Autumn is officially in full swing, and no – your blonde clients aren’t going anywhere. There seems to be a rumour spreading across the hair community that blondes are planning on going darker in winter – this may be true to a certain degree (maybe a darker blonde?) but ultimately, hairstylists will know that lightening techniques are just as popular as ever. 

What we will say though is that there are a few techniques that are standing out right now, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Ready to find out what they are? Read on to discover the most popular professional blonding techniques that you need to know about…


First up, we have the classic balayage technique. The term balayage literally means “to sweep” in French, which perfectly encapsulates this skill. 

As a professional hairstylist, you probably will have worked on countless different freehand balayage appointments – and don’t expect that to slow down anytime soon! 

When it’s done correctly, it’s not hard to see where the popularity stems from. Clients will be left with a perfectly natural and soft result that’s completely blended, with stunning depth and dimensions created. 

The natural fade-out and low maintenance aspect of this technique make it a popular alternative to standard highlights – as clients won’t be left with that dark root during the grow-out phase. 

Essential products for the balayage technique 

There are a ton of professional products that hairstylists can use to master this blonding technique, however, we’ve included a few that we think are the perfect match for a balayage. 

Framar Paddle Pack 

The Framar Paddle Pack was made for creating the perfect balayage. This paddle set enables hairstylists to get creative with their work, containing one paddle specially designed for balayage, and the other to be used for foiling and/or as a balayage board. 

The Framar Paddle Pack provides incredible flexibility and support, along with a grooved finish for perfect grip, so that the stylist can focus their efforts solely on the work and finish what they are creating.

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Hair Tools Long Balayage Board

Another incredible balayage board, the Hair Tools Long Board – an extra-long professional board. Perfect for when you’re creating a stunning balayage on long and/or thicker hair. 

The extra-long balayage board measures up to 24cm, along with being 10.5cm wide – providing professionals with all the space they need to mix and match their colour! 

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Pulp Riot Clay Lightener

The Pulp Riot Clay Lightener has so much to offer professionals, and it’s perfect for creating the most amazing balayage.

The Pulp Riot Clay Lightener is the first-ever lightener of its kind, helping hairstylists to take a multifunctional approach to how they do hair. You can use this product in foils (although this isn’t necessary), directly on the scalp, and with hair painting techniques. Perfect for freestyle work.

 The Pulp Riot Clay Lightener will lift up to seven levels without compromising the overall condition of the hair, as the formula is rich in premium ingredients. Oh, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free! 

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Next up, we have the incredible flamboyage technique. This is for the highly skilled hairstylists out there, who aren’t afraid of getting a little creative! 

The flamboyage is super popular because it’s the perfect combination of the classic balayage and ombre. To do this technique the justice it deserves, you’re going to need a whole lot of transparent adhesive strips. And yes, they need to be transparent, you can’t be using your standard foils for this one. 

The stylist will need to place the transparent foiling tape onto small sections of the hair that’s been weaved through, to create non-chunky highlights. The hair will need to be pulled upwards and the transparent tape will sit underneath. 

The finished look is a lot wispier than the classic balayage or ombre, leaving your client with an ultra-natural and multi-dimensional finish, with radiant colour throughout the hair. If nothing more, it’s an interesting twist that brings the two techniques together! 

The essential product for the flamboyage technique 

Because the technique creates a beautiful natural finish, you’ll want the blonde to shine through as much as possible. We’re recommending you use the Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside for this.

Redken Flash Lift Bonder 

The Flash Lift Bonder by Redken is a fantastic lightening powder that has a built-in bonding agent, helping professionals to protect the integrity of their client’s hair whilst also lifting up to eight levels. 

This professional lightening powder is designed to enhance all blonding techniques, providing hair with premium ingredients to minimise any breakage that can happen with bleaching. The Flash Lift Bonder will leave your clients with hair that’s full of life, along with a stunning shade of blonde throughout. 

Redken Blonde Idol Flash Lift 500g

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Face framing techniques 

By far one of the most highly requested looks in any salon. Face framing is a technique that is so adaptable to the client, allowing professionals to get creative, giving clients a finish that is unique to them. 

Face framing primarily focuses on lightening the hairline section, along with the hair that borders around the face. Hairstylists will be able to use a ton of different techniques to achieve a face framing finish, however, the most common skills needed tend to be foils and back-to-back slices. 

The finished look will enhance your client’s features, creating an eye-catching look that can only be achieved by a professional. It’s all about focusing on the details, with hints and strategically placed colour throughout these sections of the hair that’ll undoubtedly draw in eyes from all angles.  

Essential products for face framing 

Framar Foil It Star Struck Silver Pop Up Foil Sheets

This is a must-have for face framing techniques. The Framar Foil It Star Struck Silver Pop Up Foil Sheets are the easiest professional foils to use, providing no stick or tear when coming out of the box. 

The Framar Foil It Star Struck Silver Pop Up Foil Sheets will provide the hairstylist with no slip, incredible grip, and best of all – they’re super cost-effective. 

There are 200 sheets included that measure up to 8” x 11” inches, so depending on the application techniques used in your appointments, you’ll have enough to create 400 separate foils or 200 larger foils.

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Salons Direct Tinting Bowl with Grip and Handle Back

Every hairstylist needs essentials that they can count on. Why not try the Salons Direct Tinting Bowl with Grip and Handle Back? 

Our very own Salons Direct Tinting Bowl with Grip and Handle Back makes any colour application easier than ever. The bowl provides an entirely non-slip grip handle, so you’ll never have to worry about your professional products going to waste.

The Salons Direct Tinting Bowl with Grip and Handle Back is a sturdy, durable, and reliable piece of equipment for any hairstylist, and it’ll hold up to 350ml of colour product! 

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Baby lights 

What we’re seeing at the moment is that classic highlights are being left behind. The more subtle, the better. Highlighting as a technique will never not be used in the salon – but baby lights are becoming the new trend. 

Baby lights only require small sections of the hair to be lifted into a bright blonde – but these small details make for an incredible transformation. It’s the perfect technique for all hair types! 

Pay extra attention to (when sectioning the hair) the hairline, natural partings, and even colour distribution all over to give the effect that the lightening occurred naturally. 

Essential products for baby lights 

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 

The Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener will provide up to nine levels of lift on both natural and coloured hair, whilst also neutralising any unwanted brassy tones – an absolute essential when creating the perfect baby light finish. 

As well as providing an incredible amount of neutralised lift, the Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener will also directly target the pheomelanin present in the hair to completely remove any unsightly undertones. 

This is also the perfect lightener for professional use, because of the flexible mixing ratio it allows for, allowing the hairstylist to work with what’s best for them and the client. 

Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+

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Schwarzkopf BLONDME 12% Premium Care Developer 

Specially designed to be used together with the Schwarzkopf BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener. Because the baby light technique offers natural and subtle results, you’ll want a premium developer that’ll give you the lift you need to make the finish pop. Introducing the Schwarzkopf BLONDME 12% Premium Care Developer. 

This salon standard developer will provide hair with up to eight levels of lift, bursting with activating elements that’ll keep the hair in pristine condition throughout the lightening process. 

In addition, the Schwarzkopf BLONDME 12% Premium Care Developer is specially formulated for white blending on a natural base at level six or seven, making it the perfect option for creating a natural baby light finish. 

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Caress Premium Neck Wool 4lb

With any professional freehand technique, things can sometimes get a little messy – and fast! And we’ve got just the thing to help you prevent some of that mess. 

Personally, we think that having premium neck wool readily available is essential for any salon, especially where colour appointments are concerned. The Caress Premium Neck Wool 4lb offers exceptional quality – super soft, super strong, and most importantly – super absorbent. 

The Caress Premium Neck Wool 4lb will protect your client’s clothing and skin from any colour that drips. 

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed discovering the most popular professional blonding techniques. At Salons Direct, we offer an extensive range of professional blonding products from the best brands in the industry. Be sure to check out our website for more! 

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