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Brand Spotlight, Hair

Spotlight On Salon Electricals: ELCHIM

Becoming the first Italian company to produce hair dryers exclusively for professional use, ELCHIM, which stands for ‘Elettro-professionali Chiminello’ was founded in Milan by brother and sister duo Egle and Riccardo Chiminello. For the last 72 years, the brand has…

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Barbering, Hair

The Biggest Men’s Hair Trends for 2021

As barbershops and salons across the UK open up again, we’re certain that you’re very busy welcoming back your clients. We can only imagine the backlog you’ll be facing as well as welcoming new faces.  You’ll likely be faced with…

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Brand Spotlight, Hair

Redken New Pro Packaging

One of our bestselling product lines has undergone quite a transformation. We’re beyond excited to spread the word far and wide across the hair industry!  Salons Direct is happy to introduce you to the new and improved Redken! As you…

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