When it comes to playing around with semi-permanent colours, it’s always a looming thought that the beautiful finish will fade away. 

Or even worse – what if it leaves an unpleasant after colour that scares you away from using semi-permanent colour again? We’re here to tell you that those days are over, thanks to Pulp Riot. 

Today, we’re joined by Pulp Riot, talking about all things semi-permanent colour and the fading process. By the end of this article, you’ll never be afraid to get creative and experiment with colour again – trust us. 

Read on to discover how to not fear the fade with Pulp Riot…


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Why do clients and hairdressers fear the fade? 

Fading is one of the biggest issues when it comes to colourists working with semi-permanent colours and client confidence when it comes to wearing semi-permanent colours.

When a colourist finishes that fresh colour, they know their clients will feel fantastic. But then comes every day after until their next visit where the colour begins to fade.

Semi-permanent colour will fade with time. It’s the nature of the product. They are designed to fade, but it is a fade process that the client has to live with for the longest period. 

Professional colourists will know all too well and have most likely dealt with at least one of these nightmare scenarios:

  • A client frustrated by a beautiful creative colour that has disappeared in just a few washes. 
  • A gorgeous result that the client then wants to switch up, but the semi has stained the hair and now it has to be colour corrected or coloured over. Or even grown out.
  • A client complaining that the colour fades strangely or into an unpleasant or unwanted shade – making the colourist not want to touch or trust semis in their work again.


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Whether it turns out to be the wrong colour or it fades away prematurely, these can all result in additional processes which can compromise hair integrity – resulting in more cost and frustration on both sides. 

Professionals will most likely experience a few of these scenarios throughout their careers. And it’s gut-churning stuff. It creates a bad association with semi-permanent colours, and that can lead clients and colourists to avoid it altogether.

David and Alexis Thurston, owners of the creative colour powerhouse Butterfly Loft in LA, were having the same issues. They had worked their technical magic and successfully managed to work around the brand’s pain point (semi’s staining the hair, leaving unwanted undertones or fading too slowly or too quickly) but they knew there had to be a better solution. 

Spoiler – they couldn’t find the solution. And because they couldn’t find it – they created it. Pulp Riot was born! 

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Pulp Riot was created to put the power back in the hands of the artists. They initially launched with 16 incredible semi-permanent colours that were revolutionary in tackling every issue that was involved when using creative semi-permanent colours. 

Colourists could now deliver the most insane and modernised techniques without any fear of the fade. This is why Pulp Riot is the fastest growing professional colour company in the history of the industry.


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How Pulp Riot created a solution

All Pulp Riot colours have a unique conditioner-based consistency, making them a true semi-permanent formula.

This means that the product will sit on the cuticle of the hair – enabling them not only to be completely removable (we will come on to the magic behind the removal shortly!) but also never leaving any unwanted staining on the hair. 

With every wetting of the hair, the colour gradually fades until it eventually completely lifts out of the hair, as you can see from the before and after below.


But what about the journey from fresh to faded? Well, the professional semi-permanent colours by Pulp Riot are unique – they fade true to tone, becoming a softer and pastel version of themselves. 

Their pure pigments use only the highest quality dyes and don’t mix colour molecules. This ensures that, for example, when a client asks for blue – they’ll enjoy that blue colour the whole way through the fade period. 

When using Pulp Riot, there’s truly no reason for clients or professional colourists to fear semi-permanent colour. They can relax and enjoy the process of fading in the knowledge that nothing will go wrong.

Sometimes it’s also possible for clients to change their minds and want the colour removed sooner than planned. Or they might simply want to switch it up and try a new look. We want to allow professionals a way to deliver this. When we say that with Pulp Riot, the power is in the hands of the artist – we mean it. 

Pulp Riot created the solution for complete colourist control of when to change the colour – with the magic colour remover Blank Canvas!

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The Pulp Riot Blank Canvas will fully remove the colour from hair anytime after two weeks following the first application. This helps to give clients complete assurance and confidence that they can switch it up or remove the colour whenever they like. 

And the best part? The professional colourist is in total control. This is a highly conditioning, non-lightener formula that is a secret blend of oils. It’ll work to gently lift the colour from each strand. 

Now artists can try out new colour ideas on a client’s hair with total confidence they can change it on their terms, without any compromise to the hair integrity and no need for colour correction. In fact, thanks to all the gorgeous oil extracts, Blank Canvas can leave the hair feeling even more healthy than before!

Talking about condition, all Pulp Riot products are infused with high-quality ingredients. This includes quinoa, a gluten-free seed that is protein rich, nourishing the hair and giving it the iconic shine that Pulp Riot is known for. 

Say goodbye to the days of flat and matte creative colours that leave the hair feeling dry and brittle. Say hello to healthy looking, shiny, vibrant, and colourful hair, that is just as conditioned as it was before.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed hearing from Pulp Riot and feel assured that there’s no risk with semi-permanent colour use. Be sure to check out their extensive range over on the Salons Direct website – you won’t be disappointed!

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