Being a mobile hairdresser has its ups and downs. While you may love the flexibility and independence your freelance set-up gives you, you have to make sure that you are completely on top of your game at all times, as all of the responsibility and admin is likely to fall to you!

Keeping organised is key to your success as a mobile hairdresser. Whether you are working from your own home, visiting clients on the go, or renting a chair in a salon, it is important to keep track of your comings and goings. This not only ensures you are maximising your revenue potential but also keeps customers coming back to a well-prepared hairdresser they know they can rely on.

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Stocking up on some salon stationery essentials is a good place to start. You should put together your own foolproof system that you can pick up at a moment’s notice, guaranteeing you turn up at the right place, at the right time, with the right information that you need. We’ve put together a basic kit that should make the foundation of your salon stationery…

Salon Appointment Book

A salon appointment book is where every mobile hairdresser should start with their stationery kit. This is where you will track all of your appointments, particularly important if you are travelling between houses to meet your clients. Keep track of the time you spend and maintain records you can look back on by ensuring you salon appointment book is kept neat and tidy.

Choose a compact size book that can easily fit into your handbag when you’re on the go and find out more about creating an efficient client database.

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Appointment Cards

One of the most frequent causes of lost revenue in the hairdressing business is clients missing their appointments. If you make a repeat appointment on your rounds, an appointment card is a great personalised way to keep your client’s appointment fresh in their mind. You can also give your clients a quick text a day or two beforehand to check they are still available, so you know you won’t waste your precious time!

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Account Book

Keeping track of your income and revenue is one of the most vital elements of your mobile hairdressing business, as you must ensure you comply with HMRC requirements. Get yourself an account book where you can keep on top of your incomings and outgoings throughout the year, so you don’t have a manic scramble for invoices when April rolls around.



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Record Cards

An excellent client experience is a sure fire way to get repeat customers for your mobile hairdressing business, especially since word-of-mouth and recommendations are likely to be very important for you. Keeping record cards for each individual client appointment makes sure you know your client’s needs and history, meaning you can can offer a personalised service. Keep them safely in an index box to be able to refer back to any previous treatment or service you have provided and build on your understanding of your client’s needs.

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We asked mobile hairdresser extraordinaire, Tracey West, for her tips on keeping organised:

What are the must-haves essentials for any mobile hairdresser?

“Firstly, a diary to keep appointments; make sure to take all details from your client including first and last name, contact number and full address. I always take an email address to send confirmation of booking, too. Secondly, I always have a supply of shampoo and conditioners to give my clients the luxury of professional brands, along with styling and finishing products. This ensures they can order the brands I use during their appointment directly from me. Thirdly, make sure you are on social media. Take before and after pictures for your clients to see and ask for permission to show them online. I find this helps bring in a lot of local new clientele. People love before and after transformations!”

Can mobile/freelance hairdressers use online database systems as well?

“Yes, absolutely! I use one I found on the App Store and it is such a great tool to have. They can help to keep the efficiency of your workload and bookings, while some will even help sort your accounts and tax. I also have a booking system on my website, which allows clients to book at any time that suits them. It will send confirmation and receipts straight to clients, too, along with prices and ways to pay. I offer payment options of cash, bank transfer or a card payment machine – this makes the client feel at ease and that you are organised and in control of your business.”

What are your preferred essentials?

“My website site and booking system. I get great feedback on how professionally I run my business and my system allows me to be organised. It stops no-shows, it prompts cancellations 24-hours before appointment times and shows my forecast of income for the week.

If you can’t afford a booking system I recommend using the calendar on your phone to get started. You can add the client’s email address into the appointment slot, which automatically sends the appointment to their calendar too. You can also add in their home address so you can quickly put it into your sat nav to find your next appointment easily. My card machine is great for clients who don’t have cash or access to bank transferring. I also have metal cases for my colour stock and make sure I have a large stock of colours to help with any service. Cases look more professional and the more stock you have, the more organised you will be.”

See our full range of salon stationery to stock up on everything you need to keep your beauty business running smoothly.

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