If you’re a regular reader at our Salons Direct magazine, you’ll already know that we’re huge fans of the amazing professional brand Elchim. 

If you’re not familiar with Elchim, they specialise in offering the highest quality electrical equipment for professional use. If you’d like to know more about what they can do for you and your salon, we highly recommend reading our recent spotlight on Elchim electricals here.

Exclusively available to Salons Direct, Elchim has over 70 years of experience with providing professionals with the best equipment on the market. 

Elchim offers an extensive range of varied hairdryers, all offering unique benefits. So which one is right for you and your services? Read on to find out which Elchim Hair Dryer is right for you…

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Elchim offers such a superb variety of hairdryers, we’re sure that you’d stock them all if you could. But to ensure the best fit for you, we’ve narrowed down this extensive range into categories that we think would suit the individual need of the professional.

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Short on time

When it’s a super busy day, and you’ve got back-to-back appointments scheduled in the salon, you need equipment that can do an amazing job – and fast. The Elchim 8th Sense Run and The Elchim 8th Sense Dryer are superb fits for moments like these. 

 Elchim 8th Sense Run Hairdryer 

Exclusive to Salons Direct, the Elchim 8th Sense RUN is a brand new generation hairdryer. This professional tool features top-of-the-range technology, such as a brushless digital motor (BLCD) that’s ultra-light and long-lasting – making it the perfect investment for a stylist. 

The Elchim Run Hairdryer also significantly reduces drying time, even on the thickest and coarsest of hair! Key features include:

  • Significantly increases the shine of hair. 
  • Significantly decreases drying time on any hair type. 
  • Ultra-lightweight design. 
  • Long-lasting – over 5,000 hours of use. 
  • Top-of-the-range technology – BLCD motor. 
  • Fantastic heat control system – fully adjustable to suit any hair type or texture. 

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Elchim 8th Sense Dryer

Next up, we have the Elchim 8th Sense Dryer – the ultimate professional hairdryer for when you’re short on time and in need of equipment that can accommodate all types of hair.

The Elchim 8th Sense Dryer is ultra-versatile, perfect for combatting any hair type or texture. This is thanks to the variety of temperature and airflow regulations, allowing you that much-needed flexibility to accommodate a range of client requests.

Key features of the Elchim 8th Sense Dryer include:

  • 2100w of power.
  • Ultra-versatile – 36 heat and speed settings along with 2 drying programmes.
  • Built in silencer – at high speeds it is 25% more silent and at the lowest speed is 52% more silent.
  • Energy saving system: 50% less energy consumption at lower speeds and temperatures.
  • Instant cold shot button.
  • Sophisticated ceramic technology – produces negative ions to moisturise and add shine to the hair.
  • Salon Length Cord.
  • Suitable for all hair types and textures.
  • Different colour options are available.

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A lightweight option

If your number one priority is making sure that your professional equipment can handle any job along with being ultra-lightweight – the Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer is the perfect match for you.

Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer

Another fantastic option for when you’re traveling for work – The Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer.

Another exclusive to Salons Direct, this professional piece of equipment is the little sister of the original Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hairdryer. 

This truly is a superb professional hairdryer for when you’re on the move. That’s because it’s ultra-lightweight – in fact, it weighs 35% less than any other professional hairdryer by Elchim. In addition, the Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer is also low noise and features a built-in silencer. 

Key Benefits of the Elchim 3900 Light Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer include:

  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Weighs 35% less than any other Elchim hairdryer. 
  • Various speed and temperature settings. 
  • Promotes healthier hair. 
  • Available in different colours. 
  • Low noise. 
  • Built-in silencer. 
  • Salon length cord.
  • Cold shot button. 
  • 2200W of power.

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Vibrant equipment 

For hairstylists who love to use professional equipment that features vibrant pops of colour, these two collections are for you. Introducing the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hairdryer and the Elchim Xlite Hairdryer.  

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hairdryer 

This stunning yet highly practical professional hairdryer comes in a range of bright and vibrant colours, which include a bright White, a sleek Black, Metallic Venetian Rose, and Yellow Daisy. 

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Along with the beautiful colour range available, the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic is such an all-rounder – you’ll wonder why you ever used anything else after seeing what this piece of equipment can do. 

A major edge is that It’s hotter than any other hairdryer on the market, and it also can cut drying time significantly. This Elchim model also features a built-in silencer, so you won’t have to worry about creating a super noisy environment whilst you work your magic. 

Key benefits include of the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hairdryer include:

  • Works to restore a healthy shine into the hair. 
  • Ultra-lightweight design. 
  • Built-in silencer. 
  • Adjustable speed and heat settings. 
  • Can cut drying time by over 30%. 
  • Cold shot button included. 
  • Ionic technology – works to condition the hair and leave it stronger. 
  • Salon length cord. 
  • Hotter and more powerful than any other professional hairdryer on the market.

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Elchim Xlite Hairdryer

If you would prefer the option of an alternative to the above, that also features a pop of colour – the Elchim Xlite Hairdryer should also be considered a fantastic choice. 

We’ll get into the benefits of this professional hairdryer, but The Elchim Xlite Hairdryer comes with three separate coloured filters that also work as a silencer. Depending on what you fancy on the day, switch between an orange, pink, or green filter any time you want!

Now time for the practical benefits of using the Elchim Xlite Hairdryer. When you’re using this as your go-to piece of equipment, you can expect an ultra-lightweight and ergonomic design that’ll help create a stunning finish for your clients. 

Key benefits of the Elchim Xlitle Hairdryer include: 

  • Ultra-lightweight and well-balanced design. 
  • Designed for the professional’s wellbeing – Helps to prevent the development of carpal tunnel problems.
  • Selection of coloured filters included that work as a silencer. 
  • Powerful yet noiseless. 
  • Power –1.600W at 220V and 2.000W at 240V.
  • Works to moisturise hair, leaving a shiny and healthier-looking finish. 
  • 2 nozzles included. 
  • Protects the hair from heat damage. 
  • Features highly advanced ceramic technology that ensures high-quality results. 

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Good for travelling

When you’re on the move, you’ll most likely have a ton of professional equipment to lug around. 

You need compact equipment that you can depend on, and that’s why it’s perfect to invest in a travel-sized professional hairdryer – like The Elchim Dress Code Mini Travel Dryer And Diffuser. 

The Elchim Dress Code Mini Travel Dryer And Diffuser

The Elchim Dress Code Mini Travel Dryer is the ultimate lightweight and compact professional hairdryer – perfect for when you’re working mobile. 

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Exclusive to Salons Direct, this small but mighty piece of equipment has everything you need to create amazing results for your clients on the move. The Elchim Dress Code Travel Size version can quite literally fit in your handbag! It may be small, but it’s just as powerful. The key benefits include:

  • 1200W of power. 
  • Small and compact design. 
  • Ultra-lightweight. 
  • Fully foldable and easy to store away. 
  • Dual voltage – will work anywhere in the world. 
  • Adjustable speed settings. 
  • Stylish and ergonomic design. 
  • UK/EU plug adapter. 
  • Mini attachable diffuser included. 
  • Nozzle included. 

If you prefer not to downsize your professional hairdryer on the move, there’s always the non-travel size version of the Elchim Dress Code. 

The design is stylish and professional, featuring a sleek shade of red. Although it isn’t foldable, you can still expect to find the majority of the same benefits with this model such as a lightweight design – It’s just more powerful. The Elchim Dress Code professional hairdryer has a ceramic and infrared heat system, and it also offers the stylist 1600W of power as opposed to 1200W – with an airflow of 135 m3/h

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Good dryer to retail to clients 

Looking for the perfect dryer to recommend to your clients? Look no further. Introducing the Elchim Milano. 

Elchim Milano Hairdryer 

Another fantastic option for when you find yourself short on time – The Elchim Milano Hairdryer. 

This professional hairdryer is an elegant and stylish addition to your professional equipment, and it offers many practical qualities. The Elchim Milano features a compact design, yet that has no impact on its performance as a highly powerful piece of equipment. 

Thanks to its high-pressure adjustable settings, the Elchim Milano will cut drying time by an impressive 30% – helping you to take on those back-to-back appointments with ease. Key benefits include:

  • An impressive 200W of power. 
  • Adjustable speed settings. 
  • Adjustable heat settings. 
  • A cold shot button. 
  • Salon length cord. 
  • A professional and stylish design. 
  • Creates a smooth and sleek finish. 
  • Compact and ergonomic. 
  • A fully removable filter. 
  • A concentrator nozzle included. 
  • Powerful airflow of 75 cubic metres per hour. 

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The Elchim range offers many more professional hairdryers than we could fit in one article, along with other premium quality electricals. We hope you enjoyed discovering which professional hairdryer from the Elchim range could be the best fit for you, but of course – you can never go wrong when you’re using anything from Elchim. Be sure to check out the full range today at Salons Direct!

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