In a service industry as competitive as the hair and beauty sector, creating the right impression of your salon is vital. The very first time that a client steps into a salon can be daunting, especially if they are a new customer or have decided to take the plunge and try something completely different with their image.

Whilst your client may feel anxious not knowing what to expect from your salon, it is important to put measures in place to ensure they feel completely at ease and welcomed in your salon as soon as they step through the door.

It starts with your front desk staff…

It is most likely that your front desk receptionist will be the first person to greet your client, giving them an initial taste of your salon’s culture and atmosphere. It is at this first point of contact that a high standard of customer service needs to be set. This ensures that your client feels immediately welcomed and relaxed ahead of their treatment, knowing that they are in good hands.

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The power of body language and communication…

Encourage your receptionist to be friendly by immediately greeting your client by their name with a warm hello and a smile before asking to take their coat and directing them to take a seat.

Once the stylist or therapist has been notified of their client’s arrival, it is also extremely important to update your client professionally if the stylist is behind schedule or will be over shortly. Once your client is seated, offer hospitality such as refreshments and magazines. These simple acts are extremely effective in ensuring that your client feels they have been given an attentive service from the offset.

When your clients enter the salon, try and ensure that your front desk receptionist is the only person behind the desk at any given time. A group of people can be intimidating and clients may not know who to ask for.

And when it is time to leave, make sure that your clients are given a warm goodbye and that they know you are looking forward to seeing them again. Client loyalty is a huge factor in maintaining a successful salon business, so don’t let clients leave without a sincere compliment, perhaps on the treatment they have received such as a blow dry or manicure.

Atmosphere and mood…

Pay attention to the feel of your salon and ask yourself the following questions: Is your reception area warm and welcoming? Where are your clients sat? Next to the door near a draft? Consider your clients’ senses… What does it smell like when you step inside your salon? How loud is the music and what kind of music is being played? All of these factors dictate the atmosphere and mood of your salon which can result in the difference between a client feeling un-welcomed and relaxed.

It is also important to note that clients will be able to hear conversations between staff and other clients. Are they friendly and professional? Do your staff members acknowledge other clients as they step through the door or walk past?

Clients will also be in contact with many items such as towels, gowns and cups. All of these items must be maintained to a high standard to ensure your clients feel attention to detail has been maintained for their visit.

Overall, if you as the salon owner would feel welcome in your salon there’s a good chance that your standards are already set high. Ensure that the atmosphere is right and that each and every staff member is attentive and you will have the winning formula to making clients feel welcome and return time and time again to your salon. If you are looking for further guidance, discover our top tips on how to make your salon succeed and the pitfalls to avoid.

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