At Salons Direct, we are well known for the relatable memes that we share on the @salonsdirect Instagram. We know they’re a hit, so in case you missed any, we’ve collected our favourite memes representing what it is like to be a professional nail tech. They are so accurate that it will feel as though you wrote them yourself!

Memes Every Nail Tech Will Relate To

We guarantee you’ll be nodding along because, after all, #ifyouknowyouknow.

1. Bad Memories

Just remind me again……We see A LOT of nails.

2. After getting home from the salon

Isn’t it the norm to come home and get STRAIGHT into bed?

3. Things nail techs get tired of saying

May as well pre-record and hit play!

4. Is being a nail tech a 9-5 job?

We work until the job is done…which is never!

5. Nail techs dealing with bitten nails

Buckle up, this is going to take some time!

6. Charge what you are worth

You are a qualified and trained professional, you know your worth and you know your experience! Don’t forget that!

7. Forgetting a client

…We see ALOT of hands…and faces?

8. Fitting extra clients in

Depends on what we’re saving up for right?

9. Clients going to someone else


The price we pay for clients not sticking with someone that actually knows what they’re doing.

10. Clients that bring coffee

I knew you were my favourite!

11. Client referrals

There’s enough to go around for everyone. Share the love!

12. Clients turning up early

I mean, it’s better than being late right?? WRONG, need that tea break.

13. No shows that want their deposit back

Isn’t that the whole POINT of the deposit?

14. Client’s after their appointment

Don’t. touch. the. art.

15. Clients who have been to someone else

And it’s just so obvious!!!

16.  Listening to your client’s latest gossip

We live for ALL the gossip, the juicer and more shocking the better!

17. Coworkers

My co-workers are a second family. Take me as I am, or not at all!

18. A day full of regulars

This is going to be a GREAT workday!

19. Deposits

We have to make a living!

20. Pictures that didn’t make the cut

Phone storage always needs clearing….

21. Driving home after a day in the salon

Party season calls for extra stamina!

22. Finishing in the salon after a busy Saturday

This wine glass simply isn’t big enough.

23. Hangovers in the salon

Maybe we don’t have to talk today?

24. A nail tech’s heartbeat

You are about to perform your very best juggling act!

25. After appointment nail picture

Is it about the nails, or the car though???

26. A knock at the door

The best day of the week is when your Salons Direct nail supply delivery arrives!

27. Client’s leaving with nail art

Because… why not?!

28. Loyal Clients

It’s also nice to catch up, loyal clients feel like family members!

29. Client’s that bump their nails

*Don’t let out an audible gasp*

30. Topcoat

I’m sure I did, aren’t these things automatic movements now?

31. Nail Tech Hobbies

If it doesn’t involve nails. I don’t want to know!

32. A Nail Tech’s lungs

Basically the chamber of glitter.

33. A Nail Tech’s nightmare

Please don’t wear your best fluffy jumper to your nail appointment. Yours sincerely, your nail tech.

34. Nail Tech rules

It’s not A LOT to ask for, is it?

35. Nail Tech must-haves

Ain’t that deserving of a raise?!

36. A nail tech’s brain


There’s always a lot to think about…

37. Why do Nail techs back’s hurt?

New yoga pose. The Nail Tech.

38. New Clients finding you on Insta

So you mean to say… my carefully curated Insta feed…is working?

39. New Clients Vs Regulars

Same me depends on who you are.

40. After a busy week at a salon

At this point, anything goes doesn’t it?

41. Raising Prices

I mean, increases in bills and rent happen right?

42. Rude clients

Two words. Bye Felicia.

43. Small business owner


It can get lonely out here guys.

44. What clients see Vs What they don’t

45. When a client is late

Things to do here!!!

46. The Christmas Rush

Need coffee. All the coffee. Need wine. All the wine.

47. Two clients in one timeslot

Is this really happening?

48. When your friends go elsewhere

Won’t take it personally. *Takes it personally*.

49. No shows

I need to know! Just tell me, I won’t be mad…

50. Forgetting a client

This is normal, right? Nothing to see here…

51. Is there even any point in looking at the colours?

We can always read your mind.

52. We’d like to think that will always be true.

Of course, you’d never get the same service. I am the best.

53. That’s them struck off the Christmas card list

In all seriousness, how hard is it to text or ring?

54. Is it not the best time of the year?


55. Saturday only happens to be the busiest day of the week.

So the answer is…. sadly no.

56. Squeeeee!! The excitement

57. The BEST kind of clients.


Just call me the glitterati.


58. Fame at last!


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