The French manicure is a true classic. The traditional pink and white combination has proven popular with brides for decades. Its versatile, fresh and clean appearance makes it the perfect nail art look for every occasion.

In recent years, alternative French manicure designs such as glitter, neon and even inverted French styles have taken centre stage. Expect to see lots more French mani’s filling up your Insta feeds in 2022 because it’s a trend that’s here to stay, and the pink and white classic is back with a bang this January. 

Many clients opt for a simple and chic French manicure, making it a sought after staple at any nail appointment. Here, Jaz Moger @paintbyjaz, the UK based Nail, Brow & Lash Artist, shares her simple steps to perfecting the classic French manicure.

How to create the perfect french manicure

“For me, the key to creating the perfect French mani is down to two things – patience and the right tools”. – Jaz Moger

STEP 1: Prep the nails

File the nails to your preferred shape using your favourite Lotus file; I like the Lotus Half Moon Zebra File 180/180 Grit x 1. Push back the cuticle with the Lotus Cuticle Pusher/Knife and nip away any excess cuticle with the Lotus Cuticle Nipper 3mm Jaw.

STEP 2: Apply bonder

Once prepped, wipe over the nails with Gellux Prep & Wipe on a lint-free pad. Once dry, paint a coat of Gellux Fast Bond and leave until tacky.

STEP 3: Paint on the pink

Using the flat square brush from the Glitterbels Gel Art Brush Set, pick up a bead of Gellux Light Pink Builder Gel and paint it as a base coat. I like to do two coats of this, curing for 60 seconds between each coat in the Gellux Express LED Lamp

STEP 4: Apply the white tip

Using the liner/detailer brush from the Glitterbels Gel Art Brush Set pick up some Gellux Purely White gel polish and paint a thin line at the tip of the nail. I like to work from one side, starting at the edge and drawing towards the middle. I like to do two coats of this. Using the first coat as a guideline and the second coat to perfect the smile line, curing between each coat.

STEP 5: Apply a topcoat 

Finally, paint a coat of Gellux Clear Base/Top making sure to cap the free edge and cure. Finish by wiping over the nails with Gellux Prep & Wipe and oiling the cuticles with your favourite NAF! Stuff Cuticle Oil and I like Mint & Eucalyptus.


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Lotus Half Moon Zebra File 180/180 Grit x 1

Lotus Half Moon Zebra File 180/180 Grit x 1

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The Lotus Half Moon Zebra File 180/180 Grit is ideal for styling both natural nails and nail extensions. This professional nail file offers a comfortable grip for flawless nail shaping.

Everything you need to know about nail files

Lotus Cuticle Pusher/KnifeLotus Cuticle Pusher/Knife

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Manufactured from the finest German quality steel, the Lotus Cuticle Knife and Scraper is a double-ended implement perfect for removing and tidying up cuticles. This professional nail tool features a 3 Years Guarantee and is supplied in a reusable frosted plastic protective pouch.

Lotus Cuticle Nipper 3mm Jaw

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The Lotus Cuticle Nippers are made from high-quality stainless steel, durable and easily sanitized. These professional nippers come supplied in a reusable frosted plastic protective pouch and are available with a 3-year guarantee.

Gellux Prep & Wipe

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The Gellux Prep + Wipe 250ml is an easy-to-use, dual-purpose antiseptic cleanser that sanitizes the nail plate before gel application. It can also be used to wipe away any UV gel residue when you’ve finished your work. 

Gellux Fast Bond 

MIX & MATCH VEGAN Profile Gellux - Fast Bond 15ml Gel Polish


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The Gellux Fast Bond ensures that gel overlays stay fastened to the natural nail with this strong bonder. The Gellux Fast Bond cures in just 30 seconds with an LED lamp; there is less risk of shrinkage, flooding or knocks. 

Key Features

  • Resists scratches and fading for up to 15 days, brush-on and cure for glossy, long-lasting manicured nails. 
  • Recommended for use with the Gellux LED Pro Lamp UV and LED.

Glitterbels Gel Art Brush Set

Glitterbels Gel and Art Rainbow Brush Set x 6 Brushes


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This professional set includes 6 square, oval and angled edge brushes. These synthetic hair brushes are perfect for all your Gel nail art designs and feature mesmerising moving glitter inside.

Gellux Light Pink Builder Gel 

Gellux Builder Gel Light Pink 15ml

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Gellux Builder Gel in Light Pink is a stunning shade that creates the perfect finish for a French Manicure look. Ideal for adding strength and length to the natural nails, gel overlays, or sculpting with forms or nail tips.

Gellux Express LED Lamp

Gellux Express LED Lamp

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Gellux Express LED Lamp is an ultra-fast LED lamp, features a raised base for pedicures and an automatic motion sensor for instant light activation and accurate timing.

Gellux Clear Base/Top 

Gellux Clear Base/Top Gel Polish 15ml


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Gellux Gel Polish Base/Top provides the ultimate protection and shine and is UV and LED compatible.

Gellux Purely White gel polish 

Gellux Purely White 15ml Gel Polish


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Gellux Purely White Gel Polish is a brilliant white shade with a crème finish. This shade is perfect for a French Manicure look or making a statement with block-coloured nails or to finish off your manicure with long-lasting french polish. UV and LED compatible.

NAF! Stuff Cuticle Oil

NAF! Stuff Cuticle Oil 30ml


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Naf! Stuff Cuticle Oil is designed to moisture the skin around your nails, which means you can say goodbye to hangnails and hello to soft, supple skin. 

Key Features

  • It helps prevent nails from becoming brittle.
  • It helps nails grow long and strong.
  • Vegan.

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