Calling all hairstylists, we have a new professional product line that’s just landed here at Salons Direct, and we can’t wait to get you all acquainted. Introducing what will be your new essential tool – the Manta Healthy Hair Brush collection.

These innovative hairbrushes will make life in the salon so much easier, as the collection contains many practical features and can also accommodate all hair types. 

They are specially designed by professional hairdresser Tim Binnington, who has over 25 years of experience in the industry.  So you can expect the Manta Healthy Hair Brush to be a high-quality addition to your equipment collection. 

We can’t wait to show you what the Manta Healthy Hair Brush range can offer you. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Manta…

About Manta 

Manta is a well-loved brand in the professional hair industry, receiving a lot of high-profile recognition and praise from many big names, such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Woman & Home, and many more. 

The Manta collection is actually so good, it’s now a multi-award-winning brand. From the Beauty Global Awards to The Beauty Excellence awards, Manta just keeps on winning. 



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Created and developed by Tim Binnington, with the inspiration coming from his wife, who after a courageous battle with a life-threatening illness resulted in the loss of her hair. 

As her hair began to grow back, he watched her combing it with her fingers – too scared of breakage to use a standard brush. That’s when he decided to create the game-changer that is now known as Manta Healthy Hair Brushes. 

Combining his over 30 years of hands-on experience as a professional hairdresser with the latest raw materials and technology available – he successfully developed his vision and brought it to life. 

The Manta Healthy Hair Brush is as gentle on your hair as running your fingers through it. The range now features a mirror for on-the-go beauty touch-ups, and it’s ultra-portable. 

You’ll never have to carry the contents of your bathroom cabinet in your equipment bag again. This essential piece of kit will work wonders to keep you looking groomed all day, and your clients will love it.  Perfect for both in-house salon use or when you have jobs on the go. The Manta Healthy Hair Brush is also a must-have retail item! Gone are the days where clients are breaking their hair with cheap brushes, as the Manta brush is as gentle on the hair as running your fingers through. It’s the perfect addition to your clients’ aftercare routine. Cost from £13.50 | Salon RRP from £28.50 = £15 profit!*

The Little Princess Trust partnership

When you’re using Manta Healthy Hair Brushes, you’re also supporting a fantastic cause. Manta proudly supports The Little Princess Trust, which is dedicated to helping provide essential wigs to younger people who are fighting cancer. 

Who can use Manta Healthy Hair Brushes? 

The great thing about this collection is that it’s suitable for every hair type and texture, as well as being suitable for both professional and personal use. 

Manta is ideal for not only clients who want healthier and shinier hair, but also for clients who struggle with hair breakage, hair loss, or simple hair fineness.

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The Manta Healthy Hair Brush collection works brilliantly on even hair extensions – leaving hair silky smooth and knot-free without damaging bonds or tapes. It also works wonders on curly and afro hair, gliding smoothly through without any tugging.

What colours are available? 

We understand that professionals prefer their equipment to reflect them as artists. This is why Manta offers a variety of colours, which include Blue, Pink, Burgundy, White, and Black


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The Blue Manta Healthy Hair Brush is the newest addition to the collection, featuring a handy built-in mirror on the handle. 

Why a Manta Brush is an essential tool 

It’s no secret that brushing hair can lead to irreversible damage if not treated with care. The Manta Healthy Hairbrush collection has eliminated that worry, as these brushes are specially designed to not leave any hair damage – no matter how knot-ridden or tangled the hair is. 

Brushing hair is something that needs to be done daily, and no amount of treatment will repair the damage done by tugging and pulling your way through tough areas. 

This was the reasoning behind Tim creating the collection, as he wanted to focus on the root cause of the problem – reinventing how we can preserve the integrity of our hair.  

Don’t just take our word for it. We wanted to share feedback from Trichologist, Eva Proudman. Eva is a professional and Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists, here’s what she had to say about Manta Healthy Hairbrushes: 

“The hairbrush is very easy to hold and use, which is important, it moulds to the head nicely and provides a good stimulation to the scalp without being overly harsh and it really does glide through the hair. When hair is wet it is always at its most fragile, the spacing of the teeth on this brush means that the friction on the wet hair is minimised. Scalp stimulation is key to stimulating follicular activity and hair growth, personally, I love the feel of it and will recommend it to my patients as a great brush to use daily.”

What makes the Manta special? 

When you’re using the Manta Healthy Hair Brush collection for your professional work, you can rest assured knowing that you’re using a unique tool – and there are several reasons why. 

The Manta hair brushes include: 

  • Panted FLEXGUARD technology – allowing complete 360-degree motion. 
  • Innovative design – first-ever brush to mould to the professional using the brush. 
  • Successfully moulds to the shape of your hand, scalp, and palm.
  • Created using soft-touch material – ensuring no rough edges to tear hair shafts.
  • Ultra-flexible – creating less tension to gently minimise breakage and free knots. 
  • Gliding action – to ensure minimal damage, whilst promoting fuller and healthier hair. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering what this small but mighty piece of professional equipment can offer you and your clients. Don’t forget to check out the full Manta Healthy Hair Brush range, now available to purchase at Salons Direct. 


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