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Today, we’ll be looking at Wella Illumina permanent hair colour and why you should consider using it in your salon business.

What is Wella Illumina?

Did you know that you can achieve natural-looking, multi-dimensional, luminous colour with Wella Professionals Illumina Color. This permanent hair colour cream offers natural-looking colour results and up to 100% grey coverage.

Key Features

  • Includes Microlight Technology for inside-out luminosity.
  • A built-in metal purifier helps prevent hair damage caused by the presence of metals.
  • Illumina is the most sophisticated dye combination from Wella Professionals that mimics natural hair tones.

Wella Illumina – Eco Ethical Packaging


Using 100% recycled aluminium at WELLA Illumina avoids using over 700 tons of virgin aluminium per year.


47 intermixable shades for unlimited creative colour results

Illumina Color enhances the natural light reflections in your hair for a luminous finish. Illumina =  100% Natural Looking Colour.

Wella Illumina


Key Features:

  • Exceptional hair protection.
  • Harnesses Microlight technology.
  • Achieves the most natural-looking colours.
  • Offers up to 100% grey coverage with a sheer finish.
  • For optimal results, pair with Wella Welloxon Perfect.

Perfect your Illumina Colour Technique

Mixing Recommendation

Not recommended for mixing with KOLESTON PERFECT

For example 60ml ILLUMINA COLOR shade + 60ml WELLOXON PERFECT.

Mixing Ratio

12% Welloxon Perfect 40 Vol. 3 levels of lift
9% Welloxon Perfect 30 Vol. 2 levels of lift
6% Welloxon Perfect 20 Vol. 1 level of lift
Coverage of grey/white. Same depth or darker.


Apply the colouring mixture immediately from roots to ends.
Development time:
HEAT: 30-40 min/ + HEAT*: 15-25 min.


Apply the colouring mixture to mid-lengths and ends only: Leave approx. 2 cm free from the scalp. Development time: HEAT: 20 min/ + HEAT*: 10 min.
Root area: Apply colouring mixture to the roots.
Development time: – HEAT: 30-40 min /
+ HEAT*: 15 -25 min

How to Classic ‘Illuminage’

Traditional balayage and ‘Illuminage’ are different, and their distinction lies in placement. While classic balayage concentrates on mid-lengths and ends, Illuminage by Wella prioritises face-framing and is all about achieving ultra-natural effects with delicate, multi-tonal accents.

Step 1: Lightening

Mix two lightening formulas: 30g Blondor Freelights + 45g Welloxon 9% developer + 2ml WellaPlex No. 1 and 30g Illumina Color 8/93 + 20g 9/19 + 40g 9% developer.

Taking large zig-zag sections, gently backcomb the peaks of the zig-zag and feather the Illumina hair colour formula close to the root area, lengths and ends.

Isolate with clear sheets, then take the valleys of the zig-zag and sweep the Freelights mix from mid-lengths to ends before isolating with clear sheets.

Step 2: Root Shadowing

Starting at the nape of the neck, apply a root shadow mix onto damp hair just away from the neck.

Bring it down by approximately 7cm to the mid area while root tapping through the front and hairline.

Step 3: Blonde Toning

Create two blonde Illumina formulas – one lighter and one darker to achieve a multi-tonal finish.

Separate the perimeter from the diamond section at the crown and apply the second, lighter formula from mid-lengths to ends through the perimeter section to create a face-framing glow.

Sweep the first darker mix through the mid-lengths through the diamond section before returning to the lighter shade to enhance the ends.


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