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OLAPLEX is renowned worldwide for providing unparalleled hair products, designed to repair damaged hair and maintain strong, healthy bonds. The OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment sits at the core of their professional-only offering and it is highly recommended by top stylists to not only keep your client’s hair as healthy as possible but to also maximise your business profits.

Want to know more? Read on to uncover this truly remarkable service available for you to use on your clients today!

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FAQ’s …

What is the OLAPLEX Stand Alone treatment?

The OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment comprises two OLAPLEX products; OLAPLEX No.1 Bond Multiplier and OLAPLEX No.2 Bond Perfector. We know that all these numbers can get slightly confusing, so we’ve separated them out for you so you can take a deep dive into how both products work👇

Olaplex No.1 Bond Multiplier 525ml

No.1 is a highly powerful bond multiplier that is designed as ‘the first step’ to repairing damaged and brittle hair. The formula successfully rebuilds broken bonds and prevents further damage. It works best when added into potentially damaging treatments such as bleaching or colouring jobs to preserve the condition, but is also brilliant for stand alone treatments on clients as it will leave clients with a shiner, healthier and strong head of hair.

Olaplex No.2 Bond Perfector 525ml

No. 2 works effectively to rebuild and continue to restore any remaining broken bonds that may have been missed by OLAPLEX No.1, ensuring full nourishment to every strand of your clients hair. Hair is left feeling stronger, shinier, and healthier.

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Who is the OLAPLEX Stand Alone treatment for?

1. Virgin or untreated treated hair 

Although it may not seem, damage still occurs daily to virgin or untreated hair via thermal, mechanical, or environmental factors.

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2. Chemically treated hair

Chemically treated hair could benefit from in-salon Stand Alone Treatment twice monthly for optimum maintenance.

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3.Highly compromised hair

You should recommend a once-weekly treatment to clients with highly compromised hair.

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How to complete a Stand Alone OLAPLEX treatment


Okay, so we now know everything we can about the two products, but how do you actually carry out the OLAPLEX Stand Alone treatment on clients? We’ve created a simple step by step below so you’ll always have something to follow no matter where you are. Keep reading to find out more…





1. Mix 15ml of No.1 Bond Multiplier with 90ml of water in an applicator bottle.

2. Apply from your clients roots to ends. Saturate the hair and comb through thoroughly.

3. Leave on for 5 minutes.

4. Without rinsing, apply a generous amount of No.2 Bond Perfector and comb through once.

5. Leave on for a minimum of 10 or more minutes.

6. Rinse the hair and shampoo with OLAPLEX No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and condition with OLAPLEX No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner.

7. Dry and style as usual.

How much should I charge for OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment?

We recommend charging £25+ for this Stand-Alone treatment. When taking into account the price of the OLAPLEX duo and the premium service you will be offering to your clients, this is definitely a benchmark for you to work from.

How often should I do an OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment?

Assess your clients hair and recommend the perfect amount of time for them. Clients can get the Stand Alone treatment performed as often as they would like, but for more damaged hair it is recommended as often as possible.

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Introducing – OLAPLEX Single Use Professional System




OLAPLEX’s latest release is here and it’s bound to change up how you carry out the OLAPLEX Stand Alone Treatment. As you may be aware, you can only purchase the professional two part duo as a Traveling Stylist Kit or Salon Intro Kit. To cater for more in the industry, OLAPLEX have released a single-use system containing 15ml of No1 and 30ml of No2, enough liquid for freelancers and hairstylists to perform a single stand-alone treatment on one client. The stand alone treatment is perfect for clients who are looking for a sole premium hair care treatment and it can also be added on top of a colour service, after the colour treatment has been performed to further protect the hair.

Who is the OLAPLEX Single Use Professional System for?

  • Stylists who are new to OLAPLEX and would like to try before investing in the Traveling Stylist Kit or Salon Kit
  • Stylists who do not frequently use chemical treatments and don’t need full-sized product kits
  • Salon owners: Use as a sampling opportunity for stylists to use with new clients to deliver dramatic results that will keep them coming back.

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