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One product that every salon needs is a good hair colour remover. Often a lifesaver when it comes to colour correction, Zalon Colour Remover is a professional favourite for a fast and damage-free removal process.

In just 30 minutes, the bleach-free and ammonia-free formula removes all oxidised hair colour, not matter how long it’s been in the hair – plus any other residue. Enriched with argan oil, the result is shiny and moisturised hair that looks even better than before! Mild in odour and suitable for vegans, this really is the quickest and healthiest removal process for any client.

Hair colour remover before and after

Are you expecting some box dye disasters when clients return to your salon?

Here are a few reasons why Zalon Colour Remover is ideal to have on hand after lockdown…

  • Works on all permanent colours and most semi-permanent colours, which includes a lot of box dyes on the market that clients may have been using at home to cover re-growth or to experiment with new colours.
  • Adding value and profit to a colour service: You can charge £30 – £40 for the Zalon treatment and with one application costing around £7.50 (based on the Salon Size pack) it can make a generous profit for minimal work.
  • Catching up on missed appointments: While the treatment is processing for 30 minutes, it doesn’t need to be checked, so you can fit in another client while it process.
  • Leaving the treatment on for over 30 minutes will not result in any damage too so you don’t need to panic if your other client’s appointment takes a little time over the 30 minutes.
  • Embracing natural colour: Take clients back to their natural colour while your salon is catching up on months of missed appointments.
    Should we have another lockdown (let’s hope not!) then client’s will be happy to have embraced their natural colour, and ready to begin a brand new colour journey when salons can re-open.

In our brand spotlight series, we speak directly to Zalon Pro London to find out more!

Zalon Pro

Tell us more about how the brand began?

We were aware that consumers were wanting to change their hair colour more regularly, yet they were also concerned about the condition of the hair. We knew there had to be a better solution for salons to remove colour than the bleach bath. We wanted a product that was ammonia and bleach free, quick and easy to use, smelt good and left the hair in excellent condition – Zalon Pro London Colour Remover was the answer.

What do you think sets Zalon Pro apart from your competitors?

Zalon is so simple for stylists to use – they can mix the product and apply to their client’s hair knowing they can walk away and come back half an hour later with the assurance that with a thorough rinse the colour will be removed and the client will be back to their base colour giving them a blank canvas to work on. They get even greater confidence knowing that because there is no bleach or ammonia they can also leave it on for longer with no fear of the natural colour lifting or the hair getting damaged.


Hair colour remover before and after

We believe that the attention to detail shown in developing the product for the professional marketplace sets Zalon Pro London apart from the competitors. We looked at the positives and negatives of current colour removal techniques available to the hairdressers, and tailored Zalon to achieve positive results. These points include:

  • The hair is left in a similar or better to condition after the process. In comparison to using a bleach bath which can leave the hair dry and porous. From our research, we class our biggest competitor as bleach bathing, as this is the go to treatment for colour removal and colour correction within the industry.
  • Zalon contains argon oil to add shine and condition the hair while it removes colour
  • Zalon has been fragranced to avoid any harsh chemical smells.
  • Zalon will not touch the natural pigment of the hair. Instead, it targets the artificial colour molecules and using a gentle process, shrinks them down, allowing them to fit through the cuticle and be rinsed away.
  • Zalon is easy to apply and takes just 30 minutes to develop. In addition, there is no need to monitor the effects, as the process stops itself once completed.
  • Zalon will work on any brand of oxidised hair colour, regardless of how long it had been in the hair – including home box colours

Hair colour remover before and after

How have trends within the business of hair colour evolved over the years?

It’s all about choice for the client. Some want more natural colours, some want bright and vivid colours but they all expect so much more in terms of the colour result, the condition of the hair and the ability to have something different on their next visit.

What has been the brand’s greatest success? Campaign? Product?

We are at the start of our journey, but we are really excited about our campaign to #BanTheBleach and also to get salons to use #ZalonIt to showcase their Zalon transformations.  We love seeing the pictures that salons and freelance hairdressers share on social media after they have treated a client with Zalon.

Tell us  more about your product range?

There is currently only one product in the range, available in two different sizes; 1 application and 5 applications.

The Single Use product is proving popular with the mobile hairdresser picking one up knowing that they have a client looking at a colour change or colour correction. We also see salons using one to try and then coming back to buy the larger size.

The Salon Size product is being picked up and used in the salons for the same reason as above. However, they are keeping the product in stock, just in case they get a client that wants a colour change or a colour detox.

Where do you see the future of hair colour heading?

Clients are more aware of the colour choices available to them and thanks to social media they don’t always see the hard work that the colourists puts in to ensure a great result and maintain the client’s hair condition. We are sure that Zalon will become a key tool in every great colourist’s toolkit.

Hair colour remover before and after
What can we expect from Zalon Pro throughout 2017 and beyond?

We are planning a new photoshoot to showcase techniques as well as pushing the #BanTheBleach and #Zalonit campaign, plus we’ll be continuing to showcase our favourite transformations with plenty of prizes on offer for the best ones. So get your images over to us using the hashtags to be in with a chance to win prizes in 2018!

Want to know more? Read these reviews from real salons!

“Zalon is the very best hair colour remover on the market, the results are fantastic and there is no compromising the hairs condition, which alone speaks volumes” – Cath Powell

“I love that the hair condition isn’t compromised and I’ve achieved excellent results each time. Being able to colour straight after too, if necessary is a win for me. Clients are wanting such transformations now, that this product gives me more confidence in my choices and options for achieving my clients’ hair goals. This is always my go to before any colour bath!” – Michelle Charalambous, Ivy Hair Boutique

“Innovation at it’s best, constantly achieving great results with this product.” – Dawn McTaggart Hair

“Zalon Colour Remover lifted a couple of shades to her natural colour perfectly even and mega glossy. It felt like completely different hair! Absolutely in love with this product.” – Majestic Hair Boutique

“I love that the hair condition isn’t compromised and I’ve achieved excellent results each time. Being able to colour straight after too is a necessary win for me.” – The Little Hairmaid

Hair colour remover before and after

Zalon Pro London Colour Remover – How to use it in your salon

Zalon Pro London Colour Remover is the quick, easy and healthy way to remove colour from the hair. It’s ammonia free and bleach free and also contains Argan Oil to add shine and condition the hair.

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How Does Zalon Colour Remover Work?

Synthetic colour molecules are very small, which allows them to penetrate cuticle. Once inside, an oxidation reaction takes place between the ammonia and the hydrogen peroxide causing the dye molecule to swell and become trapped and unable to escape the cuticle. Think of it as an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ effect, where Alice is unable to get back through the door she came through due to growing so large.

Hair colour remover before and after

Zalon reverses the oxidation process by shrinking the synthetic colour molecules, allowing them to escape from the cuticle and be washed away. This reveals the lightest previous natural shade of pigment. The colour shown may be lighter than the natural virgin hair colour, as the bleach and ammonia from previous colourants may have lightened the natural pigment (as mentioned above).

  1. Bottles 1 and 2 are mixed together (equal parts each) to activate the product. This is applied to the hair with a tint brush and left to develop for 60 minutes.
  2. The hair is then rinsed with warm water for 5 minutes.
  3. Bottle 3 is a shampoo-like buffer that is lathered into the hair, left for 1 minute, and then rinsed for 5 minutes.
  4. Repeat final stage with bottle 3
  5. The hair is then ready to begin the colour service from a completely blank cavas. We always recommend a strand test prior to the process. This will determine the colour that is likely to be achieved and that all previous colour molecules have been removed.

Natalie wanted to change her base 6 brown hair and go back to her previously bleached and highlighted hair. Zalon allowed this to be done by removing the artificial colour molecules, leaving the hair’s natural lighter pigment.

The stylist then applied highlights without having to use any bleach prior to the colour service, which has left Natalie’s hair in much better condition, despite achieving 4-5 levels of lift!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Zalon Hair Colour Remover suitable for?

Zalon is suitable for anyone who has colour their hair with an oxidised colour. Zalon will remove all colour irrespective of how long you have coloured your hair. There are certain conditions, such as silicone damage that may trap the colour molecules, which may stop Zalon from penetrating the cuticle. This is one of the reasons a strand test is recommended.

Why should I use Zalon Hair Colour Remover?

When you want to change your hair colour or want to detox your hair. In addition to removing artificial hair colour, Zalon will also remove residues from shampoos, conditioners and styling products as well as pollution. Zalon will remove hair colour even if it has been in the hair for months or even years.

Use Zalon to safely and gently remove artificial hair colour without causing damage to the hair, and allowing you as a stylist, a blank canvas to work with.

Hair colour remover before and after

Why is Zalon Hair Colour Remover better to use than bleach stripping?

Bleach is a harsh chemical that will damage the hair by stripping the natural pigment as well as artificial molecules. Zalon simply removes the artificial colour molecules without causing stress or damage to the hair or scalp.

Does Zalon Hair Colour Remover remove all colourants?

Zalon is extremely effective at removing all salon and at-home oxidised permanent colours. It will not work on non-oxidised colours (such as fashion shades e.g. pink, green, blue etc). It will also not remove bleach, as this has permanently altered the natural pigment of the hair.

Can anyone use Zalon Hair Colour Remover?

Zalon is intended for use by salon professionals only. It is not recommended to use Zalon if the client suffers from damaged or breaking hair or hair loss.

Will Zalon dry or damage the hair?

No. Zalon is a gentle chemical process that will remove all colours without affecting the condition of the hair or scalp. It is ammonia free and bleach free while also contains Argan Oil to add shine and condition the hair.

Short hair style before and after with colour removed by Zalon Pro London

Can I do a partial removal?

This is possible although is not advised. Instead of the full 30 minute process, check the hair in good lighting every 10 minutes until the desired colour has been achieved, then rinse as instructed. Please note that there may be more colour molecules left in the hair than first thought, so there is a risk of re-oxidising.

How many times can I use Zalon Hair Colour Removal?

It can be used as much as you like without harming the hair, within reason. However, it is important to note that colouring processes often use ammonia and/or bleach, which will cause damage to the hair and scalp if over-used. Therefore it is recommended to leave time between colours and removals.

Can I colour the hair immediately after using Zalon?

Yes, however, it is also advised to strand test as the porosity of the hair will be unknown, which could result in the colour ending up darker than expected.

Can I use Zalon Hair Colour Remover if I am pregnant?

Yes, however, it is always recommended that you consult your doctor to be sure it is not going to affect you personally. It is also vital a patch test is performed beforehand to test for an allergic reaction.

Purple hair with colour removed by Zalon Pro London before and after

Why can I not see the colour when rinsing?

Due to the process shrinking the artificial colour molecules, they are not visible to the naked eye. It is important to rinse for the length of time instructed to avoid the colour re-oxidising.

Is it necessary to perform a patch test?

Yes even if you are a regular user of Zalon. The body dynamics change constantly so it’s important to patch test every time.

Can I add anything to Zalon, such as Olaplex?

It is not recommended to add other products to Zalon, as this results in a chemical alteration which can change the effectiveness of the colour remover.

When may Zalon not work?

It is rare that Zalon will not work in removing hair colour. If colour still remains in hair after one application, a second treatment usually gives the expected results.

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