With festival season just around the corner, your clients will no doubt be thinking about their festival looks that are sure to turn heads. Here, the team at Celeb Luxury share their favourite festival season looks.

From bold and bright hues to pastel shades and metallic tones, the Celeb Luxury collection of colour-depositing shampoos and conditioners can help you achieve the perfect festival look. Whether your clients are heading to Coachella or Glastonbury, read on to discover the top five festival season looks with Celeb Luxury!


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Models with coloured hair using Celeb Luxury

Who are Celeb Luxury?

Celeb Luxury can help you achieve and preserve healthy and vibrant coloured hair for your clients. Their range of colour-depositing shampoos and conditioners delivers pigments that keep your client’s hair colour toned perfectly.

Celeb Luxury’s conditioning formula nourishes and repairs broken bonds with its innovative BondFix Bond Repair complex. With their products, your clients can achieve lasting, beautiful hair colour that stays healthy and strong.


If you’re keen to learn more about Celeb Luxury, check out our guide: Everything you need to know about Celeb Luxury

Top 5 Festival Season Hair Looks

1. Hearts & Swirls – @ssooniestyle

Over pre-lightened hair, use Viral Color Wash in…

2. Lived In Peach – @masterpiecehair

Using Colorditioner shades…

And Colorwash shampoo in…

3. Next Day Rogue – @stephaniebcolor


Using Colorditioner in shades…

4. Viva Magenta – @martina.ruzickova_hair

Using Colorditioners in shades…

5. The Rainbow Tent – @lucy.trevorrow


Using Colorditioner in shades…


The Celeb Luxury Lineup…

Celeb Luxury combine a pre-mixed semi-permanent direct dye within the shampoo and conditioner. This allows you to effortlessly maintain the desired tones of clients with colour-treated or bleached hair.


With a wide selection of shades available, including both fashionable colours and natural hues, the entire Celeb Luxury range is rooted in plant-based ingredients. Moreover, these products are cruelty-free, vegan, and free from Ammonia and peroxide.

In addition to their incredible pigmentation, Celeb Luxury’s colour-depositing products also work to repair broken bonds in the hair. The intelligent and lightweight formula enhances hair strength with just one use, making it three times stronger. Unlike other bond rebuilders, it is impossible to overuse these products.

The versatility of the Celeb Luxury range makes it an invaluable addition to your salon business. It can serve as both a salon retail opportunity for clients to maintain their colour between salon visits and an integral part of your in-salon treatments.

Celeb Luxury Viral

The Celeb Luxury Viral collection offers a vibrant array of fashion colours, including both bright and pastel shades. This exclusive range features the Colorwash Shampoo and Colorditioner Conditioner, both infused with the innovative BondFix Bond Repair technology.

Viral bottles from Celeb Luxury

Viral is available in two sizes, 244ml and 739ml.



Celeb Luxury Gem Lites

Experience the Gem Lites collection, which presents stunning, natural tones in shades of blonde, red, and brown. Just like the Vivids range, the Gem Lites Colorditioner Conditioners are enriched with the remarkable BondFix Bond Repair formula. For a profound moisturizing effect, apply the Gem Lites conditioner as a mask on freshly washed and dry hair, leaving it on for 20 minutes.

Product shot of Gem Lites by Celeb Luxury




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