Whilst you may be exceptionally skilled with your scissors, if you’re not using the best quality tools for the job, the outcome of your cutting work may not be as accurate, precise and sharp as you had hoped. 

If you’re in the market for a new pair of thinning scissors for your professional kit, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. At Salons Direct, we stock a brilliant range of thinning scissors to de-bulk and add texture to your client’s hair. In this helpful guide, we’ll be sharing all there is to know about thinning scissors, to ensure you buy the very best tools for the job. 

What Are Thinning Scissors?

Thinning scissors help remove thickness and bulk in your client’s hair without compromising the length or shape. You can also use thinning scissors to add texture and movement to your client’s hair, making them a convenient and essential tool in your kit. 

Thinning scissors look somewhat different to ordinary cutting shears as they have tiny grooves or teeth on one side of the blade and a smooth edge on the other side. There are various types of thinning scissors available, depending on the outcome you’re looking to achieve. Some thinning scissors have teeth set wide apart, and some have teeth spaced close together. Thinning scissors are generally best used on dry hair to see accurately how the hair will naturally sit.

The three main types of thinning scissors include:

  • 20 to 30 teeth thinning scissors for texturising and blending.
  • 6 to 12 & 30 to 40 teeth thinning scissors for removing bulk.
  • 14 to 20 teeth thinning scissors for blending and finishing.

How To Use Thinning Scissors To Add Texture

Depending on how you have formally trained may influence how you use thinning scissors to add texture and movement to your client’s hair. The most straightforward technique for adding shape to bulky ends is to take one section of hair at a time. 

  • Pull the section away from the face and hold the ends of the hair in between your fingers.
  • Use your thinning scissors and position them horizontally against the ends of your client’s hair. 
  • Cut slightly inward to shape the ends of the hair as desired.

How To Use Thinning Scissors To Thin Out Hair

As above, we always recommend sticking to the way you have been formally trained, or with the techniques, you have found works for you. As a general rule of thumb, to thin out thicker hair, use the alternating technique. 

  • Point the tip of your thinning shears upwards and cut the hair midway up each 3-inch section. 
  • Repeat with the end of the scissors facing downwards. Keep coming through the sections to ensure the desired amount of thinness has been achieved.

How To Clean Thinning Scissors

As every hairdresser knows, good hygiene practices are fundamental; By keeping your thinning scissors clean, you will also find they last a lot longer. We recommend cleaning your thinning scissors with warm water and your chosen cleaning solution, be sure to let them dry in between cleans. After every use, be sure to clean your scissors and give them regular, deep cleans.

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The Best Thinning Scissors For Professional Hairdressers

Lotus Thinning Scissor 5.5in 34 Teeth

OFFER Lotus Thinning Scissor 5.5in 34 Teeth

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These 34 teeth thinning scissors feature a satin finish—ideal for thinning hair and removing excess blockiness and bulk.

Osaka 640 6in 40 Teeth Thinning Scissor


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With 40 ultra-fine teeth and a 15% cut-rate, the Osaka 640 6in 40 Teeth Thinning Scissor make them perfect for work on medium-fine to fine hair or blend edges. The reversible design allows the scissors to be flipped over to change the blade’s position and comb, therefore increasing your styling capabilities. These high quality thinning scissors are made from the highest quality Japanese Stainless Steel.

Haito Kizamu Offset Thinning Scissors 5.5in 30 Teeth

Haito Kizamu Offset Thinning Scissors 5.5in 30 Teeth

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Your hairdressing kit will have a lift with the edition of the Haito Kizamu Offset Thinning Scissors 5.5in 30 Teeth. Hand–made from stainless steel with titanium coating, the 30 teeth it has an engraved handle design and hollow-ground blades for smooth, precise and sharp cutting. Features a hand–adjusted screw system with a built-in ball–bearing.

Kasho Design Master Series 6in 30 Teeth B Type Offset Texturiser Scissor

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If you love Kasho, the popular Design Master series has been extended to include 5 NEW texturisers. These texturising scissors are available in two different styles: the cutting blade on the top or the bottom and 15, 30 or 38 teeth. All of the models feature ergonomically contoured handles with finger rest and the Kasho tension adjustable screw system.

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