As a hair colour professional, you probably have your own tried-and-tested ways that you achieve gorgeous results for clients – including your favourite hair foiling techniques.

But, have you ever thought about trying some new techniques or products out? Hair meche and foam is a great alternative to foil that many hair colourists have yet to try!

Depending on which meche you use, it can be:

  • Better for the environment
  • Easier to control the development of colour
  • More comfortable for the client

Want to know more about hair meche? Read our guide below!

What is hair meche in hairdressing?

Hairdressing meche is an alternative to hair foils that can be used for the same types of colour application. The mesh strips are often made from plastic, making them reusable, while some of the latest products use paper. You can use mesh for any colour service you would have used foils for, such as full head colour, highlights, balayage and bleaching.

Hair meche

Meche vs Foils – What is the difference?

So, if hair meche and foils do the same job, what is the difference? Is meche any better than foils?

There shouldn’t be any difference in the results you achieve if you use meche instead of hair foil. Just like foil, meche can be cut down to any size and be used on any length, texture or colour hair.

However, many colourists trained with foils so they are more used to using them, which is often the reason why they prefer to stick with them.

Take a look at the benefits of each to help you decide for yourself…

Hair Meche…

  • Hair meche is designed to be transparent allowing you to quickly check up on your colour without having to open the strip up
  • They also have a non-slip surface which grips the hair and colour for easy application
  • Clients sometimes say they find meche strips more comfortable as they are lighter and don’t snag the hair as much
  • Some meche options are reusable or recyclable, making them better for the environment
  • They can be easier to use on short hair

Hair Foils…

  • Foils are often what hairdressers and colourists train with, so they are more familiar with working with them
  • Hair foil can often be found at a lower price than hair meche making it more cost-effective for many salons
  • You can easily cut and dispense foil with a dispenser such as the Procare 247 Foil Machine

Foil is typically the go-to for professional colourists – it works well and has done for years. However, many hairdressers try meche and love it! If you haven’t given it a go yet, why not try and see?

How do you use meche strips?

Not sure how you use meche strips?

Mesh hair strips are used in almost the exact same way as hair foils.

Once you have carried out your client consultation and patch testing as usual, section the hair as you normally would.

Cut your meche strips down the required size.

Some meche strips have two different sides – one will have the grippable surface that you need to apply the colour to. Others might have an adhesive strip at the top which grabs onto the hair as you apply the colour.

Once you have finished applying the colour, simply fold the meche in half to allow for processing. Alternatively, some meche systems require you to place a second strip on top.

When your colour is ready, the meche can glide out of the hair either before or during the hair wash.

Remember – many meche hair strips are reusable, so don’t put them straight in the bin! Framar Maniac Mesh can be cleaned with soapy water and Barbicide, while Paper Not Foil can simply be put in the washing machine.

Meche sheets for hair at Salons Direct…

Are you thinking about trying hairdressing meche in your salon? Take a look at some of the best options you can buy now at Salons Direct…

Framar Maniac Mesh Strips

£6.65 ex.VAT for 50 sheets

Framar Maniac Mesh Strips x 50 (15cm x 28cm)

While foil can be cheaper upfront, remember that many meche strips can be used multiple times which does make them good value for money. The best selling Framar Maniac Mesh Strips can be washed and disinfected, so you can save on the waste your salon produces.

Having established themselves as an industry leader in producing hair foils and tint brushes, you can trust that Framar hair meche will be among the best.

We’ve even spotted Sophia Hilton of Not Another Salon using Framar in her salon!

Find out more: Brand Spotlight: Framar International

Paper Not Foil

From £36.00 ex. VAT for 500 sheets

Paper Not Foil Small (10cm x 40cm) 500 sheets

While it’s not a hair meche in the traditional sense, Paper Not Foil is a hair foil alternative that is quickly being picked up by eco salons – Buller + Rice mentioned how they will be switching to it their Salon Design of the Month feature.

What makes Paper Not Foil different? It’s produced from recycled paper waste using 96% less energy than it takes to make the same amount of foil. You can use each strip twice, then recycle it once you have finished with it.

You can find out more about Paper Not Foil here!

Procare Meche Short Pack

£7.95 ex.VAT for 200 sheets

Procare Meche Short Pack 200 Sheets

If you find it tricky to apply foils to pixie length hair, Procare’s short meche strips might be able to help you out. Having been pre-cut to a shorter length, they have been specially developed with a clearer front, allowing you to keep a close eye on the development of your colour.

Alternatively, you can also buy Procare long strips, which come with the same easy-to-use design, allowing you to get closer to the root.

Find out more: Brand Spotlight with Procare

L’Oreal Easimeche Ultra Large

£10.50 ex.VAT for 200 strips

L'Oreal Easimeche Ultra Large x 200

You can whizz through highlights, low lights, balayage and any other colour service for long hair with L’Oreal Easimeche ultra large strips. With a wider tape area to help prevent slipping and seepage, you can apply colour precisely without worrying about the colour bleeding.

Featuring a highly transparent top sheet, you have complete control over how the colour or lightener develops, which is why it is one of the top choices for professional hair colourists.

Looking for more? See our full range of professional hair colour supplies at Salons Direct.

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