From high-contrast shades of blonde and cool combinations of tonal browns to dreamy romantic pastels and optimistic, bright pops, the season’s big trend is COLOUR BLOCKING. Colour blocking has been a strong trend in fashion, home furnishings, makeup, and art—and now is the time for our hair to do the work!

The team at Wella Koleston Perfect are here to tell you more

A Brief History of Colour-Blocking…

Colour Blocking started in 1965, when young designer Yves Saint Laurent, inspired by a book of Piet Mondrian’s graphic, colourful and modern paintings, designed his show after being tired of the restrained “New Look” that Dior introduced in the ‘40s.

He was aware of the burgeoning women’s liberation movement. He wanted to offer more effortless mini-shift dresses to allow his clients to move freely and express power in simplicity.


Colour blocking was born and was a resounding critical and commercial success. The 1990s was a spirited and dynamic time to reflect on and get inspired.

This was when colour blocking became new again, and more revolutionary fashion designers introduced pastels and beautiful tonal colour stories, creating a softer yet more substantial and overtly feminine look.

Designers as varied as sportswear king Calvin Klein to elegant Stephen Burrows to minimalist Helmut Lang to vibrant and playful Isaac Mizrahi all brought newness and definition to the concept, reenergizing and refuelling the colour block concept.


There are several ways in which colour-blocking techniques translate to hair. In a sense, chunky highlighting or lowlighting would classify as colour blocking, although most of the traditional colour-blocking looks don’t have multiple areas of the same colour.


The secret to create a supreme colour block lies in a combination of precise colour tones carefully selected for the aspired contrast together with the placement of the PRO.

From half-and-half manes to vivid dip-dyes to chunky face frames, any colour combination and painting technique goes with this show-stopping look. This combination allows unlimited interpositions of this trend suitable for every desire.

When creating the perfect colour block, choose the placement & technique most suited for your client, but they all have the following in common

1. Lighten

Add the contrast. Don’t forget if the hair is lightened or naturally lighter, using KOLESTON PERFECT may be enough.

2. Add Depth

To neutralize, deepen or refine the base to enhance the colour block.

3. Glaze / Tone

Add shine & enhance tone. Be playful or subtle. This is the final touch.

4. Care and Maintain

Creating that flawless finish is as crucial as the colour; the right care regimen will protect and enhance the colour and prevent damage.

Once the lightness is placed, make it a habit to offer an EXPRESS top-up appointment 3-6 weeks later. This allows their hair always to feel fresh. The colour will never look dull or boring.

The benefits of colour blocking for you as the stylist

Drive value by promoting higher frequency appointments, low cost for clients but adds revenue for you. This type of appointment is fast and should help to drive up your average bill.

The benefits of colour blocking for your clients

Research shows that four out of the six types of clients colouring in the salon look for a fashionable, fun, trendy colour that makes them stand out. With a top-up appointment, you can tweak or intensify the tone so the client can keep evolving their look.

How to achieve the perfect colour block

Creating magic with colours is not a law but can help to decide your placement. Be playful and personal; it can be colourful or even asymmetric.

However, don’t forget LIGHT VS DARK! Dark colours can shorten and narrow a face shape, whereas light colours can lengthen and widen the face shape. Therefore, you should first identify the face shape and bear in mind that not everyone is most suited to a blonde money piece.

Adding a darker frame closest to the face can have an elongating effect and draw attention to the eye area. Ideal for wider face shapes.

Adding bold lightness through the lengths will add width and draw attention to the lower part of the face structure. Great for face shapes that narrow at the jawline and are wider around the forehead.

Focusing lightness close around the face whilst leaving some depth near the neckline will soften angular features. This placement can be used to create focus within a haircut with targeted lighting.

Koleston Perfect has launched three new cool brunette shades to help enhance and refine the base of your colour blocks. With their cool blue base, these cool shades provide the ultimate neutralisation for unwanted warm undertones and long-lasting colour for up to 8 weeks.



Chunky Highlights and Contrast Blocking are perfect ways to use the new Koleston Perfect shades to create a salon-ready colour-blocking look.

Take a look below at the salon-ready techniques…

Look 1: Chunky Highlights

Wella Koleston Perfect

Add wide, chunky highlights throughout a cool oak brunette. With a subtle rose tone, this is a sophisticated take on the colour block.

  1. Lightening – BlondorPlexx + 6%
  2. Root tap & neutralization – Koleston Perfect 30g 5/82 + 30g 6/91 + 60g 4%
  3. Gloss + Tone – rose brown 40g 07/75+ 10g 09/65 + 10g 08/98 + 60g bottle activator

Look 2: Contrast Blocking

Wella Koleston Perfect

The creative take on colour blocking combines a deep, cool base with surprising yet fun ocean teal tonality. Don’t be afraid to be bold with the placement of the contrasting colours for maximum impact.

  1. Lightening – BlondorPlex + 6%
  2. Toning – Koleston Perfect 5g 0/82 + 5g 0/30 + 5g 0/00 + 30g 1.9%
  3. Gloss – Koleston Perfect 30g 5/82 + 30g Post Colour service + 30g 1.9%


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