While there is undoubtably an obsession with gel nails and nail extensions lately, that doesn’t mean regular nail polish is redundant. In fact, nail polishes from Peacci are proving they are anything but over, having had some amazing reviews! So to get the low down, we spent 5 minutes with them to find out more about their fabulous range of nail varnishes…

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Can you tell us more about the Peacci brand and how it began?

Peacci is the birth child of The GelBottle Inc. – a large gel nail polish brand famed for its high fashion colour ranges and enviable results.

Whilst The GelBottle Inc is, of course, a great advocate of gel manicures, the growth in demand for regular lacquer was undeniable. However, as consumers themselves, they struggled to find a regular nail polish that would provide the same colour range and pigment as their famed gel polishes…

Thus, Peacci was born, with an aim to provide extraordinary colour, pigment, results and application all from regular polish.

What makes Peacci nail polishes stand out from your competitors?

Our colour range! We cover everything from a variety of nudes and pretty sheer pinks, to electric neons and bold, statement brights. The best thing about Peacci colours is that when we promise a bright colour – we provide it. Even our boldest, brightest of shades brush on with a coat of smooth, creamy pigment.

What are your best-selling nail products and why do you think this is?

Our shade Bonjour is a sure fire best-seller. It’s a very classic sheer pink shade, that can be applied in a thin layer to give a very subtle cloudy effect, or painted in a regular coat to provide a pretty and preened sheer pink finish.

The natural nail trend is huge at the moment and it’s certainly one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, so people are stocking up on Bonjour to achieve this look.

Gel and acrylic nails are growing in popularity – is there still a place for traditional nail polishes?

Absolutely, regular nail polish is actually growing in popularity too! With the growth of the self-care movement, people are more often demanding treatments which can be done at home so they can enjoy the benefits linked to self-pampering alongside reducing costs associated with salon-only treatments.

Gel manicures are still a great option as they provide long, chip-resistant results, but we find many of our customers look to cut the cost by painting their own matching pedicures at home in regular polish. It helps that Peacci polishes match best-selling shades from The GelBottle Inc. so you can match your at-home pedi to your gel manicure with very little effort.

Why would you recommend Peacci nail polishes to salons and nail techs?

All the Peacci colours are created to match best selling gels at The GelBottle Inc., so if your client opts to have polish on their toes and gel on their fingers, you can offer an easy match! Peacci also provides a creamy smooth, highly pigmented application, meaning the polish glides onto the nail leading to neat application and fantastic results.

Peacci polish dries quickly and with the gel components in our popular Gel’ous Top Coat, it lasts longer than most would expect from a nail polish manicure. Offering regular nail polish can also provide great opportunities for mini-manicures and marketing events. For example, Peacci works brilliantly with The GelBottle. Inc for “Mummy and Me” manicures, where the child can wear matching Peacci polishes to Mummy’s gel.

How do you think the nail industry has evolved over recent years?

It’s certainly gotten much bigger! More people are opting for salon treatments whether that’s with gel or regular polish. There’s also been a huge increase in the demand for nail art that is creative and different from simple crystal or flower designs of the past.

Pop art nails, personalised manicures, ombré and lettering are all treatments requested on the regular and people are more likely to travel to visit a specific nail technician based upon that nail technicians branding and personal nail art styles.

There’s also been very positive growth in the education and concern around nail health, which is fantastic as people are making positive changes, both in personal care and treatments to make choices that put their nail health first.

How important do you think social media is for growing beauty brands?

It’s hugely important. People like to visualise a product before they commit to anything and Social Media makes this process easy. It allows us to build a personal brand which places a unique selling point on all services and it also provides a platform that means our portfolio is not just limited to those who ask for it.

The biggest accolade of all is word of mouth, so if people see you provide impeccable work on real-life client examples, with real-life reviews and comments (such as Facebook reviews or Instagram comments) then they will be much more likely to try you next time they need their nails done.

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Your nail polish formula is vegan & cruelty-free. How important do you think this is to clients?

The demand for Vegan, Cruelty-Free products is growing daily. It is not necessary to cause harm to animals in order to fuel our personal appearances, and at Peacci, that is something we will never condone.

With our current climate crisis, the consciousness of customers to be more eco-friendly is becoming increasingly large and people are aware that leading a Vegan lifestyle is one way to help.

Whilst not everybody may be able to fully make the conversion, many customers are taken steps to lead a more Vegan-friendly lifestyle and beauty treatments fall into that category. There is no reason for salons to exclude these Vegan customers by opting for animal-tested cosmetics when this is simply not required.

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What is next for Peacci?

A wider colour range! We’re consistently working on introducing new colours to the Peacci brand so that we can continue to offer groundbreaking shades at the forefront of the industry.

You can shop our extensive range of Peacci nail polishes online now!

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