Calling all nail technicians! We know how important it is for you to have the right professional equipment. After all, it’s a necessity to invest in tools that complement your abilities, whilst also allowing you to achieve the very best results for your clients. 

This is especially true for treatments that require professional technique and precision – such as when you’re creating fantastic nail art. 

You could be the best nail artist in the world, but if you’re not using professional equipment that enhances and takes your work to the next level –  you’re doing yourself a disservice!

 We’re excited to show what we think are the best nail art brushes on the market right now, that could take your work the extra mile. 

Read on to discover the best brushes for nail art this year…


YIN & YANG Nail Art Brush Set

To start the list of the best nail brushes in the game, we have a  brand new set that’s just landed at Salons Direct – The Dolls House YIN & YANG Nail Art Brush Set. 

The Dolls House YIN & YANG Nail Art Brush Set provides professionals with the best safety blanket, and that’s because this set is specially designed to cover all bases. The set is made up of two unique brushes, both designed for different uses. This includes: 


The YANG nail art brush is made up of 10mm bristles that can be optionally altered and trimmed to your desired length or thickness. It can be used to lay flat so that you can create the most perfect straight lines, or it can also be used to create intricate hand-drawn shapes with the tip of the brush. The YANG nail art brush will help nail techs to create beautifully detailed finishes for clients. 



The YIN part of the set is the eraser brush, specially designed for nail technicians to correct any imperfections or simply neaten their work. All the professional is required to do is dip the brush into cleansing fluid, dap off any excess, and swipe. The YIN nail art brush is designed with the thinnest surface so that you can erase even the tiniest imperfections.

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Glossify Nail Art Set

If you know us, you’ll know that we’re a massive fan of Glossify here at Salons Direct. Glossify is responsible for producing some of the best professional nail products on the market – AND they’re vegan and cruelty-free! What’s not to like? 

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your career, you’ll always need a set of nail art essentials, and we’ve got just the thing. Introducing the Glossify Nail Art Set.

This professional brush set will never hold you back, providing you with amazing precision –  just what you need when you’re creating the best work in the game. 

Whether your client wants delicate detail or a perfectly defined colour, The Glossify Nail Art Set will allow you to create the best bespoke nail art with every use. 

The full set includes:  

  • A Glossify detail brush.
  • A Glossify liner brush.
  • A Glossify #6 round gel brush.
  • A Glossify #6 square gel brush. 
  • A Glossify dotting tool. 


Glitterbels Gel Art Brush Set x 5 Brushes

Introducing the Glitterbels Gel Art Brush Set, one of the best professional nail equipment sets on the market. The ultimate set to invest in if you love getting creative. 

Including a total of five brushes, the Glitterbels Gel Art Brush Set is perfectly designed for creating the best Hard Gel and Gel pot application.

The set also features a rose gold bottom finish and a stunning moving glitter design on each brush – letting you create amazing nails for your clients.

The set includes: 

  • Two fine brushes for detailed nail art.
  • A square tip gel brush.
  • A one-stroke brush. 
  • An oval tip gel brush. 
  • Vegan – made from synthetic hair. 


Brillbird Student Brush Kit

Next up, we have the Brillbird Student Brush Kit

Brillbird offers an extensive range of nail products, including nail art brushes. Their collections are of a premium standard, suitable for professional use. This kit in particular is the perfect set for student nail technicians who are looking for a kit that has a little bit of everything. 

This eleven-piece synthetic nail brush set will allow learners to practice and enhance their skills on a variety of techniques. This includes:

  • Gel application.
  • Lines. 
  • Shadows. 
  • 3D nail art. 
  • One stroke nails. 
  • Glitter nail application. 

It’s also worth mentioning that all Brillbird brushes are tested and then approved by trained Brillbird educators, to ensure that every brush is high-quality, for nail techs across the UK. 

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The Gel Bottle Inc Nail Art Brush Set

Last but not least of the best kits, we have The Gel Bottle Inc Nail Art Brush Set. This kit is one of our best-sellers, so we recommend checking back regularly as it sells out fast!

This five brush set has been specially designed for professional nail artists, perfect for creating an on-trend look. These brushes are high-quality and easy to use, offering professionals versatility in their work. 

The full kit includes: 

  • A liner nail art brush. 
  • A 4D nail art brush. 
  • A detail nail art brush. 
  • A one-stroke nail art brush. 
  • A round gel brush.



Glitterbels Gel Ombre Brush

Kicking off the singles must-haves, we have another Glitterbels feature. Introducing the Glitterbels Gel Ombre Brush

This is the perfect brush to add to your nail art tool collection if you have clients who love to follow the latest trends. This simplistic yet highly effective gel brush will allow you to create a perfectly balanced ombre, as it is used for both vertical and horizontal ombre. 

Just like the set we mentioned above, the Glitterbels Gel Ombre Brush also features a stunning moving glitter design – letting you create amazing nail art in style.



Glossify Dotting Tool

Next up we have another great nail brush, brought to you by Glossify. Introducing the Glossify Dotting Tool. 

The Glossify Dotting Tool is the perfect addition to have for intricate nail art, as it’s double-ended and features a mini ball, along with a sharp point. You’ll never have to worry about your professional precision again, as it’ll show off your skill on those important details that bring your work altogether. 




The Gel Bottle Inc Liner Nail Art Brush

An absolute must-have for any professional nail artist – The Gel Bottle Inc Liner Nail Art Brush. The perfect addition to your tool kit for nail art that requires delicate creations, long lines, and extra-fine detail. 

As you’ll know, a liner brush is non-negotiable. These tools are the best for maintaining control and a steady hand when creating extra detailed nail art. This liner brush has been specially designed so that professionals never have to be held back by their equipment, as the level of precision this brush allows is like no other. 

The Gel Bottle Inc Liner Brush allows you to create even the most delicate of detail for your clients, and with ease. The brush also oozes professionalism, with a sleek natural white and silver design. 



Brillbird Brush for Gel Application – Gel 4

The Brillbird Brush for Gel Application, a must-have for any gel nail appointments. This brush comes in a sleek purple finish, specially designed to create the most perfect smile lines, along with glitter applications.


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Brillbird Nail Art Brush – Flat Ombre

The Brillbird Nail Art Brush Flat Ombre – the perfect tool for creating even the most challenging ombre nails. 

Made entirely out of soft gradient synthetic hair, this brush allows professionals to create the perfect and precise blend into an ombre shade, as the head speeds up both horizontally and vertically. 

The Brillbird Nail Art Brush – Flat Ombre also matches perfectly with the Brillbird Brush for Gel Application, coming in a sleek purple finish. Great if you prefer your brushes to match, as you can add other professional Brillbird nail art brushes as and when you need them. 



 We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering the best brushes for nail art this year. These truly are the best professional tools to show off your skill and enhance your talent. Be sure to check out our full range of nail products at Salons Direct. 

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