Spark your salon interior imagination with our Salon Design Of The Month series. In this edition, we take a look inside The Brow Edit, a brow bar owned by East Midland Brow Specialist Toni McEvoy that is based in Derby. Not only is the salon interior truly STUNNING, it also features our best selling Lotus Monroe furniture range. We caught up with Toni to learn more about how her brow business began and what she thinks makes a successful salon in 2022.

How did your salon begin?

The Brow Edit Official was thought up and born while my youngest daughter was in intensive care. Up until that point, I was working as a full-time makeup artist but my passion and skill for brows were always there. Having my daughters born prematurely made me no longer want to travel for work and instead be in one place carrying out and providing regular recurring treatment for my client base.

I invested in further courses and training and within 8 weeks of announcing ‘The Brow Edit’ was fully booked to new clients for the foreseeable. In just 18 months The Brow Edit has gone from strength to strength and from just me to a team of 8 girls.

How did you decide upon the design of your salon?

The Brow Edit’s branding brief was timeless, elegant, gold and ivory so I wanted the salon design to fully reflect this and suit every age group. The building is a listed building on a cobbled, historical street in Derby with super high ceilings and a really large glass front which was the selling point for me so I wanted the design to be clean, elegant, minimal and classy. I feel like it is really important from a business point of view to make sure your salon’s interior and business branding are in keeping.

What are some of your favourite products and tools in your salon?

The Lotus Monroe Beauty Beds and Chairs are staples in our salon design and layout. They are super easy to work from and look and feel high end! I get asked almost every day on Instagram about our Lotus chair base being gold and for that I had a spray painter come in to spray it to ensure it was complimentary to the salon design.

How do you stand out from competitors?

Each and every girl that works under The Brow Edit’s name is a specialist in just one area as opposed to being a general beauty therapist. Having lived and worked in London I found this was the case in high-end clinics and salons and so my aim was always to bring this back home to my hometown.

What do you think makes a successful salon?

I truly believe to run a successful salon you have to be different. My approach with clients is on a friendship ‘the door is always open’ level yet they know they will receive a treatment of the highest possible standard with the best products available on the market at that time. Having a friendship feel around the salon makes clients want to return because they instantly feel at home and comfortable. My attitude is that no one would want to pay to spend time somewhere they feel uncomfortable so I always keep this at the forefront of my mind.

How do you think social media has influenced our industry?

I think social media has HUGELY influenced our industry and for the better. It gives everyone an equal platform to showcase their work and skill and enables you to tag and have the chance to be seen by big brands. Every single client of The Brow Edit’s has come through social media specifically Instagram.


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How do you keep up to date with the latest industry trends?

Keeping up to date with the latest trends and products is hugely important to me, holding in-person masterclasses as I would only ever want to recommend products I truly believe in and if there is something new coming out I’ll be the first to put it to the test. I’m known for spending my lunch breaks (when I get one) and staying up until 1/2 am in the morning researching what is already out in other countries to see what could be next over here.

Our Lotus Monroe Beauty Chair Taupe and Lotus Monroe Eyebrow/Eyelash Beauty Bed Taupe

What advice can you give to others wanting to open a salon?

There is never a right time! At any point in your career in such a saturated industry opening up, a salon will feel like a risk. There are so many hidden costs I was never aware of but with hard work, a passion for what you do and keeping your end goal in mind anything truly is possible.
I recently did a piece for Tweezerman and my favourite saying is “You will never influence the world by trying to be like it” – Always take inspiration but put your own twist on things to be truly successful.


What can we expect from your salon business in 2022 and beyond?

Further investments in products and training. A range of @thebrowedit_pro brow cosmetics and the very much awaited THE BROW EDIT OFFICIAL ONLINE MASTERCLASS that can be bought WORLDWIDE. As for The Brow Edit Salon, we will continue to invest in ourselves and our knowledge to continue to provide the highest level of treatment possible.

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