Creative hairstylists, listen up! We have an exciting new article for you today here at Salons Direct. If you’ve been having a creative block with your work recently, you’re going to want to keep reading. 

Joined by Pulp Riot, we’ll be getting up close and personal with some of the talented Pulp Riot creatives – to talk about their incredible work using the brand new Pulp Riot NeoPop range. 

Ready to find out how Pulp Riot has made history? Read on to discover how you can make your world more colourful with Pulp Riot… 

Putting the power in the hands of the artists

Pulp Riot is always making waves in the hair world and this year is no exception! Rather than being a brand that pushes their aesthetic onto professionals, they give the artists centre stage to show their creativity.

This September, Pulp Riot made history with the first-ever UK created collection by three of Pulp’s brilliant UK artists. 

The collection expresses what it means to make creative hairstylists and their clients’ worlds more colourful through creative transformations. This incredible collection showcases Pulp Riot’s most iconic products – the superior semi-permanent range, including the brand new NeoPop collection, launching in October!

The five new shades in the collection include Decoy, Tragic, Deviant, Nuclear and Satire. They are five extremely attractive and seriously bold colours – we just know that creative colourists are going to have the time of their lives with this collection, pushing their skill set and technique to the next level. 

The Pulp Riot artists created six mind-blowing transformations, along with fully detailed step by step content to break it down so that others can recreate these amazing finishes. 

They also share their knowledge and insider tricks to hopefully inspire other professionals to start creating their own unique creations. 

Meet the artists 


Introducing Tegan, a transformational artist, vivid colour queen and diversity champion. Need we say more?  

Check out how Tegan made her models go from light and bright using the Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Hair Colour in shades Lemon and Blush, to a deep and vibrant orange with the new Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent NeoPop Collection using shade Nuclear.  

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Next up, we have the insanely talented Heffy Wheeler. The award-winning salon owner, pastel lover and balayage master.

Heffy created a textured highlight in this beautiful dusky rose result by using her favourite Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Shades. She then turned the creativity up a notch with the new NeoPop Collection using Nuclear, Tragic, Decoy and Deviant to add vibrant pops of colour throughout.

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 Laura May Stevens

Lastly, we are proud to introduce one of our best – Laura May Stevens. She was one of the first users of Pulp Riot in the UK – and is now a Pulp Riot Educator at the top of her artistic game. 

Laura created a stunning colour melt and a classic Pulp Riot rainbow baby light face-framing technique. As you can see, she’s definitely not afraid of getting creative with her technique! 

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 Their colour journeys

We sat down with the three incredible Pulp Riot artists that created this beautiful collection to ask them about their personal journey with creative colour, and why making their own and their clients’ lives more colourful is so important to them.

Q1) What does making the world more colourful mean to you? 

Tegan: “I love sharing my passion for colour with others. Colour inspires me every day and makes me so happy. I love that I get to work with colour every day to brighten people’s lives up.”

Heffy: “To me, it’s a celebration of colour and a celebration of individuality. Colour is truly for everyone no matter what your style – and a beautiful way to show what makes you unique. I think these images capture that perfectly.”

Laura: “Making your world more colourful to me means getting artists from all over the UK to collaborate. And to also create some incredible hair and show hairdressers that are new to Pulp Riot how to use the products!”

Q2) What is your favourite colour to create and why?

Tegan: “I love working with interesting colour combinations that people wouldn’t necessarily think of. For instance, purple and orange or green and lilac”.

Heffy: “Vivid colours are always my favourite. But currently, I am enjoying creating a more delicate pastel, whilst also incorporating multiple colours to create something impactful but also soft and wearable”.

Laura: “My favourite colours to create would either be a lived-in balayage blonde or a vibrant copper!”

Q3) What is your pro tip around creating the ultimate creative colours? 

Tegan: “My pro tip is to not hold back with colour and run wild”.’

Heffy: “Make sure you are using a product that works for you and helps you to achieve the best possible result. Colour map your shades on a piece of paper to get a feel for how they will sit together, and remember you are the artist – let your creative juices flow!”

Laura: “My pro tip for creating ultimate creative colours would be – nice and fine sections for even saturation. And also get creative! All the Pulp Riot semis are intermixable so there is an infinite number of colours you can create!”

Q4) What would your recommendations be to someone starting with creative colour? 

Tegan: “I recommend throwing yourself in the deep end. And be as creative as possible. If you don’t like your creation you can always use the Pulp Riot Blank Canvas!”

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Heffy: “Get educated. A good knowledge of the product you are using is the important foundation for a great vivid colourist. Free FaceTime education is available with Pulp Riot! Oh, and follow lots of vivid hairdressers on Instagram to give you plenty of inspiration”.

Laura:  “When you’re just starting out with creative colour, my tips would be to just have fun. Oh, and custom mix shades!”

Q5) Give three reasons why you choose Pulp Riot as your go-to semi-permanent colour? 

Tegan: “They fade true to tone, and the colours are vibrant and stunning. Oh, and they don’t stain the hair”.

Heffy: “It has to be the true to tone fade for me. It’s something I have struggled with when using other brands. The Pulp Riot colours don’t change – they just fade! So, no purples or blues ending up a minty green. They’re also my go-to because of the incredible Pulp Riot Blank Canvas. 

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All Pulp Riot colours can be removed quickly and safely, back to a perfectly blonde base. And lastly, because the products are vegan and cruelty-free. This is absolutely essential for me, and also extremely important to all of our clients!”

Laura: “Three reasons why I use pulp riot semi permanents for my creative colours are because of the vibrancy, the longevity, and the blend-ability”.

Q6) What technique did you use on your model and why? 

Tegan:  “I was lucky enough to work on a shaved head, so I had to make sure that the colour was fully saturated and even. I then blended the colours together using a sponge”.

Heffy:  “I did a textured highlight, taking diagonal back sectioning, with a slight backcomb at the root. Next, I used the beautiful Cleopatra Pink – one of my all-time favourite colours”.

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Laura:  “The technique I used on my model was a colour melt and face-framing!”

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Introducing Pulp Riot NeoPop

Now available to purchase! Introducing the NeoPop shades by Pulp Riot. This collection consists of 5 incredible semi-permanent shades that really pop!


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The NeoPop collection is super easy for the professional to apply – and they’re more vibrant than ever. They fade better, they last longer… what we’re trying to say is that they’ve changed the game for creative hairstylists! They can also be used by themselves or mixed with other shades, so you’ll have no problem personalising your creations!

Key features of the NeoPop range include:

  • Super creamy viscosity.
  • A conditioner based formula, making it super easy to apply.
  • More vibrant than ever.
  • Long-lasting and fades better than ever.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Fades evenly and true to tone.
  • Leaves hair with an envious shine, thanks to the conditioning agents.
  • High-quality ingredients.
  • Lasts 25 to 42 hair washes.
  • Completely removable by using Blank Canvas.
  • Beautiful fragrance.
  • Cruelty-free, vegan, free of silicones, MEA and parabens!

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed hearing from the three incredible Pulp Riot Artists! At Salons Direct, we offer an extensive range of Pulp Riot products – including the brand new NeoPop collection! 

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