Colourists rejoice! Did you know that you no longer have to worry about checking your toner 100 times because it’s turning a frightening shade? Long gone are the days of rinsing ‘too early’ to see that you haven’t toned enough.

Matrix Tonal Control is here to help…


The new Matrix Tonal Control is Matrix’s most predictable acidic gel toner for the ultimate post-lightening control. Real-time visible oxidisation, colour-coded control and long-lasting multi-dimensional results are just some of the fantastic benefits of this brand-new release from Matrix.

We caught up with the Matrix team to find out more…

What is Tonal Control?

Acidic technology provides a no-base shift and is perfect for damage-conscious clients. The gel consistency provides you as the colourist with more control for an easy application.

The Benefits…

✅ No ammonia, vegan colour formula with optimised PH, minimising swelling of the cuticle.

✅ Pre-bonded with our exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate helps protect the inner hair structure.

✅ Real-time visible oxidation and colour-coded formulas that give the stylist the required confidence for processing.

✅ Better Value = 2 applications per tube.

Damp or dry hair application.

✅ 20 Minute Processing time.

✅ Long Lasting Multi-Dimensional Results lasting for up to 6 weeks/24 weeks.


Matrix has reinvented the acidic demi-permanent game.



Never over-tone a client again!


What makes Tonal Control better to use on blondes vs SoColor Sync Acidic today?

There is no claim that Tonal Control is better than SoColor Sync Acidic. Instead of comparing one vs. the other, focus on the unique benefits of Tonal Control. These were developed to be used exclusively on pre-lightened hair.

Do Tonal Control shades have a background tone?

Some Tonal Control shades will have more background where more depth or natural results are desired, and some will have less where less depth or neutralisation is required. For example, the 5NW Gold standard will have more background than the 9V Iced Out.

How is the Tonal Control colour result different from Sync- especially for shades that existed previously in SoColor Sync Acidic and now will be in Tonal Control?

Tonal Control shades were specifically designed to be used following a lightener. The colour result is, therefore, based on how it will perform on pre-lightened hair and its natural underlying pigment.

Some of the Acidic Toner shades have been updated for Tonal Control based on feedback. The 10PR is more .6 than its Acidic Toner counterpart. The six and the 9 NGAs are a little cooler for better neutralisation of copper undertones.

How is the Tonal Control colour result different from competitor brands?

Tonal Control is different from competitor brands in that its got a gel cream consistency vs liquid and can be applied to damp or dry hair.  Tonal Control will not oxidise as quickly and will be less likely to be prematurely rinsed.

Tonal Control does not require dedicated developers for use and features bulk colours to help visually guide the stylist through more intricate toning techniques.

The results of Tonal Control are more saturated than competitor brands. There are more options with Tonal Control with respect to saturation because there is the benefit of Clear for more formula options.

How does hair porosity affect the end colour result of Tonal Control? Do we have to mix with a Clear formula or apply it differently in this case?

Porosity is something that should be assessed before any colour service, regardless of the brand being used. Tonal Control was tested and validated for use on bleached hair, which, in most cases, is porous to overly porous.

Tonal Control Pre-Bonded features the Bond Protecting Concentrate with taurine and cationic polymers to reinforce and repair weakened bonds, so it is safe to use on this hair type. If overdeposit is a concern, the stylist can mix it with Clear and/or spray the ends with Instacure. Reduced timing is not recommended.

SoColour Sync Acidic shades alternative formulas in Tonal Control

What is the numerical equivalent of the Tonal Control Shades?

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