Here at Salons Direct, we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest innovations in the hair industry, and the hairdryer we are about to introduce you to is no exception.

Italy remains at the cutting edge of the hair dryer industry, and the NEW BaByliss PRO Falco Dryer reflects the high quality, reliability and sustainability that has made Italian craftsmanship celebrated globally.

Introducing the BaByliss PRO Falco Dryer

BaByliss PRO Falco High Speed Dryer Black/Silver



What are the key features of the BaByliss PRO Falco Dryer?

Powerful 2000W Hairdryer.

✅ Long-life high-speed digital motor.

✅ 244kph airspeed.

✅ 55 m3 air flow.

✅ 2 976 Pa air pressure.

✅ Specially designed outlet grille has been designed to optimise airspeed.


“Speed and quality of airflow means better, faster blowdrying. More clients in the salon. Quicker work backstage”. 

And the benefits don’t stop there…

Removable magnetic rear filter with electronic detection.

✅ FALCO’s magnetic filter is self-aligning and can be easily removed and cleaned.

✅ For added safety, power automatically shuts off when the filter is removed.

✅ Two electronic tact switches to change heat and speed settings with fingertips/off switch on the back of the handle.

✅ Smart last setting memory function.

BaByliss’ Quietest Hairdryer

The FALCO has been carefully engineered to be BaByliss’ quietest dryer ever (70dB). Its high-speed digital motor has been calibrated to remove the high-pitched sounds that disturb the ears.


“Working in a salon and having six or more hairdryers going at once can be deafening. You can’t talk to your client. Even worse backstage with 40 dryers or more. The sound of the new dryer makes a huge difference when you are working”.


Unrivalled Styling Performance

FALCO’s advanced high-speed digital motor delivers a stronger, more precise air pressure and faster airflow. Its internal construction streamlines the airflow, offering +70% Flow Precision compared to other BaBylissPRO Digital Dryers.

The Right Ergonomics

FALCO is ergonomically designed for easy handling. It’s stay-cool housing also allows hairstyling professionals to hold it the exact way they wish. The 2.8m cord swivels and rotates. This gives it more flexibility and decreases tension in the wrist and the forearm of the hairstylists when using the dryer.

Controllable Heat

Precise heat and speed control with three speed and four temperature settings to achieve perfect results on any hair type and texture. FALCO has been optimally programmed to avoid extreme heat. A cold shot gives hair shine and perfect hold and sets the hairstyle.


“Having different options for heat and speed is essential when you are working with lots of different textures and wanting different styles. And it’s great that the memory feature takes you straight back to the setting you last used, so you don’t have to select again”.


Frizz Control & Shine

A central ionic generator produces millions of negative ions, decreasing tension caused by static electricity at the surface of the hair and actively controlling frizz. Ionic technology leaves hair with a smooth, shiny finish, free of frizz and flyaways, making it much easier to detangle and style.

The BaByliss PRO Falco Dryer is available in Black & Silver and Grey & Gold.


Durability and sustainability

Exclusive rotating swivel cord

Power cord breakage being one of the main technical defects encountered with professional dryers, the rotating swivel cord is a major improvement and a considerable benefit for hairstyling professionals who work all day with hair dryers.

A removable magnetic rear filter

A dryer which is kept clean is a dryer which does not overheat. The rear filter being removable makes cleaning easy and, therefore, extends the dryer’s life. A spare rear filter is included in the box.

BaByliss PRO Falco High Speed Dryer

The complete styling solution

A choice of 2 nozzles

FALCO’s cutting-edge engineering, superior airflow and air pressure deliver unfailing efficiency and perfect long-lasting styling results with greater resistance to humidity. Super slim, stylish concentrator nozzles give smoothing to different hair types.

Ultra Thin Wide Nozzle

  • 4 x 70 mm.
  • Delivers a precise streamlined airflow over the whole width of the hair section on the brush.
  • It is the most efficient on long/very long and thick hair.
  • Perfect for straightening.


If you are looking to createa bouncy finish and keep volume in the hair, then blow drying without a nozzle helps this. But if you want a really sleek finish, you need the slim nozzle to give you a superflat airflow that can smooth the cuticle. With many clients wanting to enhance their natural texture, agently diffused airflow is essential.

Straight, Narrow Nozzle

  • 6 x 60mm.
  • Being short, it delivers a super-concentrated air flow and is more adapted to short to shoulder-length hair (less hair on the brush).


With advanced air diffusion for drying styling wavy, coiled or curly hair without creating frizz.


“If you are looking to create a bouncy finish and keep volume in the hair, then blow drying without a nozzle helps this. But if you want a really sleek finish, you need the slim nozzle to give you a super flat airflow that can smooth the cuticle. With many clients wanting to enhance natural texture, a gently diffused airflow is essential.”

Straightening Pik

Lifts, stretches, and smooths hair. Perfect for straightening naturally coily, curly and wavy hair. Specially designed to preserve hair integrity. Secure bayonet fitting to prevent from detaching in use.


“This Pik is great! I used this last week at the fashion shows, and I was extremely impressed. Today’s trend is to wear relaxed, natural, straight hair from blow-drying”.


Which Falco hairdryer will you choose?

Grey and Gold or Black and Silver?

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