon. Clients also admire an adapted version of a Banksy piece, showing a protagonist hurling a symbolic hairdryer, and are welcomed by a calming and natural autumnal wood surrounding.

Salon Design | Salons DirectAdapted version of a Banksy piece

Salon Design | Salons DirectA calming autumnal surrounding

Daren wanted to enhance his clients salon experience and what better way than a classic custom made art wall murals from Murals Wallpaper!

Daren, said: “I have thought long and hard how I wanted to make the space work for us when we decided to have a complete refurbishment. I love the massive contrast between the work of Michelangelo and Banksy. I also love the fact that these two pieces are around 500 years apart. The other piece is an Autumn pathway tree mural and the light and shade and warm colours emanating from it are wonderful.”

“We have always held the belief that having your hair done needs to be so much more than a few snips, a bill and being shown the exit. The new salon has created such a feel-good factor that we can already say the project has been a huge success.”

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