In an industry built upon making people look and feel good, it is very important that you as a salon owner guide your staff to maintain a presentable client facing appearance whilst taking care of the overall upkeep and aesthetics of your salon.

How your salon and staff are perceived is extremely important and will correlate to how loyal your clients are and ultimately how profitable you will be as a business. We have already touched upon the importance of hygiene within your salon, but what about the everyday presentation of your staff and space?

Uniform can make all the difference…

Not only is a uniform extremely practical, saving clothes from being ruined by bleach, dye or wax but a smart uniform also makes your stylists or therapists look incredibly presentable also. A uniform also helps to keep your staff identifiable within your salon if any clients need assistance, so whether you’re new to running your own salon or want to shake up your uniforms within your established salon, our range of Gear UK Professional Salonwear is perfect for displaying a professional, sophisticated look.

Remembering body language…

Part of maintaining a positive appearance is all down to the body language that you use. When communicating with clients, be aware of what it is that you are saying, the tone of voice you are using and your non-verbal body language such as posture. These are all attributes in what defines good and bad customer service.

Remind your staff about making regular eye contact, respecting your clients’ personal space and being aware of body language. If a client feels that they have received the right amount of personal attention, they are much more likely to want to return to your salon in comparison to a blasé and uninterested experience with their stylist or therapist.

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Keeping linen fresh…

Linen that is used frequently, such as hair towels, that may have lost their colour or are stained from bleach look unsightly, and when clients see them, they are bound to pass judgement. To avoid this, always make sure that all of your linen is clean for every client, or if it is getting a little tatty invest in a new set.

Utilise clever storage solutions…

With lots of tools and products floating around your salon, and stylists grabbing things as they need them, it is easy to see how your salon can quickly become a little unorganised. Our Lotus Star Trolley is perfect for storing salon accessories and can be easily manoeuvred around your salon so that tools and products are always on hand.

Give all of your staff a specific responsibility …

As well as making your staff responsible for their personal appearance and uniform, delegate duties to your staff on the jobs that need doing throughout the day to ensure that the salon remains clean and tidy. This could be cleaning and organising the retail stock or ensuing your reception area looks inviting.

We recommend creating a tick sheet to sign off tasks when they have been completed.

If you want to retain clients and position your salon business as one that cares about its customers, the secret is in keeping up appearances.

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