Pinterest has caused a massive buzz in the digital world, and rightly so. As well as becoming the fastest growing social network in history it is becoming a must for businesses, especially those in the hair and beauty industry. This article will aim to explain what Pinterest is, why you should consider it and how to use it effectively.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest in an image based social media platform in which users create boards and then pin relevant images to them; think of it as an online scrap book. As well people using Pinterest to share their personal interests and hobbies, brands can also use Pinterest to promote their products, services and ethos.

How we use Pinterest!

At Salons Direct we use our Pinterest to share all the fantastic work our fans send in to us on Facebook and Twitter. If you haven’t seen it already why not check it out here.

Salons Direct’s Pinterest Fan Boards

Why should you consider Pinterest?

Hair and beauty salons are all about creativity and visual flair and Pinterest is the perfect place to show off these values.

1) Create word of mouth – If you have created a look you are particularly proud of, why not share it on Pinterest? If others like it, they will ‘pin’ the image meaning that it will be shared with all their followers and if their followers like it they may re-pin it to. All in all, great free advertising and word of mouth for your work and your salon. It also helps that many Pinterest devotees are sharing what they like on Facebook and Twitter.

2) Define your salon’s personality – As well as sharing examples of your work or retail items you sell, you can also set up mood boards that will help to define your salon’s ethos and brand identity. For example, as well as setting up a board that shows off the interior design of your salon, you can also pin images of things other than hair such as art, music, or books that you think tie in well with what your salon is all about.

How L’Oreal use Pinterest to define their brand

3)Involve your customers – Create boards that contain looks, styles and trends. From here you can either refer your clients to the board for them to browse through for inspiration in the comfort of their own home before coming to the salon. If you wanted to look really professional and on-trend, you could even use these boards to show clients different styles boards on an iPad as you go through your consultation.

Inspire your clients

Tips for using Pinterest

1) Get Involved– Don’t just share your own work. Pinterest is a community and your boards will be better received if you connect with other users. Join in; follow others and share their work instead of just promoting your own.

2) – Connect your Platforms – Link your Pinterest board to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

3) – Enjoy it – Keep it fun, engaging and fresh.