We have some exciting news! We have a brand new product now available to Salons Direct, that we know nail technicians are going to adore.  

If you love getting creative, you’ll be happy to know that these fantastic nail brushes are specially designed for professionals to create the best nail art in the game. This new must-have for nail techs could transform how you work forever – and The Dolls House Cosmetics team is here to tell you how.  

We’re happy to be joined by the founders of The Dolls House Cosmetics, to talk about their journey and the launch of one of their best products to date – The YIN & YANG nail brush set.

So without further ado, we’re going to pass the mic over to The Doll’s house Cosmetics team! Read on to find out everything you need to know about the new YIN & YANG brush set…

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About the founders 

It’s Amy, Charl & Mol here – the founders of The Dolls House Cosmetics! we are so excited to be celebrating the launch of our YIN & YANG nail art brush set on Salons Direct today… what a pinch-me moment for the three of us!

So if you’ve clicked ‘Buy’ already, THANK YOU! And if you’re still on the fence about who we are or why you need our brush set…. Here’s the 411.

We are three beauty professionals – two sisters and our bestie, who one day decided we were going to see what happens if we went after all the crazy dreams we had always talked about. 

Around 4 years ago, when we officially launched ‘The Dolls House Group’ as a salon, an academy, and a brand, we had our sights set on creating industry-leading products that would be sold alongside some of the biggest names in beauty. 

Collectively we have a huge passion for making a difference, we LOVE our jobs and we LOVE to make our clients feel special… but that has to start with the products, right?

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Our journey

In December 2019, after 2 years of developing, testing, creating, designing, and MANY fallbacks, we finally launched The Dolls House Cosmetics, with our first collection, ‘Dare To Dream’ – 4 lipgloss shades. 

The collection sold out within 2 weeks. Our customers loved it and we knew we had started something special.


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We didn’t just sell our customers a product. We sold an experience, a feeling – we wanted to empower our customers and make them believe that they could achieve anything they put their mind to. And that’s exactly what our ‘Dare to Dream’ Collection did.

 Four product collections later, with each collection we learn, evolve & grow, and now here we are with the YIN & YANG nail art brush set. As we explored and researched different areas of the beauty industry, we found lots of great products, but something was always missing. It was an experience. 


The empowering relationship that we had built between ourselves and our community of customers with each collection; we knew this was the magic ingredient to any of our products. We felt like the nail world needed a touch of The Dolls House Cosmetics.

The brush set took us around 12 months to create. We sampled lots of different brushes, lengths, thicknesses, weights, designs until the full set was perfect, and then we brought it to market in March 2021. 

From there on, it wasn’t long until it became our largest selling collection to date – with thousands of nail technicians across the world now using YIN & YANG as their go-to brushes.


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Similarly, with every nail tech’s journey, it’s not always easy! We don’t go from a beginner to an expert with the click of a finger. We don’t love every set we create. 

The ultimate duo 

We don’t love every day in the salon! And that’s okay, it is because we experience the difficulties, that we can appreciate the achievements even more. As nail techs, we have to trust the process!

We also want to show our customers that it’s okay to make mistakes, which is why we created TWO brushes:

  • YANG: This is the perfect liner brush to create ANY nail art design. The intricate detail, line work, hand-drawn art… can all be achieved with our 10mm liner brush.
  • YIN: This is our eraser brush, with the perfect density and thickness you can easily erase any mistakes you make without anyone suspecting a thing!

Not only do we give our all to our products, but we design our packaging in the same way, as every tiny detail is well thought out. 

We don’t want to give too much away, but all brush sets come in a compact gift box that’s complete with the most detailed packaging – to give our customers the overwhelming feeling of power & excitement when they receive their order.

We are so proud of the brushes and the difference they have made to the nail community. If you do choose to add them to your nail kit, we promise you will never look back. And we also hope that as you use them, you feel empowered to become all that you have ever dreamed of being.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know The Dolls House Cosmetics team and discovering the new YIN & YANG brush set. Be sure to check them out now at Salons Direct!

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