Developed by nail expert Emily Ferguson, the current Dali Artistic lineup features multiple gel polish ranges, including the HEMA Free range, which features 225 shades! Here, we’ll be taking a look at everything you need to know about the Dali Artistic GRO Gel Xpress HEMA Free Builder Gel Range.

Everything you need to know about Dali Artistic GRO GEL XPRESS HEMA Free Builder Gel

What is the Dali Artistic GRO GEL XPRESS HEMA Free Builder Gel?

GRO Gel Xpress creates the perfect environment for the natural nail to flourish. Free from HEMA, a safer nail experience comes as standard. With a shade for all occasions, Xpress is the perfect choice for you and your clients.

⚠️ It’s important to note that HEMA-free products are not 100% risk-free from allergies or skin irritation, but it does help to reduce the risk. ⚠️



Dali Artistic GRO Gel Xpress 10ml Builder Gel


Key Features…

Free from ALL types of HEMA, HPMA and IBOA.

✅ Built-in Base Coat to reduce treatment time.

✅  Curable with UV/LED lamp.

✅ Easi-Soak additive to accelerate removal.

✅ In-fill or soak-off.

✅ Unrivalled self-levelling properties.

✅ Most extensive range of shades to perfectly compliment all skin tones.

Why choose HEMA Free Gel Nail Polish for your clients??

HEMA Free gel polish does not include the tiny HEMA molecules that can enter the skin and cause allergies. Instead, they may contain larger molecules that do not penetrate the skin and are not reactive under UV/LED light.

HEMA Free gel polish allows nail technicians the ability to perform nail services on clients who have a HEMA allergy.

Creative Tips & Tricks from Dali Artistic Ambassadors 💅🏻


“My favourite shades from the Xpress range have to be Charm and Opal. The chrome effect is so unique for builder shades. My top tip for long-lasting manis is to use a primer for EVERY set, double dehydrate to really clean the nail plate from any oils, and tip the hand upside down when working on each finger to create a perfect apex for added structure”.

Alice Wilson



“The best thing about GRO Gel Xpress is that there are so many different colours it suits everyone. My all time favourite is sweet pink, one layer it’s fabulous for a French. My top tip is do 1-2 nails at a time so you don’t flood the cuticles or sidewalls”.

Carys Barnes



“My ultimate Gro Gel X shade would have to be Latte. It’s the perfect base for any French as it suits many skin tones. Gro Gel X offers amazing adhesion to the natural nail and even includes a base coat already added into the formula so one less step for you to create long lasting, super strong nails in no time!”

Nat Walker




“My favourite GRO xpress shade is champagne blush, for best adherence I apply a thin layer after applying dali primer and cure it straight onto a fully prepped and etched nail, then apply a thin slip layer over the top and a small bead at the cuticle, GRO gel self levels perfectly but I also use a thin liner brush to get application 10/10″.

Abi Rodgers


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