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As a nail professional, the tools and products you use can make a huge difference in the quality of your work. At Salons Direct, we understand the importance of having access to the best products on the market, which is why we pride ourselves on having a wide range of choices when it comes to shopping for professional nail products.

In this article, we will explore the top products recommended by professionals in the industry, providing insight into the benefits and features of each product. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced nail technician, we guarantee you’ll find a new favourite.

So, let’s dive in and discover the top products recommended by experienced nail professionals that you can buy from here at Salons Direct. 💅

1. @Naileditbeauty

@naileditbeauty - Abi Markey

“The daylight table unolamp is perfect for your nail desk, small and slim to fit in place not too bulky. It has adjustable light settings and flexible to be placed where needed for the perfect light for your clients and also taking the best nail selfie pics! It’s a must have for your nail desk essentials”.

Daylight UnoLamp Table



Key Features of the Daylight UnoLamp Table

  • It has a flexible arm which directs light exactly where you need it.
  • Includes high-quality LEDs that provide accurate colour matching.
  • The touch switch dimmer comes with four brightness levels.
  • Table Lamp Height 38.5cm.

2. @Paintbyjaz

@paintbyjaz - Jaz Moger

“My all-time favourite gel polish brand is Gellux by Salon System. I love their range of colours, how easy they are to paint with and the longevity of the products.

My go-to manicure looks on myself is a coat of Bare Natural Builder followed by a coat of Warm Pink Builder and finished with the Clear Base/Top Coat. The Clear Base/Top is a personal fave as it gives a glass-like finish to every colour and doesn’t dull for the time period that it’s on”.

Gellux Builder Gel Product Shot

Shop Gellux builder gel

Key Features of the Gellux Builder Gel

  • Ideal for adding strength and length to the natural nails, gel overlays, or sculpting with forms or nail tips.


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3. @PaintedByCourtney

Painted By Courtney

“My favourite product I’ve ever purchased from Salon’s Direct has to be the Lotus “Danielle” Trolley. I recently moved to Manchester and have been working between two places, and to say it’s been a lifesaver is probably a massive understatement!

The storage in this trolley is brilliant; it holds the majority of my polishes just in the top section alone. I was surprised I was able to fit my dust extractor in there as it’s really big, but the lower compartment was perfect for that. It wheels so smoothly, it’s super sturdy, and it has just been an all-rounder dream purchase”!


Shop Lotus Danielle trolley


Key Features of the Lotus Danielle Trolley

  •  2-in-1 beauty cosmetic organiser, perfect for professionals on the move.
  • It can either be used as a full trolley, or it can be separated into one carry case and a small trolley.
  • Retractable handle.
  • Easy clips to open and close.
  • 4 Wheels to provide easy mobility.
  • The clear lid consists of 54 smaller compartments.
  • One draw with adjustable/removable dividers.
  • 1 large compartment with two large and two medium dividers (also adjustable/removable).
  • Dimensions: H:70cm W:37cm D:26cm.


4. @NudeyNails

@nudeynails - Nikki

“I have so many favourite products that I order from salons direct for my business that it’s hard to choose the best. However, I cannot live without my Glossify Naturabuild and gel colours, not forgetting the Glossy Top.

You also just can’t beat the Glitterbels Cover Acrylic Range. Nudes are always in season! And, of course, the essentials like a HUGE bottle of Lotus acetone, buffing blocks and cuticle nippers.”

Glossify Naturabuild


Shop Glossify Naturabuild


Key Features of the Glossify Naturabuild

  • Glossify Naturabuild Builder Gels are a range of strong base gels that can be used to increase the natural nail’s ability to grow.
  • No need for a primer or base gel.
  • Its strength allows for a short/ medium extension over a tip.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free.


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Glitterbels Core Acrylic Powder



Key Features of the Glitterbels Core Acrylic Powder

  • Glitterbels Acrylic Powder helps create a perfect smile line or full cover nail.
  • Perfect for fades, blends and designs.
  • Glitterbels formula is super pigmented.


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5. @shadesofshea_

Shades Of Shea

“My ultimate go-to when it comes to anything nail related is, of course, the Glossify range. Their products are easy to work with and perfect for anyone starting out in the nail industry.

An essential for me at my nail desk is, for sure, the Glossify Milky Pink acrylic powder. I use this so often when I need to build a core colour base for my clients who wear acrylic nails. It’s easy to work with and has such a smooth, satisfying finish. It’s definitely a favourite of mine”. 

Glossify Acrylic Powder Milky PinkShop GLOSSIFY ACRYLIC POWDER


Key Features of the Glossify Acrylic Powder

  • Glossify Acrylic Powder is perfect for creating flawless sets of nails that pop of personality.
  • It leaves a smooth finish that needs little refining.
  • Creates a super fine finish.


6. @_nailsbybethany

Nails By Bethany

“My absolute go-to will always be Brillbird GO1 and the 0 long brush! They’re both an absolute must when creating the perfect French, and I couldn’t live without them now. I’ve never worked with a product more versatile and can guarantee precision every single time”.


Key Features of the Brillbird Brush & Go Gel Colour

  • Brush and Go is a highly pigmented hard gel that is perfect for creating nail art.
  • It covers in just one layer
  • Cleansing free.
  • High pigmentation.
  • No need for cleaner/top gel.
  • Curing time: depends on the art, 5-90 seconds.


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Brillbird Nail Art Brush - 0 Long

SHOP the ‘0’ Brillbird Nail art brush 


Key Features of the Brillbird Brush ‘0’ Nail Art Brush

  • This Nail Art brush is made of synthetic hair with a long and extra fine tip to create fine line designs with precision in gel.
  • Long 10mm.

7. @beautyspace_charlotte

Beauty Space by Charlotte

“Glossify Is my absolute go-to in all my nail needs, from their gels to their brushes and files. The Naturabuild is my favourite product and is loved so much by my clients. The range of colours is perfect for all different skin tones”.




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