We bet you put a lot of thought into ensuring you are using the best gel nail polishes for your clients!

But, how much thought do you put into removing them? When clients come to you wanting a full colour change, to get rid of an unwanted set from another nail tech or just want to to return to their natural nail, a smooth removal process is a must!

So, which products are best to use to remove gel nails in your salon? Our guide has all the tips you need!

What Remover Should You Use On Gel Nails?

When working with gel nail products, it is usually beneficial to keep within the same system or brand when choosing a remover. This is because each system uses its own formula, often designing removal products to be most effective with their own builder gels and polishes.

Some of the best gel nail brands with their own removers include…

However, that’s not to say you have to use your gel system’s remover. There are many good quality acetones that can be used to effectively soak off all kinds of gels, acrylics and nail lacquers that can offer better value for money.

What Are the Best Gel Nail Polish Removers for Salons?

There are three main steps to removing gel nails in the salon…

  1. Filing away the top layer of gel
  2. Soaking the nail in acetone to lift the remaining polish away
  3. Gently wiping the residue away to reveal the natural nail

We’ve chosen our best gel removal products for each step:

  • Saeyang E-files
  • Lotus Acetone
  • Magis Gel Nail Foil Removal Wraps

Find out more about them below.

Saeyang E-Files

Saeyang K38 Micromotor E-file with SH300 Hand Piece Black

When removing gel nail polish, it is essential to take care when debulking the gel. This means you need to have total control over the file to ensure you aren’t damaging the natural nail underneath.

Saeyang e-files are ideal as they are easier to hold than a regular file, allowing you to keep a close eye on the nail as you go. You can also quickly adjust the speed digitally, so you can remove the gel consistently and accurately.

Use with the Zephyros Dust Collector to keep your station nice and clean when filing away gel polish!

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Lotus Acetone 500ml

Lotus Acetone 500ml

It’s important to always make sure your gel nail removal services are viable in terms of profit – we’ll have more tips on this later in this blog post.

So, why not use our Lotus Acetone? At just £3.20 for a 500ml bottle, or only £12.90 for a value-sized 4 litre bottle, you can ensure your gel removals are as cost effective as possible. With a non-oily formula, this bestseller is exclusive to Salons Direct, and can be used to dissolve most artificial nails, including gel.

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Magis Gel Foil Nail Wraps

Magis Gel Foil Nail Wraps Fingers Pack Of 500

Time is a huge factor when it comes to removing your clients’ gel nails. That’s why these Magis Gel Foil Wraps are one of our bestselling gel nail removal products.

With a fixed absorbent pad inside that uses 50% less acetone than a cotton pad, they are fast and easy to apply as well as being cost effective.

Our packs of 500 can cover 50 client treatments, working out at less than 50p per service!

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Get Ready to Apply Your Next Gel Nail Set!

Now your client’s previous gel manicure is safely removed, it’s time to reapply!

Don’t forget to make sure you have the best gel nail polish and UV nail lamp, too!

Or, read on for some more tips on gel nail removal services at your salon…

Watch Out For Nail Damage!

Always watch out for white marks appearing on the surface of the nail after gel nail removal. This is a sign that the previous manicure has been removed too forcefully, resulting in the layer of keratin protein being damaged. The gel should always be soaked for long enough to not need heavy scraping, but just a gentle push for it to easily lift away. Using a soft orange wood stick instead of metal tools can help prevent damage when removing the gel.

How Do You Charge For Gel Nail Removal?

As a nail professional, it’s often far too easy to undersell yourself when trying to attract new clients!

However, it’s important to keep a solid price structure in place to ensure you can support both your services and yourself.

When it comes to gel polish nail removal, keep an eye on how much product you typically need to use for each client – including cotton wool, foils and any cuticle treatment you might use, on top of the nail polish remover itself.

Once you know the cost of the products used, add on a margin for yourself based on how long a gel nail removal would typically take you.

Now you know exactly how much a gel nail removal costs you, decide how you want to go about charging clients for it. There are a couple of ways many nail techs choose to go about this…

  1. Charge for removal separately – add gel nail removal as its own service on your treatment menu. Clients can then choose to add it on to their application service, or choose it as a stand-alone option if they don’t want a new set.
  2. Absorb into the price of a reapplication – for loyal clients who frequently get their gel nails redone, consider a removal and reapplication package. You could include a slight discount here to encourage repeat visits.

Another scenario to consider is ‘salon hopping’ clients who come to you for removal of another nail tech’s work. As you don’t know what products have been used and what condition the nail will be in underneath, this might take longer than removing your existing clients’ nails.

Use this as an opportunity to potentially win over a new client! Try and educate them on the benefits of sticking with one gel nail system, along with showing off your best customer service. Finish by offering them a loyalty card to tempt them into coming back.

Should Clients Remove Their Gel Nails Themselves?

When charging for gel nail polish removal, you might come across the odd client who wants to try and save money by doing it themselves.

Of course, it is up to clients to choose what they do with their own nails! However, if they cause any damage by over-filing or peeling their gel polish, you’ll be the one who has to deal with the damage when they come in for their new set!

You can gently point out the damage improper removal is doing to their nails. Otherwise, try and highlight the benefits of professional removal, maybe adding some pampering touches to the service.

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