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Why You Should Stock Lash Serums in Your Salon

The pandemic may have prevented your clients from getting their lashes done, but there’s a fast selling product which can help them achieve longer, stronger lashes and increase revenue for your salon – lash serums. With opportunities to go out…

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The Best Base Coats for All Nail Techs

As any nail tech worth their salt will tell you, the secret to achieving the best results for your clients is preparation, preparation, preparation. Get the basics right and your client’s mani will both look fantastic and be long-lasting. Out…

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Why You Need the Lotus Eco Brush In Your Hair Salon

On a mission to reduce your carbon footprint? If you’re conscious of your impact on the planet then the best selling Lotus Eco Brush Detangling Brushes are a perfect start! Loved by stylists throughout the UK, these brushes have so many benefits –…

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