More and more professional brands are putting in the work, innovating their existing products whilst also creating more sustainable ones. It’s never been easier to practice becoming more environmentally conscious – you just need to know what’s out there and where to look! 

At Salons Direct, we understand the importance of providing professionals with more environmentally-friendly product lines. We’re dedicated to making it easier and more accessible – so that we can all play our parts in creating a more sustainable future.  

Are you ready to become the best eco-friendly salon ever? Read on to discover the best eco-friendly swap-outs that you need in your salon…


First up, we have the brand PAPER NOT FOIL  – who have single-handedly revolutionised treatments that require foils forever. 

Hairstylists, think about how many foils you go through on a busy day. Too many to count, right? That’s neither cost-effective nor eco-friendly. And don’t worry, we aren’t blaming you. Alternatives to traditional foils were hard to find… until now! 

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PAPER NOT FOIL offers sustainable hair foils, an eco-friendly salon alternative that works just as well (if not better) than their traditional counterparts. The sheets offer a chalky texture, which allows for easy use and unparalleled grip. 

It’s safe to say that when you’re using PAPER NOT FOIL – you’re going to create some of your best colour finishes ever, no matter what technique you use. Key benefits of the PAPER NOT FOIL sheets include: 

  • Completely recyclable. 
  • Can be reused multiple times. 
  • A salon standard product. 
  • Available in multiple sizes. 
  • Cost-effective. 
  • Degradable and commercially compostable. 
  • Can be used for any foil technique. 
  • Chalk texture for incredible grip. 
  • Super easy to use. 

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Olivia Garden Eco Hair collection 

Olivia Garden is an incredible brand that specializes in professional hair brushes – perfect for stylists that need perfect precision in their equipment, and also for those who want to get creative with their clients’ hair during the styling stage of the appointment. 

Olivia Garden Ecohair Combo Brush 24mm

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The Olivia Garden eco-friendly hairbrush range is available in a variety of sizes, and they are also perfect for any hair type and any treatment. Whether you’re looking for the perfect thermal brush, paddle brush, or even a combo brush – you name it, Olivia Garden has made an eco-friendly version of it. 

Olivia Garden’s eco-friendly hairbrush range is renowned for incredible quality, as well as excellent functionality. Not only that but the entire eco-friendly range is designed to look incredibly stylish and professional. We would highly recommend stocking up for your salon! 

Olivia Garden Eco paddle brush

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Lotus Eco-Friendly Detangling Brush

Hairstylists will know just how important it is to have a detangling brush to hand at all times. And now, you can have an eco-friendly version! Introducing the Lotus Eco-Friendly Detangling Brush. 

Lotus Eco-friendly Detangling Brush White

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The Lotus Eco-Friendly Detangling Brush is a leaf-shaped professional detangling brush, with a double curve design. This allows professionals to have full control and much more flexibility when navigating through knotted hair – no matter how excessive. 

The Lotus Eco-Friendly Detangling Brush also has included strong and flexible bristles within the design, which will allow the professional to work through any tangles and knots in their way without adding any further damage to the hair. 

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Oh, and did we mention that this product is the perfect retail opportunity? Recommend it to your clients, especially for the ones who struggle with excessive knotting after washes. The Lotus Eco-Friendly Detangling Brush is also available in a range of different colours, which include pink, black, or white

  Key benefits of the Lotus Eco-Friendly Detangling Brush include: 


  • Available in a range of colours.
  • Eco-friendly – will break down in landfill after 5 years. 
  • Biodegradable. 
  • Suitable for all hair types. 
  • The perfect retail opportunity. 
  • Professional design. 
  • Knot-free detangling guaranteed.
  • Massages the scalp. 
  • No contribution to further hair damage. 

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Elchim Wooden Brush Set

If you would prefer to just stock up on all the eco-friendly brushes that you could ever need all at once – we would highly recommend the Elchim Wooden Brush Set. 

This incredible brush set by Elchim allows professionals to be fully equipped for any style you want to create. The set includes four separate professional standard brushes in a range of sizes, consisting of 3 thermal brushes and a paddle brush. They’re 100% recyclable and handcrafted to perfection – using green materials only. 

Key features of the Elchim Wooden Brush Set include: 

  • Special bristles to polish the hair and seal the cuticle. 
  • Anti-static qualities to successfully eliminate electrostatic charges.
  • Extra-strong nylon bristles – significantly more heat resistant than the average brush.
  • The nylon is treated with an anti-bacterial additive to ensure hair and scalp protection against potential bacteria exposure.
  • The ceramic barrel spreads heat uniformly and avoids thermal shock to the hair – significantly reducing drying and styling time.
  • Resistant eco-friendly nylon that comes from fibres largely produced with recyclable materials.

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Disposable towels 

Our SkinMate range is a highly sustainable alternative. Our Skinmate range has all the benefits that regular salon towels have (including that super soft feeling) along with being super absorbent. 

Another great thing about our eco-friendly SkinMate range is that they’re biodegradable, which is especially important in a salon environment. Professionals will go through towel after towel throughout just one day – so switching to a biodegradable version will really help to make a difference in terms of reducing pollution. 

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Marvelash Bamboo Brush Applicators 

Next up, we have the incredible Marvelash Bamboo Brush Applicators, brought to you by Salon System. 

The eco-friendly applicators are made from premium quality bamboo, perfectly suited for all types of eyelash and eyebrow treatments. Beauty technicians – say goodbye to your single-use plastic applicators, and hello to your new best friend! 

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The Marvelash Bamboo Applicators are 100% up to a salon standard, perfect for when treatments require an intricate and precise application – whilst also allowing the professional to maintain and practice the best hygiene standard.  

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We hope that you enjoyed discovering the best eco-friendly swap-outs that you need for your salon. At Salons Direct, we offer a huge range of sustainable and environmentally friendly products, so be sure to check out our website for more!

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