We have previously touched upon the most effective approaches in managing client appointments, discussing how the right client management system can alleviate loss of revenue through underbooking, as well as ruling out a negative client experience through double bookings or any missed appointments.

There is, however, so much more to be said for client information systems and the benefits of creating an efficient client database.

We caught up with salon information systems: ‘Salon Genius,’ ‘Salon Iris’ and ‘Phorest’ to discover the benefits of successfully managing and developing a substantial client database that helps retain customers, build loyalty and improve organisation within your business.

“Without a client database, you haven’t got a business” – Salon Genius

The fundamentals that make for a quality client database…

A consolidated, quality client database underpins all successful salon businesses and the more thorough client details that you have, the more substantial your database will be.

We recommend always building up your own database, no matter how small your contact list is when you are first starting out. Do not be tempted into buying a list of contacts as this can be a costly approach riddled with ethical red flags as well as being a complete waste of time. Always remember: quality over quantity.

“Information such as client retention, business growth based on number of clients and client spending habits are massively important to the business but can only exist with a database in place to source the information from.” – Salon Iris

Accuracy is key…

Ensure that every field of information has some kind of data, including correctly inputted phone numbers, email addresses, any previous services / treatments, and even a record of any retail products purchased. An abundance of accurate information can help you to provide the very best service to your clients, as well as building a loyal relationship, showing that you remember the details.

Salon Iris shared their thoughts on the importance of relevancy within your database: “Ensure that you take any information that is relevant to a particular clients requirements too, details relating to products they may be allergic to, results of patch tests etc should be visible to staff. This allows you to be confident in knowing that every client is receiving the best possible service whilst also ensuring you are fully compliant.”

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Trends in client behaviour…

A substantial client database can also help you to identify trends within your clients’ behaviour. For example, if they are returning to your salon frequently perhaps they are purchasing a particular brand of retail product. All of this information is useful.

“Utilise your database to target specific groups of clients to increase loyalty and rebooking.“ – Salon Genius

Choosing your preferred method of retaining client information…

It may be that you are looking to move on from an outdated spreadsheet method to become more organised with client information within your salon business. Phorest say: “It is very hard to maintain and manage a functioning & efficient database on paper or even on a spreadsheet. The best way to get the most out of your contacts is to invest in a good salon software solution that will make marketing easy and practically manage your contacts for you.”

Keep your client database up to date…

Efficiency can be greatly improved by maintaining an up to date client database, so every few months clean up your database, deleting any old or incomplete records. This is especially important if you are sending text messages or emails to clients, perhaps to inform them of offers and promotions happening within your salon. Don’t waste an opportunity to be targeting the right people by reaching out to disengaged clients who are still on your books.

Use every opportunity to build up your database…

Whether it’s a walk-in enquiry or somebody purchasing retail products, collect as many details as possible – you never know, you might seize the opportunity to attract the individual back to your salon for a service.

Make the most of your client database by keeping it thoroughly organised whilst continually building up your contacts and you’ll be amazed to see the difference in efficiency within your salon business.

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