As one of our bestselling products, we were excited to hear that the Wella Koleston Perfect range has undergone an innovative revamp that has the whole hair industry buzzing.

Incorporating game-changing new colour technology, the impressive new formula took over 7 years of research, 3,000 tests and more than 20 patents! The result? More even colour for your client’s hair with better control and 100% grey coverage.

If you are a loyal Wella Koleston Perfect user, you may be wondering what these changes to your favourite formula are. Read on to find out exactly how Wella Koleston Perfect ME+TM has improved and what it means for your salon…

What’s Different About Wella Koleston Perfect ME+TM?

Wella Koleston Perfect with ME+TM features brand new breakthrough technologies, Pure Balance TechnologyTM and ME+TM. One of the most revolutionary innovations in the way hair colour works, it promises to deliver vibrant colour with less damage, as well as reducing the risk of allergies developing.

Here is some more information about Pure Balance TechnologyTM and ME+TM :

Pure Balance TechnologyTM
This patented technology reduces free radicals forming in the colouring process which can cause hair damage. The result is more even colour with a beautiful natural shine.

ME+TM Technology
This breakthrough formula is here to replace the traditional PPD and PTD sensitisers that have been used in typical hair colours for the past century. ME+TM Technology can reduce the risk of developing a new hair colour allergy by up to 60%, so you can use on your clients’ hair with confidence.

As part of the changes, you will also find that Wella Koleston Perfect ME+TM is:

  • Easier to mix
  • Better at covering grey and white hair
  • Faster to rinse out
  • More reliable, so you can lighten, darken and tone with accuracy

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What Has Stayed The Same?

There is no doubt that the Wella Koleston Perfect ME+TM offers some fantastic improvements to your colouring process. While you may notice a few changes the first time you use it, it doesn’t require a new learning curve – in fact, you can just carry on as normal and reap the benefits of the new formula!

The new Wella Koleston Perfect ME+TM range features the same extensive offering of colours for you to choose from, and you can get straight into using it with the same mixing ratio.

Take a look at the chart below for some tips on getting started with the new and improved Wella Koleston Perfect ME+TM

At Salons Direct, we have the new Wella Koleston Perfect ME+TM in stock and ready for you to order for your salon now. For more, see our full hair colour range.

Are you excited to try out the new Wella Koleston Perfect ME+TM? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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