The gel nails industry continues to grow rapidly year on year as new formulations and product innovations are brought to the professional nail market. In this brand spotlight interview, we chat to the team behind Gellux Gel Nail Polish.

What makes Gellux so popular? Well, the smart Gellux formulation blurs the lines between traditional nail polish and gel polishes, by curing in just 30 seconds with an LED nail lamp. Perfect for busy clients on the go! What’s more, Gellux products provide amazing fade resistant glossy nails for up to 15 days!

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We caught up with the Gellux team to find out more…

Tell us more about how and why Gellux began?

There was a trend in the market for gel polish and we wanted to ensure we were at the forefront of this game-changer in the nail industry and so Gellux was launched in 2011. Since launching, the brand has gone from strength to strength with a strong presence in the industry. More and more clients are opting for a gel polish over a typical air-dry varnish, due to its speed of setting and long durability. Salons love it as it’s a quick treatment with a loyal maintenance programme. The Gellux range now includes a huge gel polish range from glitter, metallic, neon, pearlised and shimmer colours, a full range of accessories, base/top coats, choice of lamps and removers.

How does Gellux stay competitive within the industry?

We constantly update our core collection with new colours and have 4 seasonal collections a year. We’ve recently launched our new Gellux minis range too. We currently have 106 shades available that are trend and fashion inspired. Gellux offers a vast range of everyday core colours, which match all skin tones. The seasonal collections offer trend related colours from the catwalk and now the minis offer a further range of colours, which can be incorporated with nail art. The core range is constantly monitored, and we pick up slower selling colours and update them regularly; we also reintroduce colours that make their way back due to popular demand. We also help the salons stay competitive by supporting them with point of sale merchandise like shade charts, posters and pop-ups.

How have trends within the nail business evolved over the years?

Nail art has become more artistic and dimensional with the introduction of textures and effects. While colours and designs have changed throughout the years, nail shapes have also changed towards long pointed talons, led by celebrity trendsetters. Also, nail enhancements used to mean thick, pink and white extensions. Now with lightweight hard gels and easy to apply and easy to remove gel colour, the possibilities for nail creativity are endless. Expert nail techs can show off their incredible skills from short, neat and natural through to dramatically different designs on long ‘stiletto’ nails.  More and more salons and hairdressers are now offering nail enhancements in their establishments as they see huge potential to get new customers through their doors and increase profitability in a relatively small space.

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What do you think sets Gellux apart from their main competitors?

Our mission is to develop exceptional products that are easy to use and give perfect results every time. Gellux is long-lasting, has a gorgeous glossy finish and is offered in 15ml and 8ml sizes. It’s competitively priced and enables smaller and mobile businesses to buy into the brand. We also offer a range of different priced lamps with a variety of speeds allowing gels to be cured from 10-30 seconds and different lamp sizes depending on the nail techs budget and space.  We have a huge presence in our stockists due to the updated and recently launched merchandising unit. We are also unique in that our clear base/top coat is dual purpose and so you wouldn’t need to buy top and base coat separately – saving the nail tech money and space. Gellux is also great because it can also be applied over any nail extension system; UV/LED hard gels, Acrylic or Fibreglass.

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Why should people use Gellux?

Our customers tell us they love Gellux because it’s a strong long-lasting gel which adds strength to weaker nails. It’s very adaptable and gives excellent coverage due to its high pigmentation. With an extensive colour range, it’s the go-to gel brand. It also retains a high shine during wear, ensuring no dulling, scratching or chipping – making it a ‘no home maintenance’ range in between treatments – fantastic for busy clients with little time.  

Salons also tell us that they are happy with the number of applications that they can get out of our bottles. With our range of Gellux treatments, the nail technician can now offer a prescriptive gel manicure, opting for a treatment to treat issues such as weak brittle nails (Gellux Recovery Base Coat) to ridged discoloured nails (Gellux Reconstruct Base Coat). Easy Off Base Coat for very dehydrated nails and a choice of top coats – matt or high shine, giving the nail tech lots of variety, which allows them to offer a more bespoke service.  They can also offer an ultimate colour matching service as all our Gellux colours are mixable, so if clients want nails to match a particular outfit, then this can be achieved with Gellux, giving the client a ‘one-off’ uniquely mixed shade. For those that prefer to sculpt gel nails, this can be done with our hard gel range or the Gellux Reconstruct, offering strength and flexibility to the nail with instant length.

What are your best-selling products?

Our treatments and bases are the most popular and have a great reputation in the market. They’re known for creating long-lasting gel manicures, especially with our more recent additions Reconstruct and Recovery+ Base Coats. Our top selling shades are Bare Necessities, Diamonds & Pearls and Glitz. Our latest Gellux launch is a no-wipe topcoat. This is great if you are using a chrome mirror powder effect and speeds up the treatment. Also great for those who are sensitive to the wet products within the range. Our wet products (preps and removers) are available in larger sizes too, giving the salon more choice.

What’s next for the brand?

We’ve just re-launched 6 shades that our customers were missing and launched Gellux Minis that are perfect for adding more colour choice to your salon collection and at a great price. We are constantly working on developing new and exciting products and trends are at the heart of this. Our customers are really at the head of our future plans. We listen to feedback over social media and are constantly talking to nail techs and educators regarding techniques, application, removal and, most essentially, about exciting new colours and effects to keep Gellux fresh and current. Gellux is a brand that never stays still and is constantly moving with what’s happening in the industry.

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