When offering hair removal treatments in your salon, you need to make sure your clients are as comfortable and as happy as possible. While a big part of this comes down to the service you offer, having the best products at your fingertips also certainly helps!

Here at Salons Direct, we offer a top-quality range of professional products, including hair removal waxes, wax strips and spatulas, pre & after-wax care products and wax heaters.

With so many different types available, you might be wondering which ones are best? While we are confident that all of our featured ranges offer the best in terms of quality, here are some of our top-sellers that you might want to try out…

The Best Professional Waxing Products For Your Salon…

Lotus Essentials Waxes & Accessories

Unique to Salons Direct, our Lotus Wax range has become a staple in many beauty salons. The Lotus Creme Wax has a low melting temperature, so you can feel safe using it on clients with more sensitive skin. Plus, it can easily pull out shorter hairs for the best results.

Our Lotus Hot Film Wax is also a bestseller, which is particularly good on stubborn hairs such as the bikini line and underarms. Also in the range, you can find the Lotus Wax Heater and a range of aftercare products.

Both of these waxes are suitable for vegans and are available with great value multibuy offers.

Waxu Professional Wax Products

As an exclusive professional supplier of Waxu, we are big fans of this fabulous British brand. Developed by waxing experts, the high-quality formula promises super-smooth results to intimate areas. They also offer training courses for you to become an accredited Waxu therapist.

Our bestselling Waxu products include the highly popular Waxu Hot Wax Beads. These have a low melting point and a rapid drying time, so your clients can have their treatment finished as quickly as possible. Use with Waxu Express Wax Strips and Waxu Express Spatulas.

Hive Wax Heaters & Pots

If you are looking for the best wax heater in the UK, we think the Hive waxing range has some great options. The Hive Neos 500cc Heater is perfect for wax tins of up to 400g, while the Hive Neos Wax Heater 1000cc can take up to 800g, making it suited to busier salons. Both are a very popular choice!

The Best Professional Waxing Kits

To get the best value for money, buying a professional waxing kit can often be the best way to go. These packages include a heater and all the waxing essentials you need to offer a high standard waxing service.

Our Lotus Waxing Starter Kit is one of our bestselling professional waxing kits. Along with a 500cc wax heater, it includes a creme wax, a honey wax, pre and post-wax lotions, wooden spatulas, paper strips and equipment cleaner.

If you already have a heater and want to try some new waxing products, have you seen our Sienna Introductory Wax Kit? Try some of the top products from this luxurious range, including peppermint-scented wax, soothing skin oil and more. It also comes with a product stand, branded poster and consultation cards for use in your salon.

The Best Beauty Couches

Finally, do you have the best beauty couch to make sure your clients feel comfortable for their treatments? If you need to update yours, our Lotus Bexley Spa Couch is excellent value for money. With adjustable headrest and range of movements, it is perfect for offering wax treatments in your salon.

Shop online at Salons Direct to find all the beauty salon supplies you need at great prices – we also offer next-day delivery.

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