Whether it’s for a party, a special treat or just because, we all have that client who loves adding some sparkle to their manicure!

So, get ready to dazzle everyone who walks into your nail salon with our round-up of the best glitter gel nail polishes that are sure to brighten up anyone’s day…

Discover the Best Glitter Gel Nail Polishes at Salons Direct!

  • Glossify Gel Polish in Gold Digger
  • Glitterbels Gel Polish in Gold Holo Sparkle
  • Glitterbels Gel Polish in Diamond Gold
  • Bluesky Gel Polish in Fairy Dust
  • Gelluv Gel Polish in Aurora
  • Gellux Gel Polish in Glitz
  • Gellux Holographic No Wipe Top Coat

Glossify Gel Polish

One of the latest additions to our gel polish range at Salons Direct, Glossify has been an instant best seller! With a vegan and cruelty-free formula, each shade is highly pigmented with a gorgeous glossy finish.

Glossify Gel Polish in Gold Digger is a beautiful gold glitter for any time of year. Ideal for creating that ‘statement finger’, pair it with summery shades, autumnal hues or a festive favourite for a manicure your client will love.

Glossify Gold Digger 15ml Gel Polish

We also count Glossify Holo No Wipe Top Coat as one of our best glitter gel polishes. The perfect finish to any of Glossify’s fabulous shades, paint on and cure for a fine holographic glitter finish.

Glitterbels Gel Polish

Just like you would hope from their name, Glitterbels gel polish includes some stunning sparkly shades to choose from. In fact, if you’ve been following @glitterbels on Instagram, you’ll know that this vegan nail brand is all about the glitter!



So, while narrowing down the best glitter gel nail polish from Glitterbels is a hard task, we’ve found two that always fly off the shelves here at Salons Direct.

The first is the magical Glitterbels Gel Polish in Gold Holo Sparkle. This highly pigmented gold is made up of an array of multi tonal glitters. Perfect for wearing alone or as part of your nail art designs, this should be a staple in your nail salon!

Glitterbels Gel Polish Gold Holo Sparkle 17ml

Our second choice of the best glitter gel polish is Glitterbels Gel Polish in Diamond Gold. More of a subtle shimmer, you can layer it up under a coat of chunkier glitter, add some embellishments, or just keep it simple.

Glitterbels Gel Polish Diamond Gold 17ml

Bluesky Gel Polish

The Bluesky Gel Polish range boasts a gorgeous array of gel nail polish shades for you to choose from – including some irresistible glitters!

BLuesky glitter Gel Polish Fairy Dust

We particularly love Bluesky Gel Polish in Fairy Dust. This soft and feminine pink shade is sure to catch the eye of many clients, whether it’s for a special occasion or just to brighten up their day. Even better, all Bluesky gel polish shades are vegan and cruelty-free!

Gelluv Gel Polish

Gelluv Aurora 8ml Glitter Gel Polish

How could we not include Gelluv gel polish in Aurora in our list of the best glitter gel polishes? This stunning shimmering pink shade has true princess vibes, while the formula boasts up to 3 weeks of chip-free wear. See the full Gelluv gel polish range for more bold colours and glitters.

Gellux Gel Polish

Gellux Glitz Glitter Gel Nail Polish

This Gellux gel polish in Glitz is the perfect shade for autumn. Dazzling with copper and bronze tones, it also cures in just 30 seconds with the Gellux LED Pro LED lamp.

Have you seen any other Gellux colours you love and wish you could give them some sparkle? Simply use the Gellux Holographic No Wipe Top Coat over any of their gel polishes to add a glittery finish!

3 More Ways to Add Glitter to Gel Polish!

If you want to add more glitter to your gel polish, you can add it in yourself too!

There are a few different ways you can add glitter to gel polish:

1. Mix it into the gel polish and apply it with a brush

Pour some clear gel polish into an empty pot, sprinkle in some of your chosen glitter and stir them together. Apply with a brush over a base coat, then cure. Add any desired further coats before buffing away rough patches. Finish with a top coat.

Clean your gel polish brush to remove any glitter before returning it to its pot or using it again.

2 Apply the glitter to the tacky layer of the gel polish and seal

After applying your base layer or colour, cure it, but leave the tacky layer as it is. Make use of the slight stickiness to fix any glitter in place. Gently press the glitter down firmly onto the nail. Seal everything together with a layer of clear gel and cure.

Again – clean any brushes to ensure you don’t contaminate the whole nail varnish pot with glitter!

3. Sprinkle glitter over wet gel polish and cure

Apply your base coat or chosen colour – but, don’t cure it. Sprinkle glitter over the surface of the nail – this works best with a fine glitter without chunky pieces. When you’ve got the look you like, cure it. Finish with a top coat and file any rough edges.

Shop more glitter gel polish in our full professional gel polish nail range – see our nail art supplies for all our loose nail glitters!

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