Here at Salons Direct, we’re beyond excited to get you acquainted with the new and improved Matrix SoColor Pre-Blended Formulas.

In this product spotlight, we will detail this exciting product range, explaining how the new and improved collection can push through limitations opening new doors for salons and hairstylists. 

The Matrix range has fantastic benefits you won’t want to miss out on. We also talk to a member of the Matrix team, who provides us with a unique insight into what the Matrix SoColor can do for you and your clients. 

Read on to discover everything you need to know about this exciting new Matrix SoColor range…

SoColor Pre-Blended Formulas

SoColor’s Pre-Blended Formulas make hair change-ups easier than ever

Matrix has added a pre-blended formula to help make colouring your clients’ hair easier than ever. Featuring background and reflection in one tube, which is perfect for neutralising even the most complex pigment – for a true-to-tone finish. 

Hair colours and textures in the UK and Ireland vary greatly, so by using our pre-blended formulas – we’ve taken the guesswork out. 

Matrix is the most inclusive brand in the professional industry. As we expand our palettes to welcome new clients to achieve their desired colour, you’ll be able to welcome more clients into your salon. Our new and improved pre-blended formulas will support you in creating the perfect colour every time.

Why do the pre-blended formulas have background and reflect?

Our new and improved, updated palette of pre-blended formulas contains background and reflect to neutralise every base – controlling the warmth on every colour, every base and even every underlying pigment. 

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Will this new range boost my salon?

Yes! Matrix is the most inclusive colour brand, and the pre-blended formulas enable you to create the perfect colour finish for many clients. Professionals can use this launch as an opportunity to expand their client base with new, more diverse hair types, textures and colours. 

Our pre-blended formulas can help improve salon business, as you’ll guarantee the perfect colour result. The professional has full control over the warmth on every colour, every base and every underlying pigment.

What is background and reflect in the new pre-blended formula?

The background helps to provide a blended natural result. It will act as an “anchor” or “base” for each shade, as well as contribute to the “depth” of the colour. Our pre-blended backgrounds are optimally calibrated with warm and cool dyes for a true tone-to-tone result, giving you the perfect canvas every time! 

The deeper levels in the pre-blended series have a deeper brown background. At medium levels, you will find a light brown background; at lighter levels, you will find a tan or beige background.

Background Facts:

  • Not all colour lines have background. 
  • Not all shades have background.
  • Not all background is created equal – some colour lines have a gold background, some have black to grey.

Reflect (or tone) is pure tone colour, meaning no background or natural base is incorporated. 

Reflect Facts:

  • Reflect shades with no background are best for a vibrant colour finish.
  • Most shades have to reflect. 
  • Reflect is also commonly known as “tone”.

Do the pre-blended SoColor and SoColor Sync formulas give the professional more freedom?

The levels of background and reflect in each colour have been expertly formulated for you, giving the professional complete creative freedom. 

Hairstylists will achieve the best results, including colour finishes that are perfectly matched with a seamless colour blend. There are different products within this range to suit a variety of clients. For example, the SoColor 7C (blended collection) is formulated with a black/tan background, and a copper reflect, providing a natural copper result. 

The SoColor 7CC+ (reflect collection) is formulated with a little-to-no background. Instead, it contains copper reflect, providing a vibrant copper result. 

Matrix is one of the most inclusive brands on the market, suitable for all hair types. Our pre-blended formulas work on all levels, from dark to light, on all underlying pigments, and on all hair diameters – from fine to coarse. 

The pre-blended formulas will enable you to help any client achieve the colour of their dreams by offering neutralisation for any hair type, texture or colour.

SoColor Pre paired permanent and tone-on-tone formulas

We spoke to a member of the Matrix expert team. Here’s what they had to say about the Matrix range…

Pre-Paired: The Secret to Perfectly Seamless Colour Every Time

At Matrix, for more than four decades, we have been offering uncomplicated colour, and we don’t stop innovating. 

Our new pre-paired SoColor and SoColor Sync dyes are perfectly matched, so you can easily achieve a seamless finish, from root to tip, every time on more hair colours, textures and types than ever before. 

The pre-paired SoColor and SoColor Sync formulas contain our exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate, which helps to protect the inner hair structure, colour after colour. 

This keeps the client’s hair looking healthy and colour looking fresh even between services. Better yet, the colour fades true to the tone and can last up to 20 washes. Discover all the benefits of pre-paired colours and how they work below.

Why are pre-paired colours important?

At Matrix, we innovate for every hair type so you can colour with confidence. 

We do the heavy lifting for you – offering smart, uncomplicated and high-performance colouring solutions, so you can concentrate on being creative and making your clients look and feel their best. Pre-paired colours take the guesswork out and enable you to create a seamless colour that fades beautifully.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or you own a salon, our uncomplicated formulas empower you to think, believe, dream and dare to take your career and what you can offer your clients to the next level. 


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How can pre-paired support my business?

The uncomplicated system and nourishing formulas support you in offering colour services to more hair types, textures and colours than ever before. For Matrix, diversity isn’t ideal – it’s essential. Hairdressers and salons should be empowered to offer colour services to all. 

How does pre-paired work?

Simplified for professional use, whichever SoColor permanent shade you’re using, simply choose one level above in the SoColor Sync shade. Developed for seamless colour from root to tip, apply SoColor at the root and SoColor Sync through the mid-lengths and ends. For example,  if you use a 6N in SoColor, simply reach for a 7N in SoColor Sync to re-fresh colour through the mid-lengths and ends. Easy!

Are pre-paired colours particularly good for certain services?

Yes! The pre-paired formulas are perfect for colour refreshes and neutralising services. The SoColor and SoColor Sync are the perfect product to help you achieve full-bodied, translucent, or neutralising results. Both formulas are developed with 100% oxidative dyes for colour that lasts longer and fades evenly. Professionals have the power to create long-lasting, seamless colour results with every service that will ensure your clients keep coming back. 

Does your colour brand work as hard as you do? 

At Matrix, we empower hairdressers of all ages, backgrounds and levels of expertise with the tools and self-assurance to deliver next-level looks. We want professionals to realise their creative skills and talent potential. Our new pre-bonded formulas are another example of how Matrix empowers you to be truly creative without barriers.

Our Colour is for All Hair Types

Matrix is rooted in professional haircare expertise and formulas for ALL. All hair types, all colours, all textures, and all genders are welcome.

SoColor + SoColor Sync Pre Bonded

The hair-loving reason Matrix reformulated SoColor + SoColor Sync

SoColor and SoColor Sync have been reformulated and are now pre-bonded. They are the products you know and love – just made better. The new formulas work harder than ever before, so you are free to colour with confidence!

Damage can be a huge concern for clients when it comes to having their hair coloured. So we made sure that the new Matrix pre-bonded formulation maintains the optimal condition of the hair throughout the colouring process. 

Our Matrix values are centred around creating uncomplicated, high-performance solutions for all styles and all hair types. A truly inclusive brand, our products empower every hairdresser to colour with confidence. 

What does Pre-Bonded mean?

Damage is one of the top concerns for clients when it comes to colouring hair. With our SoColor and SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded formulas, you can confidently help all your clients achieve their hair goals without the fear of damage.

Our exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate protects the inner hair structure by preserving the integrity of the weakest hair fibres, colour after colour**. The unique blend of taurine and cationic polymers is an internal bond-support system during the colouring process.

The concentrate has a linear network of positive charges that binds to negatively charged areas of damage in the hair. This means our formula reinforces and repairs the weakened bonds within the sensitised cortex throughout the colouring process.

**Assessed after 7 applications on sensitised hair.

How do SoColor and SoColor Sync pre-bonded work?

The Bond-Protecting Concentrate has a linear network of positive charges that binds to negatively charged areas of damage in the hair. This means the formula can zone in on damage, reinforcing and repairing the weakened bonds within the sensitised cortex.

What are the benefits of pre-bonded SoColor and SoColor Sync? 

When professionals use SoColor and SoColor Sync pre-bonded formulas, they can colour with confidence. This is because the new and improved range will help to preserve and protect your client’s inner hair structure.

The new formulas mean that clients with even the most fragile hair can undergo great colour services without worrying about additional hair damage. The formulas are effective in fortifying the hair to ensure less breakage.

It’s also worth highlighting that when you’re using these products, there’s no need for an additional bonding agent or a step 2 sealer during the backwash. The new SoColor and SoColor Sync include all of this in the formula, helping save time and money. 

Why will clients want to know about the new pre-bonded formulas?

The new pre-bonded formulas enable clients to push the boundaries regarding what’s possible. 

Professionals can have the confidence to transform their hair without fear of damage, which means they can be free to get creative and work with their clients, creating a colour finish that they will love. 

SoColor and SoColor Sync can beautifully colour even the most fragile strands – whilst also working to protect the inner hair structure. You’ll be able to assure your clients that they can expect the same shine and conditioning benefits to last up to 20 washes. That means stronger, radiant, and shinier hair – with the colour they’ve always dreamed of.

Did you know Matrix SoColor and SoColor Sync ranges are vegan*?

Our vegan products do not contain animal-derived ingredients, and the ingredients are not manufactured using any animal-derived ingredients.

*Vegan Formulas: no animal-derived ingredients.


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Education for Everyone 

We strongly believe that education is the key to success and that you can never stop learning in life. We prioritise keeping you upskilled in your areas of interest and up to date with the latest Matrix product knowledge.

Take control of your own milestone journey with Matrix, where everyone is welcome! From newbies to seasoned pros, discover education for every business model and professional to suit your time frame and pocket size.

You can enrol on E-Learnings on L’Oréal Access at any time of the day; or be coached in virtual or face-to-face classrooms with Matrix Educators and Artists. Eager to learn more? Head over to our Matrix Book of Classes.


We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering everything you need to know about the Matrix SoColor Pre-Blended Formulas and their potential benefits to your salon.

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