Today, Chels Lou @chelslounails, the UK based Nail Artist, shares her simple steps to create the perfect Valentine’s Day nail art set on your clients! We have also rounded up some love inspired manicure ideas to inspire you for your upcoming appointments.

So whether your client’s are the type who are into all things romantic or not we’ve got a match for them ahead. Keep scrolling to fall in love with some cute Valentine’s Day nail art.

Step 1 – Nail Preparation

Push back the cuticles and nip the visible non-living tissue – it usually turns cloudy/white when pushed back. File the nails into shape using a 180 grit file.

Step 2 – Apply Base

Gently file over the nail plate to remove any shine. Wipe over the entire nail with a lint free wipe soaked in acetone. Apply your base colour of choice. I use 2 coats, curing in between coats.

Step 3 – Nail art 

Using the Brillbird 0 long brush & a red gel – paint a small micro French on the free edge of the nail. I use Brillbird Brush & Go Gel in 05. Once cured for 60 seconds, repeat this process by painting a pink micro French just above the red. I use Brillbird Brush & Go in 87. Cure again.

Top tip – to achieve a micro French, ensure that there is minimal product on your brush at all times!

Step 4 – Don’t forget the heart!

Take a dotting tool and paint 2 dots side by side, near to the cuticle. Using a tiny detailer brush, an absolute must is the Brillbird 0 short brush, drag the product from the 2 dots into a point, creating a small heart shape.

Step 5 – Topcoat & Hydration 

Finally, paint a layer of topcoat over the entire nail, making sure to cap the free edge, and cure. To complete the set, use your favourite cuticle oil and massage into the cuticles & surrounding skin.

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Other Valentine’s Day nail art inspiration 


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