We recently asked our Facebook and Twitter fans to send in their hairdresser confessions… We’ve picked our Top 10 to share with you!

10. As an apprentice, I had to borrow a hairdryer that was missing the back grill. Bad idea… The client’s hair got stuck in the back of it, and my boss had to come over and razor it off! He laughed so hard that he had to go and hide in the back!

9. While cutting a male client’s hair, we discussed our weekend events. He said he’d gone out with a waitress who he “gives free wood to all the time.” I tried my best not to giggle. Apparently he’s in the tree business and didn’t realise what he said!

8. Not long after I qualified I felt pretty confident and put a colour on a client. It looked like it had taken early so I washed it out… It hadn’t taken… At all…

7. I spoke to a lady about her husband having an affair and saying “I don’t know why you’re back with him”… 15 minutes later I realised it was the wrong lady!

6. When you see your client 6 weeks later and you say “Who’s cut your hair?” And they say “You!!” Oops!

5. I once sold a pint of tap water as special damping lotion!

4. My boss doesn’t always top up hair colours, so sometimes I lie about what colour I’m using but it’s always so similar they don’t know the difference anyway…

3. I did a perm once and asked my junior to neutralise it. He came out into the staff room after taking just 2 rods out. He said that the hair was poker straight, and when I checked the bottles he had put on more perm lotion instead! I had to bluff my way out of it saying the hair must be really resistant…

2. I love it when clients try to colour their hair at home… That way when they come in for me to fix it I can charge double the amount of what I would normally to fix it!

1. As a hair stylist I normally see about 8 clients a day sometimes more at 5 days a week…. so when you come in and I haven’t seen you in almost 5 months don’t say “do what you did last time” because I honestly don’t remember!