social media competitions ideas for salon businesses

In 2018, social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook are the perfect mediums to build a community for your salon brand whilst showing off the skillsets of your staff. Not only will this make your salon name more memorable, but it’s also likely to encourage more clients to walk through your door.

In today’s article, we’re looking at social media competition ideas to help promote your salon business whether you’re a hairdressing, barbering or beauty salon. And to share some insight into successful salon social media, we’ve invited salon experts, Jason Collier and Bridget O’Keefe to offer their thoughts and approaches.

Jason’s thoughts on social media for salons…

On reaching potential new clients…

“Social media is an extension of how salons have always attracted new customers – through word of mouth. Instead of telling friends about a great salon, people now look to Instagram or blogs for recommendations. That’s great for us because it means we have a much wider reach, and the content we put on our own social media accounts can really reflect what the salon is all about.”

On his favourite social media platform…

“Instagram is definitely my favourite social media platform just now. As it’s such a visual platform, you can be creative and show off some of your most interesting work. The community surrounding Instagram is great too – it’s wonderful to be able to chat with clients and industry experts all over the world. I’m also really enjoying creating videos for my Facebook page at the moment as it’s a fantastic way to show some personality beyond the salon.”

On social media competitions…

“Competitions can be a great way to engage with your social media followers, as long as they’re done right. I’ve found the most success when offering a really good quality prize and targeting it towards the sort of people who would naturally be interested in my brand. There’s no point running competitions to attract people who are only in it for a freebie. Make sure you’re connecting with genuine people who are interested in what you’re doing.”

Bridget O’Keefe owns the Blush and Blow salon who we have showcased previously as one of our ‘Salon Design Of The Month’ features. Here, Bridget answers 4 quick fire questions on successful social media for salon businesses.

How has social media changed the way salon businesses attract new clients?

“Social media makes advertising far easier for small businesses. The scope and reach are endless and the social platforms are where people are now going to find their next fave salon and service by searching where their friends have gone and the hashtags that people have used!”

How do social media competitions help people engage with your brand/business?

“By getting competition entrants to tag friends and encourage conversation it makes creating a buzz around your business and your offering fun and exciting for prospective clients. Making people inquisitive enough to visit you, even if they don’t win the competition, is a really easy way to attract new clients!”

Which social media site have you found to be the most useful for your business?

“Instagram, because of how visual our industry is!”

Do you find polls to be an effective way of getting customer feedback?

“Yes, finding out what works for your clients, directly from your clients is a no-brainer and super important.”

If you’re looking to learn more about social media for your salon business we recommend checking out our guides below.