Here at Salons Direct, we have a very special range to put in the spotlight today. Proudly introducing the fantastic Lotus Murray salon furniture collection. And trust us, you won’t want to miss out on this one. 

Since the release of the Lotus Murray collection, it has remained a firm best-seller here at Salons Direct – and stock sells out super fast. That’s because this subrange delivers unbeatable practicality, style, and versatility to any professional salon setting.

Ready to find out more? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Lotus Murray salon furniture range…


Just in case there’s a (slight) chance you haven’t heard of the brand Lotus and what they offer, we’d be more than happy to get you introduced to who they are and what they can do for you.

Lotus is an industry leader when it comes to salon essentials. They are the ultimate all-rounder when it comes to professional equipment, offering practitioners fantastic salon-quality beauty, hair, nail, and furniture essentials. 

Lotus is a brand we truly believe can offer professionals the best – and Lotus salon furniture is exclusively available to Salons Direct. So, if you’re looking for practicality and style without having to compromise – the Lotus Murray collection will deliver this and more. 

All of their ranges are made to last, so you can rest assured knowing that you will be investing in premium salon-quality furniture with beautiful designs. Today, the spotlight will be on their incredible Lotus Murray range, but you can browse the rest of their product lines here. 

Why is the Lotus Murray collection so special? 

At Salons Direct, we only offer professionals the best equipment and products in the industry.

That’s why we mean it when we say that this is the perfect collection to provide the ease of use that every stylist needs – along with keeping your client comfortable throughout their treatment and complementing the design of any professional setting

Following on from above, at Salons Direct, we understand that ensuring your clients are as comfortable as possible in the salon is a top priority. After all, a client could love what you create for them – but if they aren’t comfortable, they’re unlikely to return. 

The overall experience is what makes a great salon visit and keeps clients coming back – and being comfortable is a huge factor. The Lotus Murray collection will allow for that ultra-comfortable feeling that every client wants – whilst not compromising the practicality and accessibility to the professional. Win-win!

The Lotus Murray collection is versatile and will suit any salon. This is due to the stylish and elegant design, using neutral tones to add a premium touch to any salon colour scheme or layout. 

Don’t believe us? take a look at this stunning layout in thecolourbarwirral below. They did a beautiful job of using  Lotus Murray Styling Chairs to add a sense of style and edge to their salon environment.

All of the salons we’ve featured above in this article have a different vibe and aesthetic and they’re all beautifully executed. But what do they all have in common? The Lotus Murray collection!

So now you’ve had a brief overview of Lotus and what the Lotus Murray collection can bring to your salon, let’s dive into the specifications!

Lotus Murray Backwash Units

First up, we have the Lotus Murray Backwash Units.

The Lotus Murray Backwash Units are the perfect balance between stylish and practical. This product, along with the entire range, comes in either a beautiful caramel colour or a sleek black. This is a super elegant and reliable fixture addition to any salon setting. 

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If you’re looking for additions that are contemporary and pay attention to the details, the Lotus Murray Backwash Units are your new best friend. Oh, and as we mentioned earlier – they are ultra-comfortable, and that’s thanks to their ultra-padded seating area.

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Key features of the Lotus Murray Backwash Units include: 

  • Ultra-comfortable design. 
  • Ceramic white basin included. 
  • Mixer valve and hand spray included. 
  • Subtle stitching around the edges. 
  • Stylish and luxurious design. 
  • Matching style chairs available. 
  • Colour options available. 
  • Built to last due to premium materials and design layout. 
  • 12-month warranty included. 
  • Dimensions – H: 96cm x W: 78cm x D: 125cm

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Lotus Murray Styling Chair 


Next up, concluding the Lotus Murray collection – the superb and versatile range of professional styling chairs.

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The collection includes three different styled bases, along with distinct colours that are designed to match perfectly with the Lotus Murray Backwash Units. 

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Let’s jump into the details and style variations of the Lotus Murray Styling Chair, along with everything you need to know about the key elements:

  • Premium square boxy design. 
  • Comfortable padded seating and stitching along the sides for a premium appearance.
  • 2 colour variations – black and caramel.
  • Contemporary addition to any salon. 
  • Hydraulic pump included. 
  • 3 base variations – round, square, or 5 star. 
  • Dimensions – W: 61cm D: 68cm Adjustable Seat Height: 50-68com Adjustable Back Height: 82-100cm.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering everything you need to know about the Lotus Murray salon furniture collection. Lotus offers many more professional salon furniture collections along with some of the best industry essentials. Be sure to check out their full ranges on the Salons Direct website. 

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